1. Here's Part 2:

    Still reading it but its nice we get a little more of Tousens backstory in detail and more info about how SS is governed. Tousen's hatred for the Gotei 13 runs deeper than we can imagine. It's also interesting how the Noble Families can pretty much do as they please and don't have any laws against them..... luckily Byakuya and Yoruichi aren't assholes lol.

    Chapter 2 cover pic.....
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  2. I'll be honest.. my heart skipped a beat and I got moist when I saw this thread not knowing it was in the manga section...thinking it was news on new anime but... this is ok too.
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  3. Man i wish the anime would return........ but this light novel was pretty hyped and its pretty dam good. I kinda felt it would be appropriate d in the manga section since it continues from where the manga left off.

    We're suppose to get a back story of the SK....... 1st chapter already hinted that the original noble house's had something to do with the SK creation.
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  4. If the anime does return, I'm hoping it would include this novel. This has a lot of useful information that wasn't in the manga, so this should definitely be included in the anime.
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  5. That guys a dick, no wonder tousen went to the dark side. I thought aizen was the one who killed tousens friend, wasn't there a panwl that kind of implied that?
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  6. Interesting, I had no idea that Tousen's friend was killed by a member of one of the 5 great noble families Seireitei.

    The more I read this the more I'm miffed at how Kubo dropped the ball a bit on explaining Tousen's character when the series was still running. Tousen's anger runs deep and for good reason! The laws of Seireitei are unfair.

    "The peace was defended. Nobility are also a part of this world. Their peace was defended. And thus, surely the current Central 46 are a symbol of such an irrational world."

    WTF?????? LMFAO no wonder Tousen wanted burn SS to the ground with Aizen lol

    Just reading and Tokinada Tsuanayashiro is just styling on Tousen, what a cocky motherfucker lol

    Okay I got a bit lost towards the end but what did it mean that Hikome will eventually become the Soul King??????

    I find it odd that we haven't seen Tokinada at all during the Bleach series or much of any of the nobles really.
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  7. I was kinda lost too lol...... i think that's what Tokinada said. Since Ywach's body parts are being used like the previous SK id assume they could destroy the crystal shell like before and aborb him. I don't see how Tokinada and Hikome can get past Ichibei, though..... dude would've beat Ywach if it weren't for the Almighty. Ichibei litterally doesn't even have to fight..... he can take there reiatsu away, take their strength away..... whatever the hell he wants to command.

    Then again maybe Hisagi will defeat Tokinada since this is his novel so to speak.

    Same here...... there is a suppose to be a Kubo interview today on TV in Japan. Hopefully something Bleach related will out of it.
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