1. http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2012-02-23/bleach-tv-anime-ending-on-march-27

    This doesn't make any logical sense. If they don't finish at this point it's pretty much been a giant waste of time.

    Unless of course they are trolling and by "end it's run" they mean it's moving to a different one or a different channel for some reason.

    Or they are just going to wait until the manga finishes and then air the final arc in one shot without having to stop.
  2. makes no sense to stop now.
  3. I'm betting it's the latter. Why would they just end it when they are so close to the end?
    They probably have plans to relaunch it as "Bleach: The Final Chapter" or some other sub title to rehype the show up again.
    I've heard the show is not doing so hot in the ratings. Giving a break and relaunching it might do it some good.

    I've always wondered why Anime producers don't like going off the air when they run out of material, and prefer to go into fillers to keep the show going. Wouldn't airing it in multiple seasons be much better?
    I mean I know lots of shows do it, like Pokemon, Pretty Cure, Kamen Rider, Super Sentai, Gundam(at one time) and many other children orientated shows - don't they ever feel they are over saturating the market?
  4. > Bleach ends the March 27th
    > Next week Bleach: The Soul Society Chronicles starts


    but seriously this is unfortunate. Ichigo gets his powers back and they end like this or are they gonna broadcast a BAD END where Ichigo dies and loses his Fullbring, friends and family to Tsukishima and Ginjou.
  5. What the? All this Bleach ending news this month is too much for my heart to bear:troll.
    Hopefully we get like a Bleach Shippuden, except good.
  6. Ending it right before going into the final arc .. lol

    oh well yay for manga.
  7. Good in regards that the anime is only decent when it's in cannon, and bad when it's in filler. Worst Anime adaptation of the big three by far. By faaaarrrrr.

    Bad in the sense that now I'm getting even more of a Yu Yu Hakusho vibe from this series. Will have to see how the next few weeks of manga develop...
  8. Yeah they should do how we do it here in USA.

    Young Justice went off the air for like three months... Season 2 is already almost done, and we're just at the half point for Season 1.
  9. I'd lulz if this was just their way of saying that it's moving to a new time slot. But, if it ends up off the air like Reborn did, then I'm not gonna complain.
  10. Anime ends > manga ends > anime starts again with new Bleach: title.

    yup yup.
  11. ^Obviously. I'll bet all my money on it.
  12. Gotta disagree with you here Delph, nothing will ever be worse than the filler hell Naruto put us through.
  13. Yeah, Delpheous. Naruto is by far worse than Bleach when it comes to filler.
  14. idk.. I keep thinking about that Bount arc which was to me a smelly pos but that's only one arc compared to the countless turds Naruto pumped out filler wise.
  15. I don't care about filler. Naruto's cannon anime actually enhances it's product. Bleach just does panel for panel the exact same thing as the manga.

    Filler, is filler, is filler, is filler. Very rarely is filler EVER good, so it's just disqualified straight up in my book. When it comes to the cannon stuff though Bleach is behind the other two imo by a lot.
  16. Bleach anime actually adds content to it's canon arcs, you should watch the episode dedicated to the Ichigo and Rukia farewell scene for a good example.
  17. Disagree completely, One Piece is what you're describing there. As for Shippuden it really went downhill with naruto vs pein to such a point that it was hurting the series.
  18. Yeah, I haven't watched it in years because when I did it was easily the worst of the three. I might try it again once I figure out what episodes are cannon and what aren't.


    Then again, I don't bother with anime's based on manga's anyway, and havne't for the longest time too so...it could just be that bias there.
  19. well... not like i've watched bleach since before aizen slashed hitsu but damn. that's a bit sad if it is really over (and not Bleach Z). i started to watch bleach when anime was around ep 18 or so. so so long ago...

    bleach bounto filler was pretty fucking good... for a filler
  20. HA HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I told yall this story sucked. But all of you kept on telling me I was in the minority. But I know I was not. I am right. Kubo is a terrible story teller and this manga should have ended after Aizen ascended out of SS. Good riddance.

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