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    So ichigo's hollow/quincy powers are gone? Thats it? wtf was the point of forging a new bankai and accepting all the powers in him? And what is so special with him now that he only has shinigami powers? I'm gonna be royally pissed if he just became a normal shinigami.
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  2. I don't even know how to feel after reading this
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  3. I wonder what kind of rediculous powerup he'll get this time. It definitely has something to do with THE 2 father.
  4. Bleach is ending. It's about damn time.
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  5. Well hopefully kubo can end this on a high note. So far this last arc, which has been going on since 2012, has been a disappointment.
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  6. Yup. Wtf is this hollow power absorption shit?
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  7. Well yeah one would expect that Yuha Bach would be poisoned by the hollow powers, at least he should have been.
    But apparently his so powerful that he can absorb anything and everything,quincy,hollow,shinigami powers and all.
    I'm still going to hope that Ishida can come to his aid and use his anti-thesis on him to reverse everything that has happened, but at a cost, he losts all of his powers in the process to help a friend, his power might be a double edged sword, he can easily reverse negative outcomes on himself, but to reverse anything negative on others he has to take that negative ontop himself.
    Or maybe not, though friend sacrifice has at least been a bit of a theme of Bleach, surely somebody is going to come to Ichigo's aid and give him a bit of hope that he can beat Yuha Bach despite how overwhemingly powerful he is.
    I keep believing his going to get some extreme powerup, and now seeing Ichigo reduced to basically having almost no power, he might still have some shinigami powers, but if his quincy and hollow powers are really gone, his definitely gone down a few noches on the power levels, and was sadly in many aspects still below Yuha Bach even with them.
    I might blame Ichigo not having fully mastered all of his powers to blame, but at this point its hard to say why he lost so extremely badly.
    I'm just going to wait and see in the coming chapters what happens, surely Ichigo isn't out just like that, his the central character of his series or at least has been and there doesn't seem to be anybody else that could possibly be stronger, well their was but now they are all dead.
    So yep its somehow up to you Ichigo, hopefully you can and will recover.
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  8. Bach fucking absorbed HW and Great, how much OP'd can he get?
  9. Did we just get BAD END.
  10. I don't know how I feel either about this, clearly I have to see it through. I'm just hoping I leave satisfied.
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  11. Yhwach really shouldn't be able Ichigo's hollow powers without getting poisoned. And I'm curious whether or Ichigo still has his shinigami powers or if those were absorbed as well? His hollow was also his zanpakuto after all.

    It really sucks that after all that time to unlock his powers, Ichigo lost them and we barely got to see him use them. We didn't get to see what his bankai could do before it broke and Ichigo didn't use his quincy powers at all.
  12. So lemme get this straight. Ywach is letting them all live, so he can go to their future and kill them on the moment they feel the happiest they ever will in their life? What...the...fuck?

    Is this the last chapter of Bleach?
  13. Unless his power up is based on this "white" that is overcoming him and it's actually the power that allowed all those different powers to combine, I can't even guess where this is going other than a tn ass pull that will cause mental riots.
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  14. This is why I asked for Super Hollow Ichigo. Regular ichigo don't get too much done. Super hollow tears shit up and defies all logic.
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  15. I don't get it.

    Is Hashwaldt dead? If not then he define toy doesn't have his Volstantig...

    Why did his Hashwalen not get Ishida too?
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  16. I'm guessing it's similar to when he revived the elite sternritter against the Royal Guard. The quincy hit directly died while those who avoided it just lost Vollstandig. Gerard is dead, but Haschwaldt seems to have survived. He likely no longer has Vollstandig.

    As for Ishida, he survived the first Auswahlen years ago and Yhwach mentioned it as the
    reason Ishida was chosen as successor. Probably same reason Ishida survived here. Maybe it has something to do with how Ishida's Antithesis can counter Yhwach's Almighty.
  17. But it looked like the light hit Hashwaldt...
  18. So wait. Bach left to control the future. And gonna be an asshole and torment the good guys sometimes in the future?

    I'm so confused
  19. I am confused why his hollow powers were absorbed. Wasn't it supposed to be his hollow and shinigami powers fused together and his quincy powers seperate? That is why he had two distinct zanpakutos. The only reason I can think of is that all of his powers fused together when he went bankai. But if that is the case then he should be powerless and completely human now.
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  20. Well, the swords did merge into one in bankai. So yeah, Ichigo should be a powerless human again . And I doubt the method they used to restore them in the Fullbring arc will work here.
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