1. just when i thought As couldnt get any more creepier
  2. @Janza, Byakuya turned into the Goeroe. He can instant power up someone with just some encouraging words.

    Byakuya Shikai looks even more hax than it already was. I'm looking forward to seeing his Bankai.

    As for Rukia, how can you surpass absolute zero? Lets see what her bankai will do.
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  3. Back in the 567 thread, I predicted that As Nodt would break free of the ice with Vollstandig and that Rukia would end up defeating him with bankai. Looks like I'm going to be right about it. While I'm looking forward to seeing Rukia's bankai, I'm hoping that future fights will be more unpredicatable.

    What are you talking about "no real training"? We saw a brief glimpse of Rukia and Renji training with the Royal Guard:

    And we saw what that training did for Renji. Even before bringing out his new bankai, he was dominating against someone who could easily beat captains in bankai and Renji was only using shikai. Even if we did see what actually happened during the training, we know it happened and we've already seen the results of it with Renji. Since Rukia went through the same training, it's logical to assume she received a significant power-up just as Renji did.

    Plus, we know that Renji was able to obtain his bankai's true form because Ichibei told him its real name. There's no reason he couldn't have helped Rukia in a similar manner to achieve her bankai.
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  5. Rukia having bankai was no brainer. Wonder whether it will control the area around the fighter. bring the temperature in that area to absolute zero as well as giving her control over it allowing summoning of ice. just like one of her dances where a pillar of ice appears from the ground. this time she can summon it from anywhere.

    poor hitsu....
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  6. As Nodt's going to end up as ugly as the Jyuubi if he evolves any further.

    Given how long bankai takes to master, and how we saw Renji and Ichigo struggle with their fresh bankais, any takers on Nodt living through the attack? Given Byakuya's exposition, I'm assuming he's dead or close enough to it.
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  7. First of all, Renji is somebody we have seen fight for a long time. We have seen his struggles, and we have seen him train a lot. We have seen Rukia train over the course of maybe a few days? Bankai is supposed to be something that takes a long time to get. And she basically just snaps her fingers and has it? There was no real development for it.

    Even Hitsugaya had a ton of buildup. Granted, I don't think she has quite surpassed him, and he was already super injured from fighting the fire douche without his bankai. /shrug

    Regardless, I doubt we see too much from her bankai. I really hope that guy is already dead. he just seems weak. I want see the fire guy fight some more.
  8. We all knew Rukia was gonna have bankai so it's noy a shocker. Hell seeing how that one guardsman knows the "real" name ig everything it would have retarded if she didn't get bankai. We all know that her range is gonna increase, along with ghe number og targets she can hit. Since she's an ice type don't be surprised if As Not survives jer assault and bya has to drop him for good.
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  9. If it was so easy to get a shinigami bankai, then why wouldn't they get a lot more of the people down there bankai?
  10. i believe you missed a huge discussion on this very issue few weeks ago.
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  11. Rukia's bankai was simply......beautiful to see....Good chapter, I'm glad big bro didn't come to save the day again and that Rukia could hold her own. I actually did want to see Byakuya whip the floor but it makes more sense this way. Rukia did get a crazy power up, Kubo trolled me a bit and I thought for a split sec she didn't have bankai.

    Rukia already had the combat experience and discipline as a shinigami plus she was up at the royal palace. C'mon guys she had to of learned something.
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  12. As far as the RG training that was a huge discussion point a few weeks ago. As far as bankai being "easy to obtain" that's been a discussion point for a long time. When bankai was first introduced it seemed like something we'd see very very few have and quite a few people popped up with it since then.
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  13. Renji
    Commander's vice who does not deserve to be named as he was pathetic selfish idiot
    and now Rukia

    Four does not make a lot.
  14. who honestly thought that rukia would come down from RG WITHOUT Bankai lol
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  15. The writing was on the wall.

    Guys. This is like Gohan going to the Hyper Bolic Time Chamber and becoming SSJ.
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  16. Kudos to kubo for making reference to one of my favorite painting techniques. But I was a little underwhelmed by rukia's bankai, im kinda burnt out with the whole minimalist white wall thing. It kind reminded me of deidara's suicide bomb(and even that just looked like a silly dunce cap with arms). Hopefully there is more to it than what was shown in the last panel.
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  17. I don't think it's just that because we've already seen Hitsu with an ability that looks like this.
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  18. Several shinigami have loads of experience. But it was her brother that said it was a very rare thing. Rukia had an astronomical jump in power. Renji had some evidence to support his rise in power. Rukia has not. The only way it would make sense for a random character to have a large jump in power we don't see is if they aren't a character that is constantly shown. But for main character, we see most all of what they do. It doesn't make logical sense for a character we see all the time to suddenly be soooo much stronger unless they have main character syndrome.
  19. Rukia will forever be the one point of conflict that tears apart the entire thread of Bleach and Bleach power levels. No matter how well thought out Kubo has gone through things and how many explanations Kubo has made for Ichigo, Renji, Chad, Hime, Aizen...whoever else...if you want to trash Kubo on power levels all you have to do is point at Rukia.

    Sigh...And he was so close.

    Chapter was alright aside from the gaping plot hole Kubo has created with this one(and if you think not...now you have to assume Rukia was powerful enough when she went to Earth the first time to be ban kai capable...in which case...AGAIN explain how that Hollow got the best of her?) looking forward to seeing her ban kai in action at least.

    How ironic that we see a Rukia ban kai before Matsumoto, or Hisagi, or Kira...But...whatever.

    It's always Rukia...

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