1. Smdh nothing.
  2. All she needed to say was bankai...
  3. I wonder how Rukia's bankai will look. She obviously has the strongest ice type bankai now.
  4. Chap felt really short. Now that renji's shown so much of his bankai against mask, what's he got left yo shown against this enemy? It's not like he's got a deep reservoir of skills.
  5. A bit soon dont you think?
    Anyway as nodt is creepy as ever.
  6. This whole fear thing, and even the sternritters looks has a definite "The grudge/The ring" undertone to it, which I'm digging a little bit.

    But damnit, kubo just had to end this chapter with such a grammatical non sequitur. We've all heard "Only thing you fear, is fear itself", but having a perspective in which you interpret fear as the state of being incapable of fear is just........yeah. Not all of kubo's musings make sense, but he generally comes through when he gets the urge to wax philosophical.
  7. I'll be very surprised if Rukia wins this battle without help from Byakuya showing up. I mean, the higher level Quincy seem capable of taking on two to three ban kai'd Shinigami back to back, so even when Rukia ban kai's, she's probably not winning until Byakuya shows up with his own fully realized zanpaktou...in which case Renji will once again pale in comparison to his Captain...
  8. Really weird wording. My take on it is that Rukia is telling him that just because he manipulates fear doesn't mean he himself is not afraid of something.
  9. ^ Yea i thought the same thing. She is putting it to him that maybe the 1 thing he himself may be afraid of is someone that has no fear
  10. Rukia's bankai confirmed:
  11. RuRu about to get in dat ass. I was hoping Byakuya would get a rematch but.this is better.
  12. Thinking back..the only Rukia fight Ive ever enjoyed was the one where she froze the tree guys roots for the kill

    Hopefully this fight will be good...I dont think Byakuya is going to show up to save her just so that Rukia can show that she has grown so far to surpass him...Rukia beats this guy, Byakuya gets his ban kai...another guy shows up and Byakuya smashes him so that we can see that he is still light years ahead of them
  13. This opponent is far too weak for Byakuya now and I thought he would go back for revenge. He has his pride you know. Kinda weird that Rukia's going to finish the job now.
  14. Lol wut?
  15. exactly what i said
  16. Hitsu's bankai can exist as long as water can be formed ( even from atmosphere ).

    Rukia's sword can be re-made as long as a piece of it still exists. Just please don't obliterate every bit of it in one swoop.


    I'm sorry, wah? Rukia's is strongest, why?
  17. i liked it. all kinds of badass in rukia's response. a being who causes fear, fears beings who have no fear...

    If rukia and renji got such a massive powerup... Ichigo should be massively broken. not only he received spiritual powerup from food, from being in king's realm, but his spirit is now in perfect harmony. no more inner struggle which kept his powers contained.

    i hope ishida is as broken as ichigo and they will fight. even tough i don't believe ishida betrayed ichigo and rukia
  18. If there's one thing Kubo doesn't do often, is swaggerjacking someone's forte and giving it to someone else (Unless they were meant to die or were just bsing like Zommari). Rukia will still not have the strongest ice-type, but it'll be cool... no pun intended.
  19. Yo...look at Isane's face...that poor woman is exhausted. Rukia got her "Byakuya-face" in the last panel.....that "Time to fuck shit up." face. Rukia hasn't really had an moment to fuck shit up so I'm cool with it happening.

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