1. Not really sure where you got that from. He created the terms shikai and bankai. Seems that he named all the things that are part of the establishment of the SS, not that he literally named every single thing that is made in the SS. For example, Urahara named the hogyoku himself. He said he knows the names of all the zanpakuto. So I took that as meaning that when a Shinigami has spent enough time with their asauchi so that it changes into a real zanpakuto this guy will instinctively know what that is. Not that he named it for them, determining their abilities. And upon further examination of a zanpakuto...like in Renji's case, he can then tell the person the full name of it.

    The ability in itself still makes no god damn sense...unless it was Oetsu who had this ability...then it would make sense.

    I'm not giving Kubo a pass for this...it's faulty as fuck.

    That said I have ZERO issues with Renji's true ban kai...that shit is awesome. Kubo likes to do that, cover up faulty bullshit with an awesome development.

    I was talking about Yama.
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  2. It's following the rules of magic, like in Eragon. Think of the words as a button to trigger something that is already there. The power was there from the get-go, as he himself said Zabimaru was holding back the full name for whatever reason, but without knowledge of what you can do and the words of power which are attached to the ability itself, you can't pull it out. Old Man Zangetsu himself said that knowing the name of an ability greatly strengthens it. That said, Kubo really should have clarified.
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  3. Let's be clear here. There were supposedly two deaths in this week's chapter.

    Naruto and Bleachh. We all have this suspicion that Sasuke isn't dead. Will this Superstar guy stay dead? I mean he's burnt to crisp and cut in half and all that jazz.

    Also from the way Renji speaks of him. It's like Kubo is telling us he's dead.
  4. I'm well aware of that. It has been established in the Bleach universe that knowing the name increases the power. I don't have issues with that. My issues are with a shinigami having the innate ability to know the true name of everything...mainly zanpakutos. A shinigami that isn't Oetsu...the creator of the zanpakuto.
  5. Because Oetsu only makes asauchis. He's the forge. This guy's the guru of everything. Oetsu can tell however, how to make a zanpaktou, what is and what isn't a zanpaktou, reforge them and can estimate how well crafted they are and such.
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  6. I don't think I'm making my grievance clear enough.

    Tenjiro: Developed the technique and process for the healing springs...OK.

    Hikifune: Invented the Artificial Soul...OK

    Oetsu: Invented the Zanpakuto...OK.

    Senjumaru: Unknown

    Ichibei: Has the natural ability to just know the names of all things yet NO shinigami has EVER displayed random abilities that they just have naturally (like a mutant/metahuman) that go beyond the standard shinigami abilities. There was no precedent for it and it's just shrugged off like a normal thing.

    And I'm done...moving on. I'm just gonna put this into the "You fucked up Kubo" list and move on.
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  7. i don't know how i feel about this chapter... I was expecting him to be able to pull the spirit out so it could test renji or something but now, straight up told the name.

    That being said, the new bankai is fucking awesome. also, superstar got disentigrated
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  8. I really loved Renji's new bankai this chapter.

    So now we have Ichigo, Zaraki, and Renji who have all unlocked hidden powers though for different reasons. I wonder if all shinigami have such hidden powers, or if its just certain shinigami?

    The situation with Renji's bankai reminds me of Yumichika's shikai. The false name results in a partial release while the true name brings out the sword's true form. I wonder if like Yumichika, Renji could switch between the partial and true forms. It would make a good trump card if Renji used the old bankai initially and then busts out the true form when the opponent gets cocky.
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  9. ^ You mean like a second stage? Which is kinda what it is,..........which brings the question back up about Bya. That guy has three stages and at least one named (and shown) bankai attack. It's a given that he himself will be much stronger but what about his zanpak? Is there really room for improvement for it?

    Mixed emotions when it comes to rukia having bankai now, it would be sweet but does she really....ung IDK
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  10. Well he did use Hihiou Zabimaru to grab Superstar. So that part of his bankai...the long bone snake is still there. He might still be able to summon that form.

    If there is any form of timeskip at the end I expect Renji to be a Captain. I have always been a big fan of Zabimaru, though. The spirit I mean. Always loved the baboon snake with two personalities.

    And are people forgetting that Byakuya still technically doesn't have a ban kai? That can be easily changed but I'm just saying.
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  11. Good memory dude, I completely forgot about yumichika's fake name lolol
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  12. Why is having an all-knowing power beyond the RG? I see it as he's a part of the whole creation of a zanpakutou and its relationship with its shinigami. It's quite OP but then again, but the Soul King decided that he was trust worthy with such an ability not to just let everyone know their zanpaktou's name. I mean, it's like people's beef with "God" and why he allows death and strife to happen. It's beyond us to understand the reasoning/planning.

    Cool Renji design, makes him more compact than having a huge snake lugging around and see it from miles away. Looking forward to what's to come.
  13. IF you don't have a bankai in this war you're fucked. If she bodied a star knight with her shikai alone I would just....well anyway you get what I'm saying.
  14. If she does it probably will have big drawbacks or strain on her.
  15. Yeah, actually you're right, I read that section wrong.

    At the same time I think the ability is fine. Oetsu just creates Asauchi. However it ends up bonded to a Shingami's soul and creating said abilities, that's what happens going forward.

    This dude though, he's basically the gates of power for every Shinigami, and it IS a talent that other Shinigami have to a certain extent. Ichigo's father realized Ichigo hadn't learned the full name of his zanpaktou's(meaning his ban kai). We've been stressed throughout all of the series that names of things matter (Kenpachi...) so...this dude knowing the full names of every zanpkatou kind of makes him the Proffessor X of Bleach....And he doesn't even need Cerebro.

    He's the keeper of every potential Shinigami ability, knowing what they're capable of even before they know...which like every other Royal Guard member is ridiculously powerful when compared to what lesser Shinigami are capable of.

    Aside from that though...I'm not saying it isn't faulty, but I just think we'll get a better idea of how powerful this ability is when we see Rukia's eventual ban kai release (and my eternal annoyance with Kubo on this character...the ultimate Bleach plot hole...)
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  16. Haha are you referring to the time when she got taken out with by a hollow when she had a shikai?
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  17. you mean the first hollow right?
    my explanation for that had always been, that hollow was actually uberstrong and she got one shotted when protecting Ichigo's stupid ass. No going shikai when she barely can breath.
  18. Always.

    My main issue/qualm with the series is that moment, and it's integral to everything that's happened for the rest of the series. You wanna tear Bleach apart, that is the ultimate Bleach plot hole...


    But uber-strong hollows are either Gillians, or they're altered/manipulated by outside forces.

    If you're capable of shikai, you have the potential of a Vice-Captain...since having a shikai already makes you a very elite Shinigami.

    If Rukia has a shikai...then there's no way that Hollow gets that close without her realizing, and theres no way (based on Bleach's own standards of Shinigami with shikais...) that she couldn't smash that Hollow the moment it showed up if shikai-less Ichigo could take it out.

    But then, if it WAS uber-strong, then why the hell did Ichigo have issues with Grand Fisher when he was already such an experienced Shinigami at that point? I mean, if it's uber-strong, then Ichigo shouldn't have been able to so easily destroy it, because Grand Fisher is the strongest non-Gillian, non Arrancar'd Hollow we've seen.

    There is no sense into the idea that Shikai'd Rukia could get wrecked by a hollow of that level if she had a shikai. If it's an uber level Hollow then Ichigo should've been destroyed and forced to dig deep into his own spiritual power. If it's not uber...then it doesn't make any sense for Rukia to lose to that thing, or to not even be able to sense the thing closing in on a kid who she knows has huge reiatsu in the first place...
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  19. The way I saw it was that she chose saving Ichigo in a split second instead of making a clean kill. On top of that her shikai techniques need a certain amount of time and a stance to work and aren't really practical for close combat from what I've seen.
  20. nope. remember that guy who got owned by ishida? guy who turned his zanpaktou into flying shurikens. or hanatarou. shikai does not mean you are strong
    she did not realize he was coming. ichigo's spiritual pressure was fucking her senses up. he felt hollow presence before she did,
    you mean shikai-less ichigo who deflected a cero from Gillian? a hollow which requires a vice captain level shinigami to fight. ichigo was always stronger than rukia since day one.
    Ichigo was extremely powerful from day one. he had massive amounts of spiritual power when he was just normal human. when Rukia gave him his powers it was released all at once. he was at that moment at his peak. afterwards he had to seal it back as like ishida explained: you cannot run water at full all the time no matter how much of it you have and then slowly step by step he unleashed more of it (big jumps: menos, first fight with renji, ikkaku, second fight with renji) he wasn't getting stronger. he was just being able to use more of his powers.

    it makes sense for the hollow to be ubber. not a menos grande but top of the line of regular hollows. strong enough that if he gets a clean hit on seated officer below vice captain level he can win the fight.

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