1. Happy New-Year everyone !

    Made similar topics before : not necessarily the best games of 2014, but the best games YOU have experienced for the first time this year.

    Here's my list :

    1. Dark Souls 2
    2. Brothers : A Tale of Two Sons (underrated gem)
    3. The Walking Dead Season 2
    4. Rogue Legacy
    5. Stick It To The Man

    Started Diablo III and enjoying it so far...
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  2. Dragon's Crown for best multiplayer game, Fallout: New Vegas for best single player game. Dark Souls 2 ranks highly on my list, as does the 3DS version of Chrono Trigger.
  3. Last week I accepted a 10 days free playtime on WoW. I hadn't played since WotLK and thought I'd give it a go. Loads has changed and I did not enjoy my hour or so back in the game. The graphics have had a slight upgrade in some respects but the talents trees have completely changed and seem uber ultra n00b friendly. I'm sure at the heart of it the game is still solid but I can't be arsed to play it again, relearn my class and everyone elses only to sit in town ignoring tradechat and scanning LFG.

    Diablo III is a good game although in my opinion it lacks most of the charm that Diablo II had. If you play it on PC let me know because I haven't logged in for a while but I'd happily play a bit.

    I don't play many games but I bought Sword of the Berserk earlier this year and was disappointed. The controls aren't good and I found it quite difficult. I've been busy and not been able to give it much of a chance but will certainly play more of it though.
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  4. 1. Fire Emblem (3DS)
    2. Shin Megami Tensei 4
    3. New Smash Brothers
    4. Meh

    Edit to join thread derailment:

    I thought Diablo 3's story was atrocious, but once Reaper of Souls came out and they started adding a bunch of new high-end EQ + revamped a lot of the skills I think it's gotten a lot better. Yeah, if you want to do greater rift 50s you're going to need the specific build and gear... but I think there's a lot of versatility at the top. Doesn't mean I've played in months though...
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  5. Hmmmm hadn't played too much games but im really likin D3 UEE. It's the PS3 version N i know it don't got all the updates but i still enjoying it.

    Agreed........ i think wut it is, is the lack of versatility with equipment high difficulties. I remember on D2 there was a lot more top end gear it seemed like.
  6. Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition
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  7. I think NBA 2k15 and Destiny are the only games I bought last year that I actually got around to at least playing.
  8. i think the last game i bought was GTA 5 on 360

    the last game that i have started playing was Legend of Vesperia...I had fond memories of that game...and after loading it back up...Im impressed all over again

    thoroughly enjoying it the 2nd time around
  9. the best game i played in 2014 was Witcher 2.

    the best game of 2014 i played was wasteland 2
  10. I can't think of a single game i picked up in 2014.... I will be getting smash bros eventually, and bayonetta 2. Zelda U though is going to be amazing
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  11. 1. ffxiv 2.0 - numbers wise in population and financially it is the top mmorpg and an amazing turnaround from that 1.0 abomination Yoshida is a master for square enix. 1st expansion is coming this month too and it's pretty badass and worth every penny to monthly subscribe. 2.5million and counting. The it's gonna fail and shld be f2p are insulting at this point as arguments and idiotic.

    expansion teaser:

    2.4 update:

    2. Destiny - pretty damn good the 1st expansion and the the plans for the future. I have quite a few clan members who play it every day. The new raids are fun so tack on dungeon type stuff with guns and I like it a lot but the socialization aspects of it make it some kind of half ass attempt at a mmorpg like ff14 and single player game and it's bungie >.>

    3. Dragon Age.. that game is awesome. The extent they went into story and character development for a huge multitude of characters main and secondary was amazing. Voice acting, graphics and more. Easily a candidate for game of the year.

    I can't think of any others. Waiting on new 3ds this spring.
  12. u should check out the 2.1.2 patch details. Blizz is adding some new sets....... Barbs are gonna have a new WW set, and skull grasp ring now has a 400% weapon dmg bonus to WW. I might even get it for PC just for this
  13. I haven't played it yet - it's that good? I've been waiting for a box set of the books.
  14. One month in. I am DMing Hoard of the Dragon Queen. 4.5/5 so far. Streamlined without sacrificing the classic feel.
  15. Assassin's creed Brotherhood , Revelations, III
    Borderlands 2
    Mass Effects 1-3
    Persona 4
    Dragon Age Origins
    Dragon Age II
  16. Dark Souls 2, about the only game I played in 2014.
  17. Only game I played in 2014 is CoD AW and that kinda sucks. It's been so long since I last played a game that I was addicted to.

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