1. It's arrived!



    This is going to be 24 episodes initially so nothing new there. I hope it's successful enough for them to make more and cover more of the content that hasn't already been animated. I'm sure that's what everyone else wants too! It would be nice if they cover the Golden Age arc fully as well but at the moment I don't think that's the plan and I can't blame them. I want to see Wyald and the Black Dog Knights though!

    Having seen the first episode my scattered and very brief thoughts are below:

    I wish it hadn't opened the way it did. It's a massive spoiler and I know the anime is 30 years old but it would have been nice if that was all kept quiet... also... opening credits spoilers! WTF!

    I don't enjoy the sub as much as I would the dub because I am more used to the English voice actors. When the movies were released I had the same issue because for a very long time subs were all I had access to. That's fairly normal though, I think in most cases you prefer what you are accustomed to.

    Although the music isn't as good as either the movies or the original anime it does seem fitting

    Schierke! Finally! It was good that she made an appearance.

    Disappointingly I felt like this was the opportunity for the anime to perfectly follow the pages of the manga. This hasn't happened.

    Gutts CG model has a very long face :S The CG is fine for the most part (lets not talk about the skeletons), probably better then I expected but there is unfortunately as much as I had feared there would be.

    The tone of this series does seem to be right.

    Dragon Slayer sounds perfect! I love that it clangs and smashes but it probably shouldn't shine :p

    Roll on episode 2! I love that we have more Berserk.
  2. Easily one of the absolute pieces of trash anime I have ever seen. That was god freaking awful.
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  3. I'm surprised that you dislike it that much. It is not good, that is clear and I am probably also slightly swayed because it's really nice to have any form of Berserk to watch/listen to or read. The CG is poor and there is too much of it but otherwise I thought it was fine.
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  4. It amazing how muira takes his time to put out great if not fantastic pieces of art and anime studios settle with this shitty quality cg. I don't even understand why there's not a big budget studio that can ditch out a 25 episode season with good animation berserk anime with no fucking cg. I mean if it's a battle field full of 200+ soldiers I don't mind cg. But this shit? He'll no
  5. What's funny is I usually am accepting of 3d cgi and Haoh ..uh 1 or 2.. hell I forget which one probably both.. have this convo sometimes about he loathes it and I am cool with it. However, this is just awful and when I say awful I mean shit. It gives me that familiar queasy feeling like when I watched supergirl. :confused: I guess I was looking forward to something traditional and awesome and so meh.
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  6. Episode 2 is out, my thoughts below:

    The fact that the entire village of missing children/evil fairy thing has been missed which causes issues. Guts was knackered when he met the Holy Knights but that was because of what he had just fought. I had hoped this would follow the manga much more closely and although perhaps it isn’t a big deal I am disappointed. Guts took out the demon tree thing easily in the manga and then went to the village. The fight with the tree demon in the anime has caused him to be weak before fighting the Holy Knights and doesn’t paint a picture of him being as much of a beast.

    I’m left assuming that they wanted to cover a certain amount of content and had to cut elements in order to fit it in. What confuses me is that for them to even be making the series there must be demand for it and if there is a demand for it surely the people calling for it would want this to be faithful to the manga?

    Yes the animation is not good and there is too much CG and it can’t offer the level of detail that the anime deserves. In this particular episode that was really evident after Guts had been thrashed, the blood on his torso had no depth or texture to it and on a 3D model the 2D cuts looked poor.

    For all I’ve said I still enjoy that this is more Berserk. The next episode looks like it takes place in a building for some reason instead of the countryside. I don't know why they would need/want to change that :s
  7. This anime is just a fail and doesn't deserve a thread lol.
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  9. ^^for more than 2 decades...coming up on 3 soon

    after 2 eps...I'm done with this shite

    the thing is...I can understand doing the CG model thing if they were going to stay faithful to the entire manga....doing CG characters is one of those pay-me-now to save-me--TONS-later

    I am certain it is like an extension of the old flash days -- you make a COMPLETE model ONCE (from every possible angle you think you need)...then its just searching libraries and fitting the model together...instead of keeping an entire animation studio on hand to have individuals draw 3 pages at a time

    ...and the whole, CG animation thing can actually be very good (I'm looking at you Starship Troopers, Reboot, Haloid, Dead Fantasy, RWBY, Pixar, Disney, ILM, every video game cutscene, etc etc)...

    there are hours of video on youtube of people doing better quality in their spare time..as a hobby

    I just don't get what went wrong here
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  10. The 12 episode series is now over so you can all rejoice :p I did enjoy having an episode a week that I could watch but it was poor quality. The hand drawn animation increased as it progressed but it was a far cry from the original anime or the more recent movies. It felt like they were learning and the CG (although it still made up 95% of each episode) was used better, the camera angles made a bit more sense and generally I think it's fair to say that there was some improvement.

    They are going to cover the next arc in Spring 2017 and honestly if they are given a larger budget, appropriate timescales or just take on board the feedback, then the next arc might be worthy of your attention.
  11. We're 3 episodes into the current 2017 series and frankly any improvements are hard to notice. At this point in time I'm not sure if I am just used to the very low standards of the first series (2016) or if this has become more palatable.

    For me the series fills a hole. It is good to be able to see Berserk in any form even if this doesn't come close to doing the source material justice. I think the biggest disappointment for me is that Berserk is so well liked. I don't understand how they couldn't gain a larger budget or continue with the movies.

    Have you all given up on this or is anyone else also watching it?
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  12. You are the ONLY one watching it lol.
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  13. I've accepted that I am alone in watching this but I thought I'd post anyway.

    I'm still enjoying seeing more content but episode 4 was by far the worst use of CGI in this 2017 series to date. The sheep were completely static and I noticed a general lack of movement. At times it was more like a marvel visual novel/motion comic thing than it's own thing.

    Atleast we're due a new chapter any day now...
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  14. Not this again! Oh ..god.. I think I'm gonna be sick. lol. Oh how horrible to watch.
  15. Actually I'm watching as well but it's really hard to watch. If this was any other show I would have quit after 5 minutes of watching.
    Anyway we're getting a pretty cool fight next week or the week after that. Let's see how they handle that....
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  16. Oh my this looks like fan animation

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