1. It's been 8 years since I last came here. How is everyone doing these days? Would love to catch up with all of you.

    - cl0ud_
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  2. you shouldn't of left w/o a dope beat to step to.

    I remember you CLOUD!
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  3. Im back bitches! I remember being on NM back when I was 15-16 and got banned when I was 18-19. I'm 27 now. A lot has changed within myself. I'm older and wiser and not some immature little kid like I used to be. I said and did a lot of stupid things back then when NM was still around and you all looked at me like I had cerebral palsy or down syndrome LOL! But, seriously it's good to be back. Love you guys <33
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  4. I want to make sure I'm thinking of the same person.....did you ever have a Bleach sig/avatar?
  5. Welcome back ^^
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  6. No. I had the boom headshot avatar.
  7. Who else is still here?
  8. How are you guys doing these days? I wish NM was still around. We were such a great community and we all were cool to each other. I really enjoyed my time with you guys back then before I got banned. But, some of you are still around after all these years and I'm glad that I have reunited with some of you.

    I wish krozar and zoeygirl were still around and bats too.
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  9. I haven't been around in a while I've been on youtube and twitter. But this place really does mean a lot to me. I'm glad there are still people here.
  10. For various definitions of "people," I'm not sure I count anymore ;)
  11. Lol you always count my friend.
  12. YOooo
  13. Yo yo yo! Sup homie how is life treating you?
  14. Life's pretty good...

    One of the reasons why I stopped coming to this forum is because the reply doesn't work on Chrome. I'm not using IE...not really a fan of Firefox.
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  15. I feel ya
  16. I use IE pretty much only for this site, and the reply button doesn't work for me either.
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  17. LOL
  18. Reply button works for me on chrome.
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  19. not for me

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