1. Here is a Jap trailer. The animation looks a lot smoother despite it being the Berserk style. I'm definitely hyped for this movie.
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  2. ^ exactly. I was thinking wait this is another shitty 3d mess but there is something watchable about it. I am curious as to what they did different technically.

    I guess I am not fully versed on 3dcgi since I have never been a huge fan. That's what this is right?
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  3. The weird character designs remind of that game Veautiful Joe.
  4. I don't think its full 3d. Something in between. And most of the time it doesn't work, as I mentioned before Berserk, Ajin...But i guess they got the right team for this and it does look like an all-star team.
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  5. Looks like Batman Samurai. Could do without all the 3D.
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  7. Hahaha. That was the most over the top DC animated film ever. Its like the company gave free reign to the japanese and said to make the most anime batman film ever.
    The 1st act wasn't too much to my liking. I just didn't feel tension or wasn't invested fully into the movie.
    The 2nd act had a different animation style. Not really a fan of that style myself but i cannot deny that it looked beautiful and so did the rest of the movie.
    The 3rd act ramped up everything to 11. And the final showdown between Sengoku Batman and Lord Joker was awesome. We always forget that because of all the mental and psychological warfare done by Joker that he is very much capable of matching Batman in a physical fight. This proves that he is a menace on all fronts to the Batman.
    I'd have liked to seen more fights between the Batfamily and the other villains.
    I did not like Robin in this movie. With the other 3 being there it means that Damian was Robin. And that definitely wasn't Damian's personality.
    All in all this was a slow build up to an absolutely over the top anime Batman movie.
    And lol at the horse Batmobile at the end.
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  8. I can't believe I got hyped for this movie because of IGN giving it a high score. This movie was really shit. It was like a bunch of shitty batman tv cartoon episodes bundled into a movie but with shitty CG and bullshit story to go with it. I had so much trust in DC making cartoon movies because in the past they made some pretty epic ones. But this one was just utter shit. I couldn't even finish it.
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  9. I agree with you,Haohmaru.This movie wasn't all that.

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