1. Here is a Jap trailer. The animation looks a lot smoother despite it being the Berserk style. I'm definitely hyped for this movie.
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  2. ^ exactly. I was thinking wait this is another shitty 3d mess but there is something watchable about it. I am curious as to what they did different technically.

    I guess I am not fully versed on 3dcgi since I have never been a huge fan. That's what this is right?
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  3. The weird character designs remind of that game Veautiful Joe.
  4. I don't think its full 3d. Something in between. And most of the time it doesn't work, as I mentioned before Berserk, Ajin...But i guess they got the right team for this and it does look like an all-star team.
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  5. Looks like Batman Samurai. Could do without all the 3D.
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