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    1. Kim Chang-Su (Dance Instructor) ~ Age 26
    2. Sakuya Suzuki (Japanese) ~Age 18
    3. Pak Jae-Hwa (brother of Chang-Su, different mothers) - Age 20
    4. Han Soon-Yi ~Age 21
    5. Yun Chun-Ja ~Age 19
    6. Song Dae ~ Age 17
    7. Min Yeun-Ja ~Age 23


    Other Characters:
    1. Principal Song ~Age 34
    2. Doctor Han Hae-Jin (Doctor for Chang-Su) ~ Age 25
    3. Lee Mun-Hee (Second Dance Instructor) ~Age 24
    4. Song Hei (sister of Dae) ~ Age 18
    5. Han Hae (mother of Soon-Yi)
    6. Yun Ok-Sun (mother of Chun-Ja)
    7. Kim Jae ( father of Chang Su and Jae-Hwa)
    8. Song Gyong-Si (father of Dae and Hei)
    9. Ming Bong-Hwa (father of Yeun-Ja)
    10. Lee Jung-Yoon (younger brother of Mi Na) ~ Age 25
    11. Lee Mi Na (older sister of Jung-Yoon) ~ Age 27
    12. Ichiro Tatusya (Sakuya’s Ex) ~Age 20
    13. Mia Suzuki (mother Sakuya)


    Time and Setting:

    Time: 2014 to 2022

    Setting: Seoul, South Korea. Pyongyang, North Korea and Tokyo, Japan.


    “If you could choose to love or be loved-which would you choose? To love someone, seeing them is merely enough, being there by their side when needed. Watching silently and protectively from a distance. To be loved by someone is a great joy, wishing to never part from them. Drowning slowly in their love for you…”

    A Japanese girl named Sakuya Suzuki, gets accepted to Winners Dance School; the famous dance school in South Korea. She leaves her beloved family and home in Tokyo and travels to Korea. When she enters the school, she meets the dashing and charming Kim Chang-Su. It would be love at first sight, many would probably say, she finds it difficult to fit in with the other four girls. Kim Chang-Su dashing, but he has a deadly secret, the reason he is so distant with his students and others comes to the light. All the girls desire for Chang-Su, all they wish for is to love someone or be loved…

    Chapter One
    “The mark of new beginnings,
    starts with a simple plane ticket.”

    It was the summer of 2014 in Tokyo, the cherry blossoms were in full bloom and just breathtaking. I was going to miss the cherry blossoms, so much, I took numberless pictures of cherry blossoms over the last week. I had just graduated from high school, and accepted to Winners Dance School, the famous dance school in South Korea. I always loved to dance since I was a young child, my mother supported me every step of the way; there was absolutely nothing more I could ask for from her. Yet, I had no idea of how it would be like in Korea, but I was ready for anything.

    “Sakuya, please come down stairs, Ichiro-Kun is here!” My mother called My entire body grew tense at the name, Ichiro was my Ex-boyfriend, we broke up less than two weeks ago because of my leaving to Korea. I walked down the stairs slowly; each step seemed to drag me closer to hell, reaching the bottom step, I raised my eyes to him. Ichiro was 169 cm tall, shaggy hair, wore glasses and looked stunning to many girls. On the other hand, I was merely, 165 cm tall, shoulder length hair, slanted bangs and had my hair in pig tails all the time.

    I had already lost count of how much I tried to keep his hair smooth, and stop sticking out in weird positions. Ichiro was staring at me, like a delicious chocolate sundae on a hot summer day. I took it as a warning, and stared down at what I was wearing. I had on a tank top with straps, a black mini skirt and no shoes. I mumbled at myself, for not changing into something more concealing. My mother motioned for us to help ourselves and vanished into the kitchen. “What do you want?” I asked breaking the silence. Ichiro held out a box, “a farewell gift from me.” He said.

    I took it and fumbled with the wrapping, before opening the lid, inside was a beautiful necklace with a silver key on the end. Raising an eyebrow, I stared up at him, “what is the meaning of this?” I asked uneasily. He shoved his hands into his pockets on his shorts, “you have always held the key to my heart. I will wait for you–Sakuya.” He said softly. I was in disbelief, he cleared his throat, “Or think of it as a good luck charm, alright?” He asked and turned to leave. I stared after him, I wanted to say thank you, but no words could come out anymore. My mother came out of the kitchen and wrapped an arm around me comfortingly.

    Ichiro and I, grew up together, went to the same elementary, middle, and high school. He was my best friend, and dearest one of them all, “Sorry–Ichiro.” I mumbled. I went back up to my room, setting the necklace on my desk and slumped into my chair. My eyes fell on the plane ticket that was moving slightly, with the breeze that was coming through my windows. The person I couldn’t leave behind was my mother, my father died when I was two years old. I barely had any memory or him, but my mother had plenty and shared stories of him with me. My mother works at a family bakery, owned by my father’s side of the family.

    Ever since I got accepted to the dancing school, my mother cried every night. How did I know? Because whenever I passed by her room at night, I heard muffled sobs and sniffling from her door. As her daughter, I couldn’t offer any words of consent to her, I was too selfish at the time. Because I wanted to be a dancer, and refused to set eyes on any other schools, but Winners Dance School. That night at dinner, my mother and I, sat across from each other at the dinner table. “Eat up Sakuya! I made all these dishes for you, they are your favorite. When we part–I don’t know when I can make these dishes for you again.” She said with a shaky tone.

    I bit my lip, moving my chair back and walked over to her, squatting down on my knees, next to her. Slowly taking her work worn out hands in mine, I stared up at her with a saddened smile. “I love you mother, I promise once I settle in, I will call. Please take care of yourself–call Ichiro if you need help with anything.” I reminded. She pulled me into a tight hug, “my baby is all grown up–Kuya-Chan.” My mother cried. I felt tears stinging in my eyes, and hugged back twice as hard. “Let’s eat, the food is getting cold.” I said wiping my face, and then hers. She nodded and forced a smile, that night remained in my memory forever.

    That night, I couldn’t sleep at all; the sun came and before I knew it, I was on my way to the airport. My mother refused to miss work, and bid me a safe trip as I left the house. I saw in the waiting area, listening to my ipod and answering text messages, sent by my friends from school. “Sakuya!” A voice called. I had only one earphone in my ear, so I heard the voice, I raised my head and looked around me curiously. Ichiro came running over to me out of air, I stood up slowly in shock; this had to be the doing of my mother.

    “H-hey what are you doing here, Ichiro?” I asked in discomfort once more. He made movements with his hands, “your mother–” He explained. His gaze suddenly focused on my neck, the necklace he had given me the day before was there. I wore it because it looked nice, but I didn’t feel like explaining. He smiled happily, “have a safe trip-” He wished and held out a hand to him. I stared up at him with a ambitious gaze in my eyes, I still loved him, I won’t deny it. Still, I rather not say, or he would force me to stay; I was selfish like that. I would do anything for my dreams to come true at no matter what cost. I shook his head and bowed to him, “please take care of my mother for me; if it isn’t too much trouble.” I said. Ichiro stared at me, and shrugged; “it won’t be too much trouble.” He mused.

    “Flight 0307 from Tokyo to Seoul passengers,
    please board at Gate 4 right now.”

    I released my grip on his head, “Sayonara, I’ll call and email.” I said holding up my cell. He nodded and waved, I ran towards the gates and turned back once more, staring at Ichiro. He waved at me again and tapped at his watch, I winked and went into the gates. That was the last time, I would see him for a short while. After finding my seat, and settling by the window, I stared outside as the plane lifted higher and higher into the air. The home I was used to, begun to grow distant and blurry, eventually out of sight. I fell asleep at some point, and dreamed of my father for the first time in my life.

    We landed at Seoul’s airport near evening, my watch read 5:30 Pm, I gave a tired yawn and followed everyone through another vent like tunnel. I had taken three years of Korean in Tokyo, I could get around with no trouble thankfully. Supposedly, the school said I wasn’t going to get picked up, I had to get to the school on my own. So, I grabbed a taxi outside the airport, after getting the rest of my luggage. When I finished telling the driver where I wanted to go, I sat down in my seat and stared out the window. Seoul didn’t seem much different from Tokyo; it was crowded with people of all sorts.

    We reached the gates of the school campus at 6:00 PM, I paid and got out, turning, I stared up at the towering gates of the Winners Dance School before me. All the students had to live on campus, and every six years, they only accepted five students. I was feeling so hyper, and wanted to scream at the top of my lungs. The gates swung up to me, I took the handle of my suitcase and pulled it along after me. This was a new chapter in my life, it would begin consisting of six years. What I didn’t know was what would be in store for me. My life would go on the most dramatic roller-coaster ride in my memory.
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  3. ^o^ thanks for your feedback and compliment! I am about to post the second chapter now. ^^

    Chapter Two

    “Pride and Prejudice glares:
    the difficulty of fitting in.”

    A woman came out of a side door as I walked through the gates, my hair stood up on the end, and suppressed the urge to scream. I jumped back in fright though, and then she spoke, “You are the girl from Tokyo?” The middle aged woman asked in a crackling voice. “H-Hai!” I managed to splutter out between my teeth. The woman stared at me, unimpressed and motioned me to follow, “come with me then, I’ll take you to the dorms. Classes are in session Monday to Friday from 8 am to 4 pm. The weekend is for you to relax.” The woman explained along the way. I followed her in silence, as I continued to admire the architecture of the campus. She suddenly turned to face me, and held out a rough hand, “Your letter of acceptance, please.” She said firmly.

    I nodded in silence, and reached into my forest green messenger bag, fumbling around for it. I finally felt it in my fingers, and pulled it out, handing it over to her politely. The woman however, took the letter roughly from my hands, nearly giving me a paper cut. “Seoul is different from Tokyo, I hope you are ready and can adapt quickly, or you’ll be left behind.” She warned and pushed a key into a keyhole, unlocking the last door on the left side of the hall. She pushed open the door with a creak and turned on the lights, “this is your room, the other girls are out to dinner, your dinner will come shortly. You are to remain in your room tonight. There is a full bathroom in every dorm room, someone will come for you girls tomorrow morning.” She informed.

    I stepped into the room, looking around feebly, staring in infinite awe and disbelief at the surroundings. There were glassless mirrors all around the walls, a queen sized bed, the blue ceiling, brown waxed wood floors, the four tall dressing drawers against a wall, a desk with a laptop upon it, a dressing table, and a door which supposedly led to the bathroom. There was even a row of ballet barres lined against the mirrors. Last but not least, there was a hi-fi stereo set and speakers near the barres. I thought I was in a fantasy, until the lady pinched me on the arm, I let out a yelp of pain. “Are you even listening?!” She demanded.

    “Yes madam!” I exclaimed. A maid came into the room and placed the tray of food, on the table and bowed. The woman waved her away, before turning to me, “I’ll let you eat in peace then. I am leaving your keys on the desk.” She informed and left without another word. I sat down and ate obediently what was given to me. After the door closed with a snap, I walked over to the bed and slumped onto it, and begun to cry. I felt so lonely, and looked down upon, this was the first time I left home and traveled to an entirely foreign place. I missed my mother, and Ichiro because of my selfishness, I came here and was starting to regret it hugely.

    I don’t know when, but I eventually fell asleep, when I opened my eyes; the clock on the wall read 8:30 AM, my eyes widened even more, and I left out a petrified scream at the top of my lungs. Running into the bathroom, I washed up and changed into leggings, a skirt and a white t-shirt. I had to find the directory book and the schedule, cursing at myself for not getting everything ready the night before. After, nearly turning the entire room upside down, I found the directory book and schedule. “Room 1001.” I muttered to myself and sprinted out of the room.

    “Annyeonghaseyo, welcome to the six year dance program at our school. I will be your instructor; my name is Kim Chang-Su.” The man greeted. He looked no more than 26 years old, black hair, gorgeous face, with sideburns and a beard. He had a muscular build, the four girls sitting before him, blushed and gave radiant smiles. “I’ll begin roll call now, Han Soon-Yi? Yun Chun-Ja? Song Dae? Min Yeun-Ja? Sakuya Suzuki?” Chang-Su called. There was no answer for that name, he looked among the girls, they all had on innocent expressions. Finally, Dae broke the awkward silence, “that girl-she is the transfer student from Tokyo. She probably got scared or lost.” She said loudly and laughed.

    Everyone stared at her in awkward silence, Dae stared at them and lowered her gaze, clearing her throat. Chang-Su placed the folder down, “everyone do your warm-ups, I don’t care if you do stretches, acrobatics, yoga, I just want to get an understanding of your specialties.” He explained and motioned for them to move out in front of the mirror. He stood to the side, observing the girls in silence, I pushed open the heavy doors to the auditorium and stared inside. “The class should be…in the backstage.” I mumbled to myself and walked down the ramp.

    Making my way onto the stage, and an opening which led to the supposedly backstage, I followed the stairs. I came into a bright room, with redbrick walls and benches, with mirrors on the walls again. My eyes skimmed over the four girls and a man below. I finally felt at home, making my way down the small set of stairs, I stood near the stairwell staring at them. “K-I mean-Annyeonghaseyo!” I said in a loud and clear voice, bowing several times. Chang-Su and the girls turned towards me, I stared at them awkwardly. Chang-Su clapped his hands, motioning for everyone to settle down on the benches again.

    The girls sat on the benches with annoyed and irritated expressions, the instructor stared at me. “You must be Sakuya Suzuki, annyeonghaseyo, please introduce yourself.” He said and moved aside. I smiled happily, “Annyeonghaseyo! I am Sakuya Suzuki, transfer student from Tokyo. Pleasure to be in the same class!” I said clearly. None of the girls answered back, all averting their gazes at me. Soon-Yi was 21, she had chestnut colored hair, and looked the most friendly. She gave me the most welcoming and warmest smile, I ever saw. “Alright–please settle down, I want to see your dancing styles before we begin anything. Who wants to go first?” Chang-Su asked.

    Soon-Yi was the bravest, she did a very good performance of tap dancing, I was captivated by her talent and clapped frantically. The others applauded as well, Soon-Yi sat back down next to me happily, “Sakuya-Ssi, your turn.” The instructor called. My body tensed up, and took a deep breath, pushing myself out of my seat and stood before the group. I had to relax, I told myself, being nervous would only hinder my performance. Closing my eyes, I imagined I was back home with my mother and Ichiro. Slowly, my eyes opened and I begun to dance, I grew up learning traditional Japanese dances as well as tap dancing. I somehow, managed to combine both fairly well, and it was the dance that won me the countless dancing competitions in Tokyo.

    The girls looked bored, Soon-Yi and Chang-Su seemed like the only ones interested in my dancing style. Chang-Su observed me closely,he seemed to be in deep thought, he stood up slowly captivated by the dance. Crossing his arms in front of him, his expression turned into bewilderment, observing me from head to toe. Dae and Chun-Ja stared at the growing attachment between us, Dae whispered something into Chun-Ja’s ear. Causing Chun-Ja to stared at us even further more. The day was over pretty quickly, Chang-Su smiled at us; “well done, tomorrow we’ll do some more intensive stuff. By the way, when class is not in session, feel free to use the dance studio to your extent. Dismissed.” He concluded.

    Everyone filed out, Soon-Yi turned to me, “want to have dinner together?” She asked friendly. I was surprised and so happy at once, and nodded eagerly; “sure, I would love to.” I answered. The cafeteria looked so elegant and huge, I believed I spent more time observing than eating. Soon-Yi was talking to me about how she learned tap dancing and we were sharing experiences. The other three girls stared over at us in disgust, Dae stood up from her spot, with a bow of soup in hand and walked towards us. She pretended to trip into me, spilling her soup all over me, Soon-Yi covered her mouth with a hand.

    “You should just die-you Tokyo girl. You aren’t welcomed here.” Dae taunted. My hands balled into fists, I promised to not resort to violence; however, I disliked people who were racially discriminating others for self pleasure. Chun-Ja and Yeun-Ja walked over to us, “you can’t compete against us. You are best to forfeit now, your so called dance style, really stinks. We don’t want you ruining the school name.” Yeun-Ja added. Chang-Su was standing outside the cafeteria doors listening in silence, I stood up slowly and turned to them. My expression had turned from soft to stone cold.

    “…You all have reached my bottom line, there won’t be a warning level this time.” I said and performed a low leg sweep, knocking all three of them onto their backs. Soon-Yi stood up, I raised a fist at them, when Chang-Su came into the cafeteria at once. “Stop.” He said in a calm voice. Everyone turned towards him in shocked silence. He stared at me, “Sakuya-Ssi is a black belt in kendo and martial arts. I would think twice before offending her.” He said. Dae and the others stared up at me with fear and fright. “Hand over, Sakuya Suzuki.” A new voice pipped up. I turned to see the woman, who was my guide when I came to the school. “You—are–!” I started. “I am the principal of the school, and you are going into detention.” She informed.

    I lowered my head in shame and walked over to her, I was shocked that she was the principal, but more shocked that the instructor was so clear on my background. “Cleanup here.” The principal ordered and closed the door. “Did I do the wrong thing?” I asked myself. The principal shoved me into a white walled room, and stood by the door. “You will be let out in the morning–seriously…fighting in the cafeteria. Do you still think you are a child?” She hissed and slammed the door shut. I sat on the ground in silence, cradling myself back and forth, suddenly, the door opened and Soon-Yi came in.

    “Soon-Yi-Ssi!” I exclaimed. She walked over to me, and held out a wrapped sandwich and a bottle of tea. “Is your leg okay? A dancer’s legs are very important, you shouldn’t use martial arts again.” She said examining my foot. “How did you get in here?” I asked in pure awe. Soon-Yi’s hand stopped for a moment, “Kim Seonsaong, told me to come check on you, don’t tell anyone.” She explained. I was in bewilderment that the instructor would actually go to such lengths to help me. “You aren’t afraid of me?” I asked after a moment. Soon-Yi took my hands, “you’ve come to this school because you wanted to bury that side of you right? Dancing will replace what you learned in the past.” She said happily.

    I felt tears in my eyes, and pulled her into a hug, “Yi-Ssi.” I mumbled. Soon-Yi patted my head and held me close in silence. Chang-Su stared in at them, and smiled to himself, turning and walking off. Dae and the others were sitting together in the lounge, “who would have thought, she was a black belt. We need to be more cautious around her.” Dae sighed. “If she tries to do that again, she’ll be expelled.” Yeun-Ja mused. Chun-Ja played with a strand of her blonde hair in boredom, nodding in agreement. Chang-Su stood outside the doors listening and shook his head in disappointment.

    He slid his hands into his pockets and walked down the pathway, his vision blurred for a moment, he raised a hand to his forehead, and winced in pain. Leaning against the tree he tried to withstand it and shook his head to loosen up. His cellphone rung, he pulled it out and answered it; “Hello, its me, I am coming home–I finally finished my degree. I’ll be landing in the airport in 15 minutes.” Came a male voice. Chang-Su smiled to himself, “welcome home, Jae-Hwa.” He welcomed and hung up. Things were about to become a lot more interesting.
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  4. I really enjoyed reading the second chapter!
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  5. Again thanks very much for your comments! ;D! Yes T.T -Go Sakuya!- hahaha xD. The next chapter will be up in about half an hour ish.

    Chapter Three

    “In times of despair, a hand reaches out,
    whether you take it
    or not, ultimately its your choice…”

    After another hard day of training, everyone wanted to go back to their rooms and take a nice shower. Soon-Yi wasn’t in class today, it seemed like she came down with a fever; when I went to visit her before class. I dumped the towel in my duffel bag and headed for the stairs. I could imagine a wonderful warm bath tub of water waiting for me in my room. I was about go up the steps, and turned back to see Chang-Su sitting on the bench, massaging his forehead with his hands. I hesitated for a moment and walked over to him, “Kim SeonSaong?” I called, walking over to him. His head snapped upward at once at the sound of the voice and stared over at me.

    He managed to offer a smile at me, “Ah–Sakuya-Ssi, why are you still here?” He asked standing up. I adjusted the strap of my duffel bag on my shoulder, and smiled back, “how about you, shouldn’t teachers be the first to leave?” I teased. He chuckled, and shook his head, “I wanted to sit for a moment, go back to your dorm and shower, don’t worry about anything.” He assured. I assumed he wanted to not shed any light on why he was still here, the real reason at least. So, therefore I gave a bow and turned to the stairs to leave. Suddenly, there was a loud thud sound; I turned back and saw Chang-Su unconscious on the ground.

    My duffel bag dropped to the ground, as I ran over to him. “Kim Seonsaong?!” I exclaimed in horror and didn’t know, whether I should touch him or not. I looked around the room frantically, pulling out my cell with a shaking hand, I pressed at it frantically, but it remained dark. It was then, that I remembered I forgot to charge it. Cursing at myself, I yelled at the top of my lungs; “help!!! Help!!! Anyone!” I yelled in panic. A man came down the stairs, and froze at the scene, before running over to me. “Hey, you! What is going?” The man demanded. I stared at him, his complexion and characteristics looked similar to Chang-Su.

    He felt for a pulse on Chang-Su, and turned to me with a quizzical eyebrow, he was obviously waiting for a reply. I snapped back into reality, “EH-Ah..Kim Seonsaong–just fainted. I didn’t do anything!” I said waving my hands frantically. He pushed me aside and heaved Chang-Su into his arms; and hurried out of the room. I sat on the ground in awe for a moment; that man looked so familiar to Chang-Su, who in the world was he? I snapped back into the present, and gave a yelp, chasing after the man at once, he went into the nurse’s office. I was about to follow them in, when the man shooed me back out with a hand and the doors banged shut.

    I sat on the bench, opposite of the doors and stared into space, hugging my knees in fright. After, what seemed like hours; the doors finally opened, my head raised up to the man who came out and walked over to me. Giving a polite bow to me, “Annyeonghaseyo. My name is Pak Jae-Hwa, Chang-Su is my older brother. Thank you for calling for help.” He said holding out a hand. I looked flustered slightly at how polite he was, and shook his hand lightly. The difference between the two siblings from my perspective, was that Jae-Hwa was more open and looked a bit chubbier. While Chang-Su seemed to be the one who worked out and more well-built. “Not a problem, how is Seongsaong?” I asked politely.

    Jae-Hwa gave a sheepish grin, “he’ll be fine, don’t worry, go back and get some rest.” He assured. I bowed and walked off, as I reached the end of hall; I turned back to stare at Jae-Hwa once more. He waved and vanished back into the office, the trouble however didn’t end there. When I got back to the dorms, Chun-Ja and Yeun-Ja were already waiting for me. I stopped in my steps, the tension and danger level in the room was terrible. I wanted to turn and run back out the doors, and scream for help, but my legs wouldn’t move. “We heard what happened. What did you do to Chang-Su Seonsaong?! You witch!” Chun-Ja accused.

    I backed away slightly, waving my hands frantically; “I didn’t do anything, please don’t go accusing people without evidence.” I stammered. A hand smacked me across my face, I stared over at my assaulter, Dae. I stared over at her, with glares of daggers and an unbelievable expression, my anger was brewing to a dangerous level. “Shut up, the entire campus is talking about you. You witch.” Dae spatted. I bit my lip hardly trying to endure it, and it begun to bleed; “I already–said—!” I started as another slap came down on the other side of my face, sending me falling to the ground. Tears begun stinging in my eyes, “this is considered payback for what you did to us, you witch. Without Soon-Yi and Chang-Su seonsaong, you are finished.” Chun-Ja mocked in enjoyment.

    I hated when others thought I had connections with the high ranked, and I hated being framed for false accusations. “You are to wash all the mirrors in our rooms, dance studio, and the bathrooms.” Dae ordered. I glared up at them, in disgust and hatred. Dae sneered at me, and grabbed me by my hair; “enjoy it with all your might.” She whispered in a teasing voice and shoved my head away. I had tears which I couldn’t shed down my face, words of grief that were unable to be released, and anger that couldn’t die. Of course, I was excluded from all the training classes, I was excluded from the meals. This type of treatment lasted nearly an entire week, one night I sat on the ground of the dance studio. Having fallen asleep, I had decided if i was asleep; I would forget I was ever hungry.

    Footsteps approached me, a hand reached down and shook me slightly, I let out a yell of horror and waved my hands frantically to protect myself. I opened my eyes and stared up at Jae-Hwa, he stared down at me in shock. “What’s wrong…are you alright?! Most of all, why are you here alone?” He asked in curiosity. I rubbed my head with a hand, and looked around the dim studio; “I–this is my job, I just fell asleep.” I mumbled and gathered my cleaning equipment around me. He squatted down next to him with curiosity and smirked playfully, “Really? Is that the truth? Why does it seem to me, like you haven’t eaten in days?” He accused.

    I raised a hand to my face, he pushed my face to face the mirrors. I couldn’t even recognize myself, I had bags under my eyes, dry lips, pale face, tangled hair, and a pair of dead tired eyes. “…………” I kept staring at myself in silence. Jae-Hwa pulled me onto my feet, and pulled me along by the hand, towards the stairs. “W-where are you taking me?” I asked in a dull tone. “Cafeteria.” He replied simply. He told me to sit at the table, and he was going to make me something to eat. I was dozing off, while waiting for him, a bowl of steaming noodles was placed before me. The scent traveled up my nostrils; my eyes fluttered open and stared down at the noodles. Jae-Hwa laughed and sat himself across from me, “Ha, it always works.” Jae-Hwa praised at himself. I stared over at him, “Ah, Sir! You didn’t have to…I mean the cafeteria people…” My voice trailed off.

    Jae-Hwa shook his head, unable to stop himself from laughing, “It’s nearly midnight, who would still be awake?” He asked holding out chopsticks to me. I blushed in embarrassment and took the chopsticks from him, “eat up, no talking.” He ordered. I obeyed and ate hastily away, Jae-Hwa laid his chin on his hand and watched me in sheer pleasure. I sipped the last drop of soup from the bowl and bowed to him, his cooking was superb in my opinion. “Feel better?” He asked. I nodded mutely, “come to think about it–I don’t know your name yet.” Jae-Hwa said.

    “Gomenasai! I am Sakuya Suzuki, transfer student from Tokyo, Pleasure to meet you.” I said in a frightened tone. Jae-Hwa was taken back, by how polite, I was and broke into more laughter. “Pleasure is all mine, Sakuya-Ssi.” He answered. There was silence between us for a moment, “Ah, how is Kim Seonsaong?” I asked remembering. Jae-Hwa’s face clouded, I felt a ping of fear; “never mind, forget that I asked.” I stammered back. Jae-Hwa shook a hand at me, “don’t worry, its fine. Chang-Su is resting, he’ll be back in two days.” Jae-Hwa assured. A smile washed over my face with relief, “that’s great.” I said softly.

    He nodded in silence, he seemed to be in deep thought, “wait here for a moment.” He said and vanished into the kitchen. I sat back in my seat, waiting, Jae-Hwa came out with a tray and placed it down between us. “Have some sweets, it cheers anyone up.” He encouraged and pushed a sundae made of strawberries with pocky sticking out from the cup. He took the blueberry one and settled down in his seat. I was in awe, “Pak SeonBae…you are so talented, you should totally become a chef.” I said happily. He stared at me and let out a sigh, “don’t be so formal. Just call me, Jae-Hwa.” He said.

    I turned even more red and dropped my gaze at once; “J-Jae-Hwa.” I muttered in embarrassment. He smiled at me, “I was pretty depressed too, but you calling my name, made me feel better.” He said. I turned deep red, “I-I have to go!” I squealed and sprinted from my seat. I slammed into someone by the door, and fell backwards onto the ground. I stared upward, and stared at Chun-Ja and Dae in fear, “we wondered where you were–so you were here. You little witch.” Dae screeched grabbing my hair. She yanked my head back and forth frantically, I felt as if my brains were going to fly out of my ears. Suddenly a voice pipped up, “Stop.” The voice said in a cold tone. My eyes opened and turned towards the voice, hoping to see Chang-Su. But, it was Jae-Hwa, who was stand near us.

    Chun-Ja turned to him, “Seongsaong?” She exclaimed. Dae released her grip at once, “I am Pak Jae-Hwa, the assistant director of the Principal. What you think you are doing? Do you want me to throw all of you into detention?” He threatened. Jaws dropped open among the four of us, Jae-Hwa pulled me onto my feet, and pushed me behind him. “You are not to give Sakuya-Ssi a hard time, do you understand?” He asked with authority in his voice. “Yes, please forgive us.” Dae and Chun-Ja stammered, bowing repeatedly. He turned away from them facing me, and gave a peace sign, before clearing his throat. “Go back to your dorms.” Jae-Hwa ordered. I watched as the girls obeyed silently and scurried out of the cafeteria.

    My gaze was lowered and in shame of how useless I was, he patted my shoulder with a hand. “Go get some rest. I will protect you, while my brother is away.” He said softly. I bowed deeply to him and left without looking back at him. Jae-Hwa’s words stayed with me, until I reached the dorms; I reached the second floor landing and stared at Soon-Yi, who was standing near my door. My eyes widened and tears overflowed my eyes, I ran over to her and buried myself in her arms. Soon-Yi patted my head lovingly, “there, there.” She soothed.

    Chang-Su came back in two days, he looked refreshed and dashing as ever. Life wasn’t easier though, the other three girls didn’t allow me to rest at ease. I had decided to not give up, no matter what. The first week was finally over, but it felt like six years already. It was a bright Saturday morning, I yawned loudly in bed and got up. I had written two letters, one to home and the other to Ichiro. The other girls were at the mall, and Soon-Yi was dragged along with them, against her well. My cell vibrated, I turned it on,

    “Sakuya, are you awake?
    I bought a gift for you, I am sure you’ll love it! ~Soon-Yi”

    I smiled and typed a message back to her, Soon-Yi was the perfect friend. She was always thinking about me, whether she went. I felt I was blessed to have met such a friend in Korea. I planned to go to the studio, and do some practicing alone; to make up for the training sessions I missed. I walked down the corridors, and stopped in front of a practice room in the studio. “This looks good enough-” I said and pushed open the glass door. Dropping the duffel bag to the ground, I did my warm-ups, taking a deep breath, I begun doing ballet spins and combining tap dancing.

    Chang-Su came down the corridor with folders in his hands, he stopped and stared into the practice room. I spun around once more and fell to the ground with a thud, I was wearing sneakers, leggings a khaki skirt and sweatshirt. I massaged my ankle and let out a disappointed sigh, “how useless may I be?” I grumbled. Chang-Su smiled at me and pushed open the door, and walked over to me. He offered a wide smile, holding out his hand to me, I stared up at him in surprise. He was wearing a white shirt and khaki pants, but still looked dazzling. I hesitated, but reached out and too his hand, he laughed and pulled me up onto my feet.

    “I have some time, I’ll teach you.” He said. I turned flustered and nodded, “thank you, Kim Seongsaong!” I said shyly. He taught me how to do leg exercise, and hopping movements. I couldn’t help, but laugh as he held my hands and hopped with me, he counted how many spins I did before reaching him. “When you’re finished dancing, you want to look to the side like this–” He said turning my chin towards him. I felt my heart pound against my chest, and stared at our reflection in the mirror. “Now spin to me elegantly as you can.” He said. Nodding to him and myself, I took a deep breath and spun towards him steadily. My last spin nearly caused me to ram into him, but he caught me by the shoulders just in time.

    We were less than twelve inches from each other, I stared into his eyes with shock, he stared back into mine. I saw in his eyes, longing, tiredness, sorrow and love. Time seemed to stop for us, I don’t know how long I held my breath for. Until finally, Chang-Su released his grip on my shoulders, “Sorry–about that.” He apologized. I shook my head frantically, unable to look at him in the eyes at all, “No–I am sorry-I-” I stopped myself, and stole a glance over at him. He was staring back at me, there was silence between us both, “I am going to go…thank you, Seonsaong!” I stammered and grabbed my bag leaving.

    I sat in my room, my head resting on my pillows in silence, my thoughts contained of only Chang-Su now, his eyes were the most captivating ever. A knock came at my door, I turned my head in the direction of the door, “who’s there?” I called. “Soon-Yi!” The familiar voice called. I crawled out of bed, and opened the door for her; she held out a bag to me. “I hope you like it!” She said cheerfully. I took the bag and pulled out a beautiful photo album, “you can keep all your memories in here for these six years!” Soon-Yi explained. I was at a total loss for words, Soon-Yi pulled out her cellphone and turned it on. She wrapped an arm around my neck and pulled me close to her. “Smile!!!!” She ordered. I blushed and my best smile that I could, Soon-Yi stared at the picture and laughed in joy.

    “This will be the first picture in your photo album.” She announced. I nodded in silence, and sat down at the table, Soon-Yi sat down next to me. “What’s wrong, Sakuya-Ssi?” She asked stroking my cheek. I stared over at her, “have you ever experienced love at first sight? How is it like?” I asked. I knew what I experienced with Ichiro was not love, I was just being loved by a man, who I treated like an older brother. Soon-Yi looked hesitant for a moment, “yes–but he died in a car accident, two years ago.” She answered. I covered my mouth with my hand in disbelief and shock.

    “I’m so sorry, Soon-Yi-” I started. She shook her head, “he loved racing cars, I told him to not go, but he didn’t listen. I loved him more than my own life, but he loved cars more than his own life. I rather he never asked me to be his girlfriend, allowing me to love him at a distance, could have been enough.” Soon-Yi said softly. I closed my eyes and rested my head on her shoulder, she wiped her eyes with a hand and laid her head on top of mine.
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  6. Great chapter! Wow.Those girls are so mean,but they got put in their place.
    I like Soon-Yi she has been a really good friend. As always nice job and can't wait to read more! =)
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  7. Chapter Four

    “Some things are best left undone,
    and unsaid. Then there won’t be sorrow,
    but how can we stop fate?”

    “You have a rare headache, it is best if you quit all your work, and accept treatment at once. The saying goes, its best to cure a sickness, when we are still at an early stage, and then work twice as hard, when we recover.” The doctor suggested. Chang-Su sat back in his seat, in shock and kind of knew this was going to happen, he stared at the doctor. “Is there any medication, that I can take to suppress the headache?” He asked. Doctor Han Hae-Jin sat back in his chair, and rested his hands on his lap. “I can’t force you to do anything without your consent. I respect your decision; however, I advise you to do a few more tests today.” The doctor advised.

    Chang-Su nodded in agreement to more tests, he wanted to see her for a little longer; that was all he wanted. I wandered the dance studio, on the fresh Sunday morning, it was strangely eerie quiet. I was expecting Chang-Su to be here, “Where can he be?” I mumbled, tapping at my chin. When a hand slapped down onto my shoulder, my entire body jumped and I turned to see who it was. Jae-Hwa clapped loudly in laughter, shaking a finger at me, “scared you didn’t I?!” He teased. I elbowed him roughly and turned away, “who were you looking for?” He asked teasingly. I crossed my arms in front of my chest and held my head high, “Not for you.” I said coldly.

    He pretended to be hurt, and gave his best puppy faced expression, “ouch, you hurt me so!” He said in a deep voice. I stepped on his foot lightly, “why are you here, stop fooling around already.” I scolded. He cleared his throat and gave a slight bow, “I have a message for you, there is a guy outside this room, asking to see you.” Jae-Hwa said in a serious tone of voice. Surprised at the message, I peeked around him, towards the stairs, “who is it?” I asked in curiosity. Jae-Hwa moved, blocking my line of vision, and turned towards the stairs, “Come down here, Ichiro-Ssi.” He called with joy in his voice.

    My entire body froze at the name, I turned to see Ichiro, walk down the stairs slowly and stopped by us. He offered a friendly grin at me, “Sakuya-Chan.” He greeted happily. Tears overflowed my eyes, letting out a sob, I ran forward and jumped into his arms. Ichiro’s arms, scent, warmth filled me with strength and allowed me to forget all the pain I went through. Jae-Hwa watched in silence, Chang-Su came down the stairs and froze at the scene before him. I pulled away from Ichiro and stared up at him, wiping my face with my hands. Sniffling, I cleared my throat and grinned, “why are you here, did something happen back home?” I asked in a weak voice.

    He shook his head, “I assure you, everything in Tokyo is fine. Your mother is healthier than ever, and your family is treating her fair. How about yourself, fitting in well?” He asked looking around the studio. I was relieved that everything home was fine; however, when he asked how I was. I couldn’t help but felt tears stinging in my eyes all over again, he stared at me in silence, “what’s wrong Sakuya?” He asked. I opened my mouth to answer, but words couldn’t be spat out, perhaps I didn’t even know where to start. Chang-Su walked over to me, and smiled turning to Ichiro, “Annyeonghaseyo, I am Kim Chang-Su, the instructor for the dance class. Pleasure to meet you.” He greeted, holding out a hand to Ichiro.

    Ichiro was taken off guard, and by surprise, he stared from him to me, and then smiled. “Pleasure is all mine, I’m Sakuya’s…” Ichiro’s voice trailed off. He seemed to not know, what to call himself, I walked over to him and slid my hand into his. “He is my boyfriend.” I answered for him. Jae-Hwa and Chang-Su stared at us with dumbfounded expressions, I had no idea why I did what I did, or said what I said. Jae-Hwa was the first to laugh, “ah, so you are going to finish the six years, and then go back to Tokyo and get married?” He asked in amusement. I lowered my gaze and nodded, “Yes, that’s exactly, what I plan to do.” I answered. Ichiro and Chang-Su stared down at me in disbelief and bewilderment. Perhaps, I said what did back then, to give the other girls a chance. Soon-Yi’s story had caused me to realized how selfish I was. Ichiro, who has always been near my side, how could I push him away?

    Suddenly, Ichiro pushed my hand away softly, I was in shock, “actually, I already received a wedding arrangement from my father. I came to Seoul, to you again and then go back and started a new life.” He informed in a mellow tone. I felt as if a burden had been lifted off my chest, I was floating as light as a feather. But at the same time, I didn’t want Ichiro to stop caring for me; however, I felt happy he had decided to move on. Chang-Su observed Sakuya’s every movement, Ichiro grabbed me by the shoulders, “Sakuya–I…” He started. I automatically clasped a hand over his mouth, “I understand, you don’t have to explain. Please tell my mother not to worry about me, my best wishes to you.” I managed to say.

    He grinned at me, patting my head with his big hand, “when are you going back?” I asked softly. His eyes lingered on me, “…tonight, my father won’t allow me to stay long.” Ichiro said chuckling. “He’s afraid I’ll kidnap you?” I asked jokingly. He broke into laughter and shook his head, I raised a hand to my neck and took off the necklace. Staring at it one last time, I held it out to him, he pushed it back towards me. Our eyes met, “keep it, let it protect you.” He said smiling. Jae-Hwa cleared his throat, Ichiro backed away, understanding the visiting time was over. He turned to Chang-Su and Jae-Hwa, “please take of her, the both of you. She is in your hands.” He said and bowed deeply.

    Chang-Su and Jae-Hwa stared at each other in silence, as if agreeing between themselves. “We promise you, Ichiro-Ssi.” They said in unison. Ichiro waved and turned walking towards the stairs, I wanted to run after him. I wanted to leave with him, it was then, when he turned back to me, one last time. “Sakuya! Remember your dream, don’t come back, until it comes true!” He called. My eyes widened at the words, a smile broke across my face, “I will!” I called back, waving. He waved and vanished around the corner, I lowered my hand and turned to Chang-Su and Jae-Hwa. “Excuse me.” I mumbled, giving a bow and ran off.

    Chang-Su stared after her in silence, I sat on a bench in the courtyard, with the necklace clutched in my first. I kept remembering those years we spent together and all the memories we made together. “Oh dear god! Are you serious?” Dae exclaimed. “Of course-I heard it from assistant director Pak’s secretary, who heard from the dance studio janitor.” Chun-Ja chimed. Soon-Yi and Yeun-Ja stared at each other in silence, “she’s such a player! Just watch, how I’ll bully her now.” Dae said in amusement. It was turning dark already, the end of the summer was fast approaching, without anyone noticing. There was a cold autumn chill in the air, Jae-Hwa and Chang-Su were walking next to each other, down the pathway. Jae-Hwa decided to break the silence between them, “what do you plan to do, Chang-Su-hyeong?” Jae-Hwa asked in boredom.

    Chang-Su stopped walking and turned to him, “..I pass on the chance, go ahead if you wish.” He said, looking away. Jae-Hwa stole a peek at Chang-Su, “I am not blind you know, she isn’t my type. Since you refuse to make a move, I will for the sheer enjoyment.” Jae-Hwa said playfully. I felt a chill run up my spine, I decided to go back to the dorms and walked off. Dae leaped off the ladder and gave a thumbs up, “the bucket of mud is ready, the rope on the floor is unnoticeable. Even if she is a black belt, how can she avoid all of this?” She said praising herself. Chun-Ja applauded at Dae happily, Soon-Yi stood up, “Um..I don’t think this is a good idea…” She muttered.

    “Silence, if you try to warn her, you are our enemy too!” Dae threatened, leaning over to Soon-Yi. “She’s coming!” Chun-Ja called from the window. Dae burst into more laughter, “everyone hide!” She ordered. Yeun-Ja pushed Soon-Yi behind a drawer forcefully, I pushed open the doors, as the door bucket cam tipping over and the mud poured down on me. “What is the world?!” I yelled, skidding on the mud and tripped over the rope. I crashed to the ground, the necklace went flying from my hand, Dae and Chun-Ja jumped out from their hiding place and laughed. I was soaked, aching and in no mood for any of this, Dae picked up the necklace, examining it. “What’s this a gift from your ex? You shameless girl…playing around with three men at once?!” She spat. “Give that back to me…” I croaked in a hoarse voice.

    Soon-Yi pushed Yeun-Ja away and ran out over to me, “Sakuya!” She exclaimed trying to help me up. I pushed her away, glaring at her through strands of hair, “I don’t need your help.” I said coldly. I begun to crawl towards Dae, “give it back to me right now.” I hissed. “Hm? Why are the dorm doors open?” Chang-Su asked. “Don’t get upset over this, or do you think, you can hold onto him like this? You are really shameless, eh? Oh look, my hand slipped!” Dae scoffed and threw the necklace out the window. “Noooooo!” I screamed. Chang-Su and Jae-Hwa came running in and stared at the scene, “what is going on?!” Jae-Hwa demanded. I managed to get onto my feet, and pushed past them, running out into the dark courtyard.

    It was dark and the lamp posts weren’t much help, but I had to find it no matter what. Jae-Hwa elbowed Chang-Su out the doors, “I’ll handle things here.” He mouthed. Chang-Su walked into the courtyard awkwardly, I was on my knees fumbling through the patch of grass. “Where is it?!” I mumbled to myself frantically as tear begun to fall. Chang-Su walked past me and knelt down in the grass, aiding in the search; I stared at him in silence, but didn’t say anything. Jae-Hwa was staring at the girls with a disgusted expression, “you all know the policies, the rules, and regulations. You five were chosen out of thousands of candidates to attend this school. So, stop acting like children, on the campus. You are one family, adapt to each other and learn to cooperate, become friends, have team spirit. You’ll have plenty of time to play after you graduated.” He lectured.

    Dae stared at Jae-Hwa with a seductive gaze, however Jae-Hwa ignored her. “Do you all understand?” Jae-Hwa asked. Heads bobbed up and down in silence, “good.” Jae-Hwa acknowledged. Chang-Su found something shiny, and picked it up slowly, he stared over at me and smiled to himself. I stood up, wiping my tears and mud from my face, “I am sorry, I lost it Ichiro…” I sobbed. He walked over to me slowly, “don’t cry…give your hand.” He said softly. I held out my hand to him, he placed something into my hand, I stared down at the necklace, and burst into more tears. “T-thank you.” I mumbled. Chang-Su stared at me with a pair of saddened eyes and pulled me into his arms, patting my head softly.
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  8. Very nice chapter.Keep up the great work! :)
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  9. D: sorry for the hold up, been having some real life problems and working on more chapters of course xD. Chapter five and six will be up later today. As well as a new poll ^o^

    Chapter Five

    “Keeping a distance, even if it hurts
    both sides. Curiosity and determination presses us forth.”

    I rolled back and forth in bed, unable to enter slumber, my thoughts were being consumed of Chang-Su. When he is by my side, I feel comforted and protected from the cruelties of the world. He is my closest friend here now, I knew Soon-Yi had no part of what happened that night, but I was blinded by anger. I didn’t want to go to class today, so I stayed locked in my room, “Ichiro–” I mumbled. He was the other matter that was on my mind, when he pushed my hand away, I felt chills run up my spine. I squeezed my eyes shut tightly, I forgot when I fell asleep, but I woke to the sound of knocking on my door. Stumbling out of bed, I opened the door, and the girls came filing into my room in silence. Surprised and struck with confusion, I only managed to utter, “EH-What is going on?” I uttered out of breath. Chun-Ja fell onto my bed and bounced on it a few times, “Come to the cafeteria with us.” She finally said.

    Before I could even answer, I was being pushed out of the room and towards the cafeteria by the girls. Upon entering the cafeteria, party banners and confetti fell from above, my jaw dropped open in awe. “We never actually had a welcome party for you, so here it is!” Yeun-Ja explained happily. Chang-Su and Jae-Hwa came out of the kitchen with trays of drinks and food, “Welcome, Sakuya-Ssi!” Jae-Hwa greeted. I smiled at him happily, and shifted my gaze onto Chang-Su. His expression seemed to be troubled, walking over to Soon-Yi and begun engaging into conversation with her. My insides began twisting around, what was wrong with me? Wasn’t this what I wished for? Everyone was chattering and eating, a hand tapped me on the shoulder lightly.

    I turned to Jae-Hwa, he motioned me to follow him without a word. Frowning in confusion, my instincts decided to follow him, we walked out to the tiny garden in the back of the cafeteria and sat down on an elegant looking bench. I turned to stare at him, cradling myself back and forth in my seat, “do you have something to say?” I asked. He gave a smirk, “you are like a psychic at times, it’s scary.” He teased. I sneered at him and elbowed him playfully, “Mm-I wanted to tell you to not waste time on Chang-Su. He already has a fiance and he cares for everyone. Basically, giving the wrong idea to many.” Jae-Hwa explained. It hurt when I heard that, but at the same time, I didn’t dare think about Chang-Su in that way. He was like an older brother to me, that was all. “Don’t worry, I only treat him as an older brother.” I managed to say in a calm toned voice. Jae-Hwa eyed me in suspicion, “are you sure?” He asked.

    I nodded firmly, Jae-Hwa raised a hand and patted my head softly, Chang-Su stared out at them from behind a tree and smiled in relief. “Then, promise me to go to class tomorrow alright?” He asked after a moment of silence. I stared at the ground and gave a single bob of my head in agreement. “Cheers.” He said holding up his can of beer, I held up my paper cup and drank. A man like Kim Chang-Su, would of course be taken quickly, I wasn’t the least bit surprised. The next day, I was up at 7 AM, and already set to go. Soon-Yi smiled at me, when I came out of my room, there was an awkwardness between us. “I am sorry about…” I started. She shook her head, “don’t worry about it.” She said happily. “Joh-Eun Achim!” Voices called. We turned to see the other girls come down the stairs, “Joh-Eun Achim!” I answered cheerfully. Chun-Ja and Yeun-Ja walked over to us and patted me on the head softly, Dae wrapped up the end.

    “Dae-Ssi, why do you look so upset?” I asked. “Her father is coming with her sister to visit. I heard the principal might allow her sister to enroll as well.” Chun-Ja explained. My mouth fell open in shock, “Is Dae-Ssi’s family a founder of the school?” I asked. “Indeed, her father sponsors and contributes a mass amount every year.” Yeun-Ja answered. Dae let out a shrilly cry of annoyance, “Enough!!!! I’m already trembling, so please don’t discuss this anymore.” She cried. Soon-Yi tried to not laugh, “alright–let’s get to class then.” She ushered. We all stood in front of Chang-Su, he stood at us and nodded. “As you may all have heard, our school competes with other schools, and puts on performances as well. The annual Autumn Ball is coming up, we’ll be working on ballroom dances. Please do bear in mind, when the ball comes, you’ll need a partner. I will be available only through a drawing game. That is all I have to announce for today, we’ll be covering the fox trot today.” He concluded.

    Moving into formation, we followed Chang-Su’s hand signals and practiced the three step and feather step, as well as the natural turn and reverse turn. Some of us couldn’t help but laugh, at how silly we looked in the mirror. Chang-Su clapped his hands, “well done all of you, remember practice makes perfect. Dismissed for today.” He called. We all cheered in joy and headed for the stairs, Soon-Yi turned to me happily. “Let’s go shower, Sakuya.” She urged. I stopped and stared over at Chang-Su, “you guys go on ahead, I’ll come soon.” I assured. She was surprised but gave a brief nod, before following the other girls. I walked over to Chang-Su slowly, he turned to me, “do you need something?” He asked. Taking a deep breath, I opened my mouth, “Congratulations on your engagement with your fiance.” I said. He turned away, “thank you.” He mumbled.

    “Jaljayo!” I called and turned walking off without a back glance at him. Chang-Su stared after her in the mirror reflection with an apologetic expression. “Ah! My father is coming tomorrow, what am I going to do?!” Dae yelled, as I closed the doors of the dorms. I was surprised at her outburst and walked over to where the girls were sitting. “Dae is still having a fit.” Soon-Yi explained. I sat down next to Dae, “don’t worry, I am sure your father will be so proud of you.” I comforted. Dae continued to pout and whine, moving around her seat restlessly. “By the way, how old is Hei-Ssi?” Chun-Ja pipped up. “Eighteen!” Dae exclaimed. Awkward silence fell over us, “and you?” Yeun-Ja asked. “Seventeen!” Dae spat. “ooh.” We said in unison. Dae stared at us in disbelief, “Not “oh!” Help me, what if she replaces me in the group?!” Dae said in desperation. Soon-Yi clasped a hand on her face, “now you are just over exaggerating.” She said calmly.

    Dae ruffled her hair with a hand in frustration, “anyone have a smoke?” She finally asked. “Wine, beer, and smoke are off limits tonight, now get to bed.” Yeun-Ja scowled. “Oh please!? Just one will be fine!” She pleaded. We pushed her up the stairs in silence, Dae felt squirming and whining, “None!” We yelled together. After finally getting Dae back to her room, we each returned separately to our own rooms tiredly and fell asleep. I let out a mighty yawn and stretched in my bed, turning to stare at the clock. I pulled myself upright, “six am on the dot.” I cheered and washed up, changing clothes and headed downstairs in light spirits. Someone was already sitting in the lounge, I walked over to the figure. It was Dae, dressed in an ironed pink shirt, and a long black skirt. A cup of tea was sitting before her on the coffee table, “Dae? Dae-Ssi? Why are you up so early?” I asked. She didn’t turn to me, “sit down.“ Was all she side. I obeyed and settled down next to her, I had never seen Dae so lifeless before. ”My sister hates me, for ruining her family, her trip here may be to destroy me.” She said.

    I wrapped an arm around her shoulder, “this has nothing to do with either of you, it’s the generation before you, who started the mess. Which brought upon this fate and destiny. Never blame yourselves for this, do you understand? Your father is probably trying to atone for his crimes.” I comforted. Dae stared at me in awe, she finally broke into a laugh, “I am sorry of the way, I treated you.” She said with a bow of her head. I grinned at her relieved, “silly-I’ve forgotten all about that, what matters is now.” I whispered. The truth was, I had really let what happened go. My mother once said, “forget the bad memories, remember the sweet.” Dae rested her head on my shoulder, I stroked her hair softly with a hand. The other girls came downstairs and stared over at us, Soon-Yi ran over to us and gave us a hug from behind. The other two laughed and came on either side, and hugged our legs. We were a strongly connected family, nothing could tear us apart.

    “Wake up-Hei. We are almost at the school.” Song Gyong-Si called. He was a man in his fifties, with a face that aged no more than 30. A girl yawned, stretching as the novel covering her face, slid to the ground. She looked older than her age, with black square rimmed glasses, silky black hair, reaching halfway down her back. She had a long face and dimples, she wore a butterfly sleeved yellow dress and white heels. “The fun begins, little DaeDae.” She sneered under her breath. The black SUV pulled up to the gates of the school, the principal, assistant director, teacher and the five of us stood in front of the gates waiting. The driver came out and slid the doors of the SUV open, holding out a hand to someone inside. A pearl colored and slender hand took it and made her way out of the car, Hei raised her head to the group before her. Gyong-Si came out after her and straightened his suit in silence.

    “Annyeonghaseyo, welcome to our school!” We call chanted in unison. Gyong-Si nodded happily, “DaeDae, come.” He called waving a hand to her. Dae raised her head frightened, we all gave her thumbs up, she smiled and made her way over to her father elegantly. Giving a slight bow, “welcome, dearest Abba and Hei-Eonni.” She addressed, He lifted her face with level to his, “come my child, walk with your sister and I.” He mused. The rest of us parted way for the Principal and assistance director as they led the guests in. Everyone was gathered in the dance studio, “so much has changed and improved since my last visit. Chang-Su, you’ve done so well in maintaining the school’s fame over these four years.” Gyong-Si acknowledged. Chang-Su gave a brief bow, “thank you for your praise sir.” He replied. Hei cleared her throat politely, Gyong-Si and Chang-Su stared at her. “Oh yes! Principal Song, you know why we came here. My eldest daughter Hei, wishes to join the school as a student.” Gyong-Si announced.

    We all exchanged glances in awkward silence, “you are clear on the fact, that we can’t accept more than five students every 6 years.” Jae-Hwa started in a cool tone. Dae gave him a dumbfounded look at his bravery, “Who is this boy?” Gyong-Si demanded. Chang-Su stood up from his seat at once, “he is my younger brother, and assistant director.” He informed. Gyong-Si glared at Jae-Hwa, Hei stared at him with mild interest. She stood up at once and walked over to Jae-Hwa, “Younger brother of Kim seongseong, you have a lot of courage to disobey. You said you don’t accept more than five students. I heard there is a girl from Tokyo this year. Which one is it?!” She demanded walking over to where we sat. Dae dropped her gaze at once, I stood up slowly from my seat, despite all the tugging and pulling from the other girls. I walked over to her, “Annyeonghaseyo, I am Sakuya Suzuki, student from Tokyo.” I greeted.

    She observed me from head to toe, a sneer came across her face, “so you are the one, go to hell.” She spat raising a hand to me. My first instinct was to break her hand right then and there, but then I saw Dae by her father. I told myself to withstand whatever that may come my way, I was expecting a hand on my face, and then it came. SMACK!!!! It echoed throughout the room, I fell to the ground by the force of the slap. Blood trickled onto the ground, my lip was bleeding. Hei stared down at me in amusement, “stand up!” Hei threatened, grabbing for me. I squeezed my eyes shut, waiting, as a hand stopped her suddenly. I stared up at Jae-Hwa in pure awe and shock, Hei looked as equally dumbfounded as anyone. “That’s enough–the first rule is not to resort to violence, you are nothing here. If you want to join our school, you’ll have to prove your worth. Don’t shove at others, to reach your own goals.” He said in an icy tone.

    Releasing his grip, he turned to me, “let’s go, Sakuya.” He said softly and helped me up, pulling me out the door. We were running, running across the campus for we forgot how long. “Jae-Hwa! I can’t run anymore!” I gasped out of breath. He stopped, “you idiot…you–why didn’t you fight back. You didn’t do anything wrong!” He yelled, standing less than an inch from me. I backed away, “I did it to protect the girls, it’s none of your concern anyway.” I mumbled looking away. Jae-Hwa stared at her and pulled out a cloth from his pocket, “your lip is swelling, sit down.” He said pushing me down to the bench. Jae-Hwa disappeared into the building door and came out after a moment. “Lift your head upwards.” He ordered. I obeyed, as he dabbed medicine onto my swollen lip. “Ouch!!!” I cried. He didn’t answer until he was finished, “there, you’re all set.” He informed.

    I reached up to touch my lip, he grabbed my wrist, “no touching.” He warned. I stared at him in silence, he stared back at me as well, and cleared his throat moving away. We stared off in opposite directions without saying a single thing. “What is this, a zoo? I contribute to your school for this?” Gyong-Si demanded. Principal Song walked over to him, “forgive my staff and students. How about this, we’ll hold a competition between Hei-Ssi and Sakuya-Ssi?” She suggested. “Winner stays and loser leaves?” He asked. Chang-Su’s gaze raised to them, the girls stared at each other in uneasiness. “If Hei-Ssi loses, we’ll take her in as a staff member.” The principal gulped. Gyong-Si turned to Hei, “what do you say?” He asked. She gave a shrug, “I don’t believe that I could lose to that Japanese girl.” She scoffed.

    Dae stared over at Hei in silence, “then the competition takes place tomorrow, Jagbyeol!” Gyong-Si snarled and walked off. Hei stopped by Dae, “are you coming with us or staying here?” She asked lazily. Dae stared up at her, “this is my home.” She said in a cold voice. Hei sneered at her, and pushed past her roughly. “We need to find Sakuya and tell her!” Soon-Yi hissed. I finally found the courage to turn to Jae-Hwa, “we are good friends right?” I asked. He turned to her, “of course, we’ll always be good friends, always.” He said holding out a hand to her. I stared at him and smiled, taking his his hand and clutching it tightly. He stared at her in silence, he wanted to protect her, he wanted her to not be bullied again. Perhaps, it was because he was bullied in similar ways, years ago. “Sakuya-Ssi?! Pak seongsaong?!” Voices called. Jae-Hwa’s hand was lingering near my cheek, when the girls came into sight, his hand dropped back down to his lap quickly.

    I turned to the voices and stood up slowly in bewilderment, “what’s going on?” I asked worriedly. “You have to compete with Hei-Ssi tomorrow, winner stays and loser leaves. If Hei-Ssi loses, she’ll stay as a staff of the school.” Soon-Yi explained. I stood up slowly, “I don’t want to compete.” I said calmly. “You must.” Dae pressured. Everyone turned to her, Dae walked over to me and took my hands in hers. “I don’t want you to leave, you can do this. Show us the spirit of fighting, you had in your martial arts competitions. You don’t have to worry about anything, you are not facing my sister, you are facing your next opponent.” She encouraged. “Dae—” I started. Chun-Ja turned to Jae-Hwa, “oh yeah, the principal wants to see you, assistant director.” She informed. Jae-Hwa cleared his throat, “I better get going then.” He said and hurried off. I stared after him, “look at the time, if we don’t hurry, we’ll miss dinner.” Yeun-Ja announced.

    “Do you care about anything else, than eating?” Chun-Ja mocked. Yeun-Ja shot a glare over at her and walked over to Soon-Yi, Dae pulled me after them. “Ah…I’ll go later, I want to practice a bit.” I said. Chun-Ja walked over to me and held out a jacket, my eyes shifted from the jacket and up to her. “It gets chilly at night.” She said simply. I grinned and took it from her, bowing deeply, “thank you.” I said. Soon-Yi gave a thumbs up at me, and followed after the others happily. I waved after them, a hand grabbed my wrist and pulled me off, before I could even yell out or resist. I stared at Chang-Su’s back, “-Eh…Kim seongsaong?!” I exclaimed in shock. He was silent and led me to the dance studio, turning on all the lights. “We start training now, follow me closely.” He said in a serious tone. I was in awe for a second, he started dancing slowly, and picked up pace, I tried to follow the best I could. He turned to me and straightened my arms or bended my legs.

    After an hour, we took a break, he handed me a cup of instant noodles and chopsticks. I took it from him in silence, “sorry there is no other food here, you don’t mind do you?” He asked. I shook my head slowly, “I can survive on this, don’t you have to go home and visit your fiance?” I asked. He stopped eating, “she–she is away on a business trip.” He answered. I nodded in understanding, he grinned at me, “what is your favorite flavor of instant noodle cups?” He asked, changing the subject. I stared down at my noodles, “chicken.” I answered. “Me too.” He answered. I grinned to myself, “do you think, you can win tomorrow?” He asked. My hesitance to answer lingered between us, “No…to be honest.” I chuckled. He smiled calmly, “as long as you take it easy, don’t stress out, you’ll be fine. Ignore the face that its a contest, dance to tell a story and express your feelings through your dance, that is what I always told my students.” Chang-Su said.

    I felt refreshed and charged up with inspiration and courage with his words, turning to him, he, who was staring at me, averted his eyes at once. He finished the soup of the noodles and let out a sigh, “also–if you have someone, you are dancing for, regardless if its a lover or your family. It gives a boost of confidence, strength and courage. Because you are fighting, for those you hold dear in your heart.” He finished. I flustered when he mentioned thinking about someone, my eyes darted to him. He was paying attention, as he held up a cup of ice cream to me. I stared down at his bag, “what kind of bag do you have?!” I exclaimed. He pushed it out of sight, “none of your business!” He scolded. I giggled, trying to snatch his bag, he pushed me away playfully. That was the first time, we shared such a precious moment together, which I would never forget.
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  10. Chapter Six

    "With one person at mind,
    in spirit, and heart.
    We will rest assured."

    "All you have to remember is that, your friends are here, right behind you." Chang-Su assured. I felt so much better after talking to him, he and Jae-Hwa are so different. After I bid him goodnight, I made my way back to the dorms. Chang-Su was cold, caring, warm, serious and mature. Whereas Jae-Hwa was teasing, loved to joke, loved bullying, protective and immature. If I had to choose one, it would have been impossible. I don't want to hog them both; however, they both had done so much for me. I wanted to be near them always. The next day, the stage was cleaned, the principal, and assistant director were sitting in the chairs. Chang-Su motioned to the janitors, about what do. Gyong-Si and Hei walked down the ramp and nodded to the principal. Jae-Hwa turned away from Hei, she walked over to him and tapped his shoulder. He kept ignoring her, she sat down in front of him and gave a brilliant smile, "how do you like my outfit?" She asked. Jae-Hwa stared at her, she was wearing a tank top, leggings with sneakers. "Like a homeless person, begging for popularity." He answered in a muffled voice from behind his hand.

    "What did you say?!" Hei scolded, raising a hand at him. Chang-Su tapped the microphone on the stage, "attention please. I won't judge the dances to be fair, I have asked an old friend. Professor Chang of University of Seoul, department head of the Arts department." He introduced. An old man came out from behind the curtain, bowing to the audience, and sat down on the left side of the stage. The doors opened, as Soon-Yi ushered me into the room, I was shaking. Hei stared over at Sakuya, rolling her eyes, "she's the one who lives here and she is the one who is late." She scoffed. Jae-Hwa glared at Hei, she moved over one seat in discomfort. "Let us begin then!" Chang-Su called. "Song Hei-Ssi, please start us off with your famous tap dancing." Principal Song announced, clapping and moved off the stage.

    Hei sneered at Jae-Hwa, and made her way up to the stage, Soon-Yi pushed me to sit with Chang-Su and sat down on the other side of me. I was beginning to tense up, Chang-Su looked away in silence. The lights were dimmed and focused on the stage, a hand rested on top of mine in the darkened room. This hand wasn't Soon-Yi's, it was Chang-Su's, I wanted to push it away, but I didn't. Perhaps, it was because I liked his hand on top of mine, I felt safer and more courageous. Hei danced fluently across the dance floor and came to a top, smiling proudly. Applause filled the air, the principal walked over to the microphone, "thank you for that splendid dance, now let's see what the professor gives as a score." She called happily. The professor held up a score card with an eight on it, "your performance was more brilliant; however, you lack variety and your movements were a bit wooden. Dances are artwork, your body needs to move more fluently." The professor explained.

    Hei bowed deeply, "thank you for your advice." She said and walked offstage. Dae, Chun-Ja, and Yeun-Ja came through the doors, Hei stared over at Dae. Dae avoided her gaze, I swiped my hand away from Chang-Su, "next will be Sakuya Suzuku, give her a round of applause." The principal called. I stood up slowly, Chang-Su stared up at me in silence, "Good luck!" Dae and the others called. I gave a thumbs up and made my way onto the stage, offering a cheerful smile. My eyes rested on Chang-Su, Jae-Hwa winked at me encouragingly. I begun dancing a traditional dance and then adding tap dancing smoothly. Chang-Su watched her in a completely entranced state.

    I finished my dance and gave an elegant bow, applause filled the air, the principal walked over to the microphone. "Let's see what our judge has to say?" She called. The judge held up the score card, revealing a 9.5. "FOUL!" Hei yelled, springing from her seat. Jae-Hwa clasped a hand over his face in disdain, "Sakuya has variety, and her movements are like a story. She puts her emotion into each step as well, that is what makes her unique." The Professor explained. Hei ran over to her father, like a baby crying over spilled milk. "Abba!!! Please say something!" She exclaimed. Gyong-Si turned to her, "the professor is right, don't blame others for what you lack in." He lectured sternly. He pounced up and down on the spot in annoyance, "now, now Song Hei-Ssi will be appointed as chancellor of the principal." The Principal announced. Whistling and applauds continued filling the room, however, anyone could tell Hei wasn't going to let the matter go away.

    At night, everyone threw a party for me in the dorms, "Congrats, Sakuya-Ssi!" Everyone cheered. "Serves that Hei right!" Chun-Ja blurted out. Yeun-Ja glared at her and elbowed her hardly in the ribs, Dae forced a smile, "it's fine, no hard feelings." She said. I walked over to her, Dae stared at me, "I am more worried, that Hei won't this go easily." She sighed. I agreed with Dae, but whatever Hei wanted to do, I was ready to face it with my friends. Hei paced back and forth in her room, "I won't allow this, Abba!!! I want to fire Chang-Su and declare that professor a phony!" She screeched. Gyong-Si sat at the desk, smoking in silence, "dear daughter, you are taking this too far. You have no authority to say, you won't allow this." He reasoned. She leaned over to him, "will you help me or not?" She threatened. He backed away from her face and smoked another puff, letting out a long sigh. "Fine..." He sighed.

    She crossed her arms, and stood up straight, "I'll see how you'll get yourself out of this." She mocked. On Tuesday morning, we were all sitting on the benches waiting for Chang-Su. "He's never this late!" Chun-Ja exclaimed. The clock on the wall struck 10 AM, suddenly footsteps were heard. Every head turned in happiness towards the stairwell, the principal, Jae-Hwa, Chang-Su, Gyong-Si and Hei came down the stairs. Dae stared at the scene in horror, "this doesn't look good..." She muttered. I had to agree with her, I felt a ping of terror and fear at the solemn faces of everyone. The tension in the room was just about to tip and spill over. Principal Song stood before us and cleared her throat, "Your undivided attention please. Kim Chang-Su is being put on probation, until further notice. Your new instructor will be no other than Song Hei-Ssi herself." She announced.

    "What?!" Voices erupted in fiery and outrage from around me. I was torn down, I stared over at Chang-Su, who had his head lowered. Hei moved forward, "silence, those who feel this is an outrage, can hire a lawyer. Otherwise, I don't want to hear another sound from anyone of you!" She barked with full authority. Silence swept over the room at once, "Principal Song, take this man out of here at once!" Hei ordered. The principal bowed and motioned to Jae-Hwa, as they pushed Chang-Su up the stairs. I stared after them, i wanted to run after him, my heart was already gone and my brain was screaming. For some reason, my legs moved and they were running after Chang-Su. My very heart told me, I couldn't allow this to happen, I had to save him. Whether it was because he was my teacher, a friend, or the one who shared instant noodles with me. I had to stand up for him, regardless of the restrictions and warnings, "Sakuya Suzuki, where do you think you are going?! Class is about to begin!!" Hei yelled after me.

    Dae stood up and walked over to Hei slowly, slapping her across the face with all her strength. Hei raised a hand to her cheek and stared at Dae in bewilderment, "I am your older sister, how dare you!" She yelled in a whiny tone. Dae grabbed Hei by the collar, "because you are my older sister, is what makes me feel even more disgusted by your acts." She said in a cold and deep tone. "Abba!!!" Hei yelled in fear. Gyong-Si moved forward, "Dae, let your sister go." Her father ordered. Dae glared over at him, "you're our father, how can you do this? You know deep down, it's wrong and against federal laws and school laws. However, you---for this daughter of yours, went to such limits to please her?! Are you even a man?" She said in a hoarse voice and shoved Hei to the ground. Gyong-Si looked away, Dae sat back down, "I pity you both." She muttered.

    Chun-Ja patted Dae's head with a hand, Soon-Yi stood up and walked over to Hei. "Your reasons for doing this...it's because you wanted to fit in. To be something, isn't it?" She asked. Hei burst out in laughter on the ground, "don't make me laugh!! I am doing this to make you all suffer!" She mocked. Yeun-Ja walked over to Soon-Yi, "Soon-Yi, why are you wasting time on her, leave her be." She said pulling Soon-Yi away. I ran across the campus with all my strength, I didn't remember the campus being so big. Finally, I saw them walking towards the gates, "please wait!" I cried at the top of my lungs. Jae-Hwa turned towards me, and said something to the principal, she gave a nod of her head. I reached them and bent down on my knees to catch my breath, Chang-Su turned to me in silence. I stood up straight and stared at him. Hesitating, unsure what I could say to help him, but I finally decided on it.

    "I-I will help you no matter what, you will come back here as our instructor. I am still in debt to you, for that instant noodles cup and ice cream. I swear on my life, you will come back." I promised. Chang-Su stared at me in solitude, "Sakuya-Ssi--" He started. "You need this job for your fiance and I owe you this. So please don't worry and just wait for my good news." I assured. There was awkward silence between the four of us, "Jagbyeol!" I called and ran off. Jae-Hwa stared after me and turned to Chang-Su smiling. I finally said it, I gave him my word, and I was going to keep it. Upon entering the dance studio, everyone was still there, but Hei's father. "You're late, no dinner for you tonight, Sakuya Suzuki." Hei barked. I remained solemn and took my spot behind Yeun-Ja, "continue your dancing, from before we were rudely interrupted." Hei called. Hei walked back and forth in front of us and shoved me roughly, I yelped and fell sideways towards the bench. Wham!!!! I went into unconsciousness, I could acknowledge that, that was part of my plan. My head was throbbing with pain, voices called out frantically to me. My eyes opened slowly, squinting at the bright light shining on my face.

    "Are you alright?" Soon-Yi asked. I grunted, and tried to sit up, hands grabbed my arms and pulled me upward.I sat back on the pillows, staring at everyone, Dae grabbed my hands frantically. "Sakuya-Ssi, I give you permission and freedom, you can use your martial arts skills. Go punch Hei, do whatever you wish!" She cried. I patted her head with a hand, "don't worry, this is part of my plain." I assured. "What plan?" Chun-Ja asked in disbelief. I snickered to myself happily, "please tell her, I will be absent tomorrow." I said. "Don't do anything stupid, Sakuya." Yeun-Ja advised. I gave them my best smile possible, and nodded to them encouragingly and reassuringly. Chang-Su was sitting in a bar, drinking in silence, Jae-Hwa came up from behind him. "You need to stop drinking, didn't the doctor say---" He was cut off. A beer was held out to him, "are you my mother, drink and sit down. Quit causing a scene." Chang-Su grunted.

    Jae-Hwa took the beer and sat down on the stool next to him, "if you don't watch the beers, you'll be in the hospital again." He sighed. Chang-Su waved to the bartender for another beer, Jae-Hwa glared at him. "Just give him a glass of juice." He ordered. Chang-Su cast a gloomily look at him, "why did you call me here anyways?" He asked. Jae-Hwa let out a sigh, "Sakuya got injured today, Hei pushed her. Dae says Sakuya is planning something tomorrow. Chang-Su-hyeong, even the principal can see Sakuya has feelings for you. Even I can tell from today, are you really so blind--or are you avoiding her feelings on purpose?" Jae-Hwa confronted. Chang-Su sipped at the glass of juice in silence, "...I have a fiance, she believes that." He answered. Jae-Hwa stared at him in annoyance, "what fiance?! Since when do you tell such white lies?!" He snarled.

    Chang-Su let out a sigh, not answering him, Jae-Hwa's cell vibrated on the counter, he took another sip at his beer and answered. "Yeah?" He grunted. After a moment he hung up, "I have to get back to the campus, goodbye, and stop drinking." Jae-Hwa said and left. Chang-Su drank from the beer, Jae-Hwa didn't finish. The next day, I was up before dawn, I had done research all night on Song Gyong-Si on the net. I didn't want to bother Dae, I planned to settle it once and for all. I left the campus, catching a taxi outside the gates. "This address please." I told the driver. We were near the urban area of the city, both sides had amazing mansion like houses. Finally, the taxi stopped in front of the gates of a mansion. Thunder roared overhead, rain was starting to pour, I got out of the taxi and made my way over to the gates.

    I banged on the gates frantically, "Mr.Song! Please answer, I am Sakuya Suzuki!!!" I yelled. The rain was getting heavier, I knelt down in front of the gates, instantly becoming soaked. Jae-Hwa ran into the dorms, "Sakuya?!" He called. Soon-Yi appeared at the top of the stairs, he ran up the stairs to her, in what seemed like a single leap. "Soon-Yi, where is Sakuya?" He asked. She was shaken and surprised, "I don't know." She answered. He ran down the hall, and kicked the door to Sakuya's room open, and sat himself down in front of her computer. "Oh no..this is not good." He muttered and sprinted from the room. Pulling out his cell and made a speed dial to a number, "Hyeong, bad news, Sakuya went to Song Mansion. If you care about her, go at once!" Jae-Hwa yelled and hung up, not giving Chang-Su a chance to answer.

    Chang-Su sat in bed with the phone still at his ear, rain splattered against the windows. He dove out of bed and ran out the door at once without a second thought. I stared at the towering gates in silence, "Sir Song!!! Please give me five minutes!!!!" I begged. I was shivering and was colder than ice, I was didn't care that I might caught a cold or turn into water myself. I had to see him, at no matter what it had to cost me. Jae-Hwa's car pulled up to the opposite side of the street and stared out at her in disbelief. A car pulled up from the other end of the street, directly in front of Jae-Hwa's, Chang-Su stared out at her in bewilderment. "Sir Song, please grant your audience with me!" I yelled. Gyong-Si stared at the security camera in silence, "should we call the police?" A maid asked. He shook his head, "don't mind her, prepare the car." He ordered. The rain was getting harder, and it was hard to see anything. Jae-Hwa got out of the car with an umbrella and pulled out his cell, speed dialing once more.

    Chang-Su stared at his cell on the passenger's seat as it rung, he answered after the first ring. "Yes?" He answered. Jae-Hwa took a deep breath, "I'll ask you one more time, will you go to her or not? Will you accept her feelings or not? I want to protect her, if you won't--I will. I love her." Jae-Hwa confessed. Chang-Su was frozen in his seat, he managed to choke out the words, "do what you wish." He choked and hung up. Chang-Su hesitated for a moment and placed his car into reverse, and pulled out of sight as a single tear from from his eye. Jae-Hwa closed his cell and shoved it into his pocket, walking over to her slowly. "Sakuya." He called. I turned staring up at him, "what are you doing?!" He scolded throwing the umbrella aside. I couldn't believe he was right there in front of me, abandoning cover from his umbrella. Being soaked together with me, "Jae-Hwa..." I started. The gates rolled open, I turned back to the opening gates. A car honked at us, Jae-Hwa grabbed my arm and pulled me up and away from it. The car pulled out slowly, I ran over to the car window, "Sir Song!! Sir Song!" I called.

    Gyong-Si stared out at me, and rolled down the window after a moment of hesitation. "Why are you so persistent?" He asked. I bowed to him deeply, "please allow Kim Seongsaong to return to the school, I begged. He smirked and turned away from me, "nonsense, you have no right to ask such things. You have three minutes left. Say something meaningful." He scoffed. I pulled out an envelope from my bag and held it out to him, "please read this, I know words I say are meaningless now." I admitted bowing again. Gyong-Si stared at me for a moment and then snatched it from me. His gaze shifted to Jae-Hwa, "take care of her." He grunted and motioned to the driver. The driver pulled onto the road and drove off. I ran onto the street and bowed deeply after the vehicle in pure joy, there was still hope! Jae-Hwa glared at me, he grabbed me by the arm and forced me to face him. I stared at him in joy and confusion at the same time, "you're so stupid, did you know that?" He asked in annoyance.

    I gave a light grin and shrugged innocently at him, he stared at me with a pouting expression, "come here you!" He scowled and pulled me into his arms. I was surprised at his action, "I'll take care of you, not as a friend, but your boyfriend." He said over the rain. My eyes widened at the words, "Sakuya--do you accept me as your boyfriend?" He asked. I pretended to not hear him, "What?! I'm sorry--I can't hear you!! Can you say that louder?" I asked teasingly, pulling away from him. He stared at her, with his rain covered face, "I love you Sakuya Suzuki! Do you accept me as your boyfriend?! Are you teasing me?!" He yelled. I giggled and nodded happily, he smiled and pulled me to him, swinging me around in his arms.

    Chang-Su was in my every thought, but this man before me, has given me the support and protection, I needed. He caused me to smile and was there when I needed him. To me...that was more than enough, I stared up at the grey skies and yelled in fear as he swing me around harder and laughed.
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    Chapter Seven

    "A letter holds the heart of the writer.
    The heart of a girl, breathes new life into
    closed off minds--"

    Gyong-Si stared at the envelope resting on the empty seat next to him, he hesitated for a moment and picked it up slowly. Staring at the blank white material in his hands, he tore open the envelope and began to read:

    Dear Sir Song,
    I only have a story to tell you because simple pleads, will no longer break through to your ears or heart. Long ago, two siblings lost their parents to the cruelty of war. They had to fight and steal to survive on their own, living in a hut made of mud and hay. One day, a dog came sniffing for food, the siblings had left two pork buns out in the opening. The dog had puppies to look after and needed food, so it advanced for the food before its eyes. The younger sibling wanted to kill the dog, the older sibling refused. He explained the dog only wanted to survive and live to guard its family. Just like the siblings themselves, he told his younger brother, they should live in harmony, and shouldn't get rid of each other due to the lack of food and the crumbling society.

    I believe you shouldn't allow your daughter to step all over us. Money and power isn't everything. If one day, you lost everything, you would only have your daughters left. I have a mother in Tokyo, I love her very much. She is part of the reason, I came to love dancing. I hope you allow Kim Seongsaong to return to the school. He is working to make a better life for his fiance. As humans, we fret, think, work, survive, in the end...isn't it all for our next family and the next generation? I beg for you reconsideration...
    ~Sakuya Suzuki."

    He read the letter again, before folding it up and placed away in his suit pocket. "...Sakuya Suzuki." He muttered, looking out the window. "Take me to the dance school." He ordered. The driver stared back at him, "but the meeting, Sir." The driver reminded. Gyong-Si stared at the driver, "I am the CEO, I'm sure they can wait." He said calmly. "I bet on my own health, that you are going to catch a cold." Jae-Hwa teased, driving back towards the school. I wrapped the blanket tighter around myself, and turned the heater up even more. "Keep talking and I'll roast you alive." I threatened. He poked at my cheek with a finger, "you're so cold!" He mocked. I bit at his finger, "I am not!" I retorted. He chuckled and turned back to the road ahead of us. We reached the school and got out of the car, Soon-Yi ran over to us at once.

    "Sakuya-Ssi!! Thank God, you are safe. By the way, Hei's father and Kim Seonsaong are here." She informed breathlessly. "Kim Seonsaong?" I exclaimed and ran forward towards the gates. I suddenly realized, I was leaving Jae-Hwa behind, and didn't ask if it was alright to go. I turned back to him slowly in uneasiness, he walked over to me, "follow your heart, I trust you." He said. I was so relieved that he was such an understanding guy, he understood every thought of mine. I gave a thumbs up to him and ran through the gates without looking back. Soon-Yi made her way over to him and stared at him, "are you sure about letting her go to him?" She asked. Jae-Hwa was still staring after her and gave a shrug, "I'm a carefree guy, if he still doesn't take action, I'll seriously take her for my own. It'll be such a fun game." He sighed halfheartedly.

    She gave a brief nod, "I grew up with you two, you better not push him so hard." Soon-Yi teased. Jae-Hwa smirked at her, "yes, of course Soon-Yi-Eonni. Besides, father believes you are the perfect wife for Chang-Su-hyeong anyway." He taunted. Soon-Yi bit her lip, feeling hurt for a moment and turned away from him, "he rejected me a long time ago...and I eventually did move on--" She sighed. He wrapped an arm around her neck, "as long as father doesn't think or believe that, you are safe." He comforted. I didn't care that I was soaking wet still, I reached the principal office and waited outside, breathing heavily. The door opened, Gyong-Si and Hei came out, she glared over at me and stormed over to me at once. "You dare to go to my father?! Despicable girl!" She barked raising a hand at me. A hand stopped her like the wind, I stared up at Chang-Su, "enough--or you won't even be staff here." He said in an icy tone. She broke free of his grasp and ran off, Gyong-Si walked over to me, I immediately bowed my head.

    "You're a very smart and brave girl. I hope you can continue to shed your fiery spirits to others and never surrender." He said, patting my shoulder with a hand and left. I stared after him happily, and bowed deeply to him as he left. Chang-Su walked over to me, I turned to him, there was tension and awkwardness in the air between us. From him, it would have probably been the fact, he didn't go to her, at the Song Mansion. For me, I suppose it was the fact, I was with Jae-Hwa now and he probably didn't know yet. He was the first to break the wall, by giving a thankful smile, "thank you for what you did, I don't know, what I can do." He said. I gave him a relieved grin, "treat me to an instant noodle cup and ice cream?" I asked. Chang-Su stared at me and gave a surrendering nod at me, "after you." He said motioning to me. We sat in the dance studio, it was 6 PM, and this was just my first meal for the day. "Mm, nothing beats a cup of noodles!" I sighed. He shook his head at me, "do you know, I lived off these for four years?" He said. I blinked, staring at him in disbelief, he turned away from me. I decided to change the subject, "your fiance...will be glad that you have your job back." I said.

    He lowered his head and showed an I don't want to talk about her expression once again, he would always do that, when I mentioned his fiance and I was itching to ask why. "We-we broke up, she found a better guy. One, which she wouldn't have to worry so much about." He answered. My eyes widened at the words, I automatically raised a hand and rested it on his shoulder. He stared at me in silence, "I'm so sorry." Was all I managed to say. I don't know whether if I was happy or felt bad for him. Just being able to sit next to him, felt like the safest place in the world right at that moment. "May--I lean on your shoulder for a moment?" He asked suddenly. I was surprised at his request, hesitating for a moment, I gave my consent. He leaned his head on my shoulder, I held my breath in silence, I wished this moment would never end between us.

    Finally he moved away, "you need to get some rest, we'll have class in the morning." He said. I got up wobbling a few steps, I supposed I had gotten a small cold from being soaked after all. He reached out grabbing my arm, "are you alright?" He asked, his voice full of concern. "Mm, I have a headache--it's nothing. Don't worry." I assured. He stared at me with worried eyes, "should I call Jae-Hwa?" He suggested. I shook my head, someone cleared his throat, "of course she doesn't have to call, I'm right here." Came a familiar voice. We both turned in shock to see Jae-Hwa coming down the stairs. "Jae-Hwa..." I exclaimed. Jae-Hwa stopped next to us and gave Chang-Su a sneer, "Sakuya is my girlfriend now, so you better keep your distance from her." He teased. Chang-Su stared at me, "congratulations." He said in a low voice. I blushed and muttered a thank you, Jae-Hwa held my hand in his, "let's go then." He said, and walked off pulling me along.

    I stared back at Chang-Su, who had his back to us; my heart ached like a thousand knives, I wanted to stay with him. But, my hand had been claimed by Jae-Hwa. Jae-Hwa stared back at me, "if you want to go back, I will understand. No hard feelings." He said. I tightened my grip on his hand, "don't think you can wiggle away from me." I teased wrapping my hand around his arm. He stared at me in silence, and grinned like a child. "Oh no, what have I gotten myself into?!" He wailed jokingly. I held onto his arm laughing, he grabbed me by the shoulders, I was a bit surprised by his act; he stared down at me with a cold gaze. "Don't lie to your heart. You know who you truly love, I do as well, but why do you both deny it?" He demanded. I didn't know how to answer him at that moment, "...I love you." I said simply. He sneered at me, "is that so?" He threatened and kissed me on the spot. I pushed at him with all my strength and finally got him off me. Without thinking, I slapped him across the face in anger and fear. Jae-Hwa stared at the ground in silence, I covered my mouth with a hand. He frowned at me, "don't tell me that was your first kiss?!" He said in a hoarse tone.

    I was furious and kicked at him, he moved out of the way just in time. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to do that in purpose." He said. I turned away from him, he tried to make me laugh and made funny faces at me, trying to cheer me up. I burst into laughter, he looked relieved when I finally laughed. "Tomorrow, after your class...I'll come and get you. I want to go somewhere with you." He said and walked off without a back glance. The next day, we continued where we left off with the ballroom dances, Chang-Su helped each of us with our arms, legs and body movements. "The fox trot's elegance lies with its steps and turns, the natural and reverse turns wraps up the dance nicely." Chang-Su said. I watched him perform how the moves were done with great wonder. Over lunch, we girls sat together on the benches, "I can't wait for the autumn ball! It just sounds so wonderful!" Dae mused. "I wonder who will be the lucky girl to be able to dance with Kim Seonsaong!!" Chun-Ja teased.

    Yeun-Ja wrapped an arm around Soon-Yi, "of course it would be Soon-Yi. They grew up together after all!" She announced. I was shocked at the words and went on a frantic coughing fit, Dae patted me on the back. "What?!" I exclaimed. "Oh you don't know, Soon-Yi grew up as a childhood friend with Kim Seongsaong and Pak Seonsaong." Dae explained. Soon-Yi stared at the ground in embarrassment, I stared over at her in silence. It was so devious, I thought she and Chang-Su looked perfect together, this would be the best outcome, wouldn't it be?! I smiled happily, "Soon-Yi-Ssi, you want us to help you?" I teased. Chun-Ja whistled loudly, "oh great idea, let's do it! No arguments allowed!" Dae cheered, shaking a finger at Soon-Yi. Soon-Yi looked redder than a red beet, "eh, how did it come to this?!" She exclaimed helplessly.

    We all clapped together in unison and laughed, Soon-Yi whined and covered her face with her hands surrendering. Chang-Su came down the stairs, "lunch break is over. What are you guys all clapping about?" He asked shoving his hands into his pockets. Everyone returned to their places, Soon-Yi took a deep breath, "please excuse me." She mumbled and ran up the stairs. We stared at her in bewilderment, Chang-Su frowned and stared at us, "start your warm ups." He instructed and went after Soon-Yi. I stared after him, and smiled, I believed I made the correct move at that moment. "Soon-Yi! Soon-Yi!" He called skimming the auditorium worriedly. Soon-Yi sat on the stage in silence, he grinned at her and sat down next to her, "what's wrong?" He asked. She stared down at the rows of chairs, "do you like Sakuya? If you do, you need to tell her, she is pushing me at you with full power." Soon-Yi informed.

    Chang-Su stared over at her, "do you like me?" He asked. She raised her head to the ceiling and gave a small laugh, "never gave up on you, but that isn't what you desire, is it?" She asked softly. He raised a hand and rubbed the back of his neck, "Chang-Su Oppa, your personality is too laid back, when the chance is in your hands, you never know to treasure it. There are a lot of things, when passed by, the chance won't come again." She said. Chang-Su cupped his forehead in his hands, "I don't know how much time, I can sped with her." He finally said. Soon-Yi shook her head, "love can't be measured by time together. But by the memories you made together." She explained. Chang-Su smirked at her with a raised eyebrow, "since when have you matured so much?" He asked in a teasing tone. She lowered her eyes, staring at her slender hands, "since Tae-Hwa died." She muttered. He wrapped an arm around her comfortingly. "What?! You mean Soon-Yi's boyfriend died because she broke up with him, for Chang-Su?" I exclaimed in disbelief.

    "Shh--" Dae hushed, staring over at the stairs. Yeun-Ja patted me, "I don't know the details, but that's what my Abba told me." Dae whispered. I leaned against the wall in bewildered silence, after class was over, Chang-Su stopped me with a hand. I stared up at him, "I have something, I want to tell you." He said in a gentle voice. "I have nothing to say to you." I said calmly, averting my eyes. I was disgusted at him and myself for believing he was a good man, but after hearing what Dae said, it had all changed. Jae-Hwa hummed coming down the stairs, I turned to him relieved, "J--!" I started, but Chang-Su pulled me back. I turned to him in annoyance, "...was this how you treated Soon-Yi? Causing her boyfriend's death?!" I demanded in fiery. Jae-Hwa and Chang-Su stared at the words, both looked frozen to the spot. I sneered at him, "you don't have something to say, now do you?" I pressured. "I can explain--" He started. I pursed my lips, "there is no need, I tried to deny you being such a person, but I can't." I replied fiercely.

    Jae-Hwa walked over to us, "now both of you just calm down--" He soothed. "Shut up!!!" I yelled. Chang-Su stared at the ground, "let's go..." I said calmly, turning away. Chang-Su's hand slipped of my arm, Jae-Hwa stared at us in awed silence. "Let us go, Jae-Hwa." I muttered walking over to him and taking his hand. Jae-Hwa stared at Chang-Su in confusion and at a complete loss for words, as he was pulled off by me. We were silent as we made our way across the campus to the gates, he held the car door open to me, as I went into the car. He lingered for a moment and then got into the driver's side. He pulled out the road and during the entire ride, we were both quiet. Obviously, I was entangled into my own thoughts and so was Jae-Hwa as I could tell. He suddenly pulled to a stop near the beach and turned off the car, "get out, we are here." He said turning to me.

    We both got out of the car, "here?" I asked curiously. He nodded holding out a hand, I rested mine in his, "I always come here, when I am in a bad mood." He explained. We sat down on the sand, staring at the dark sea before us, "what happened back there?" He mumbled after another moment of silence. I cupped sand in my hands and let it slip out again, "Soon-Yi's boyfriend...the reason he died was because of--" I was cut off. "Because of himself." Jae-Hwa answered. I turned to him in irritation, "are you trying to defend your older brother?" I accused. Jae-Hwa gave a chuckle and shook his head, "it's the truth, our father wanted Soon-Yi for Chang-Su, but they could never fit together. Their personalities and point of views are so different; therefore, Soon-Yi found Taehwa. He was motorcycle racer, our father was outraged at this. Soon-Yi and Taehwa wanted to get engaged, but our father and Soon-Yi's mother refused. Our mother had a private conversation with Taehwa.Disgracing and disrespecting him in the most horrid ways. Taehwa left Soon-Yi a message, saying it was over between them. Taehwa raced in a depressed mood, resulting in his death." Jae-Hwa finished.

    I covered my mouth with a hand, "but why?! Why did your father and Soon-Yi's mother force them apart?" I asked in horror. Jae-Hwa burst into laughter and shook his head, "because if Chang-Su and Soon-Yi could complete matrimony, the Kim and Han family would flourish in business, as the two biggest corporations would stand as one." He said between laughter. I wrapped my arms around myself, "that is just too cruel." I muttered. Jae-Hwa pulled my face over to him, "you understand now, do you still hate Chang-Su?" He asked softly. My gaze dropped to the sand, "I set you free--dear Sakuya. Chang-Su loves you, you love him, what more do you need? I will forever love you, like my sister." He whispered. I felt tears in my eyes, "go and follow your heart." He said standing up and held out a hand to me. I grabbed his hand, and pulled myself onto my feet. His hands rested on my shoulders, he leaned closer and kissed my forehead softly, I could have sworn, I saw a single tear fall down in front of me from Jae-Hwa.

    I closed my eyes, he pulled away slowly, "come--let's go find Chang-Su." He said pulling me off by the hand. I stared at Jae-Hwa's back in sorrow, "thank you, Jae-Hwa." I muttered. He lowered his gaze, he realized he had been captivated and fallen for Sakuya as well. He would never tell anyone that though, it was his little sweet memory. He decided to turn the love he had for her, into brotherly love. They drove off in silence, Jae-Hwa made a speed dial call on his cell. However, there was no answer from the other end, "that idiot." Jae-Hwa hissed under her breath. I stared out the window with a clear resolution in mind. I will protect Chang-Su and love him dearly forever. We pulled up to the campus gates, I turned to Jae-Hwa without a sound. He gave an encouraging smile, "go on." He ushered. I leaned over to him and kissed him on the cheek, before I got out of the car and ran through the gates.

    He smiled to himself, "silly girl." He muttered and sped off, down the dark road. There was only one place, where Chang-Su could be at this time of the night. I ran towards the auditorium building, feeling as light as a feather. Chang-Su was sitting on the stage with a pack of beer, and empty beer cans around him. I pushed open the doors and stared at the dimly lit auditorium, I spotted him on the stage, he didn't seem to have notice me yet. I took a deep breath and walked down the ramp, walking across the stage over to him, I stared down at him with saddened eyes. He stared up at me, "did you leave something here?" He asked dully. "Yes, you." I answered. Chang-Su laughed, "what are you saying?" He asked swaying back and forth. I bit my lip and knelt down next to him, "I love you, Chang-Su Oppa." I said in a low voice. He turned to me in annoyance, "please don't mock me, you're with Jae-Hwa now." He sighed.

    "Jae-Hwa broke up with me, he told me the truth, and that you---.All I care about now is you. I want to be by your side, no matter how hard a path, we will face." I said. My hand reached out to his and rested on his softly, Chang-Su turned to me, as if seeing if I was telling the truth. I raised my gaze to his in silence, he dropped the beer can, and pulled me into a hug, "Sakuya, don't ever leave me, do you understand?" He asked in a low voice full of joy. I gave a firm nodd, as tears spilled from my eyes, this was true love, a love that would last forever, I could love him like this for eternity. Chang-Su reached into his bag and pulled out a tiny box, holding it out to me. I sat back staring at it, "what's this?" I asked. He gave a warm grin, "open it and see." He said in a teasing tone. I took the box from him slowly and lifted the lid off, revealing a beautiful sterling silver necklace with a mugunghwa (Rose of Sharon) compressed into a medium sized amethyst stone.

    My jaw dropped in shock and at a loss for words, "this necklace has been passed down for generations in the Kim family to the wives of the Kim family. This flower symbolizes eternity and is South Korea's national flower. Legend goes this was the first bulb to bloom, planted by our ancestors. I want you to have it." He said. I was shaken from awe, "no--I couldn't possibly.." I said thrusting the box back to him. He took it out of the box, "when I say it's yours, it is yours." He said in a voice full of authority and leaned over to me. Taking off the one, Ichiro gave me and placed it upon my neck. My gaze lowered in respect, he tilted my face upward with a hand. I stared at him, "Sakuya..." He said softly. I gave him my most fulfilled smile, he pulled me to him once more, my head rested on his chest. I could hear every single beat of his heart, in my eardrums.

    After a moment, I thought of something, "how will we face the others?" I asked. His gaze remained still, "we will still be teacher and student during class, when class is over, we can be ourselves. I don't give special treatment in class for you either." He answered with laughter in his voice. My eyes narrowed in annoyance, "I wasn't asking for any!" I scowled and punched him in the stomach. I got up and laughed, bouncing up at down, clapping happily. He winced and struggled onto his feet, "how can you be so mean?" He whined and walked towards me. I moved out of the way laughing, "catch me if you can!" I taunted at him. "If I catch you, you'll regret it!" Chang-Su threatened. I stuck my tongue out at him, "try me!" I teased right back. We ran around the stage like a pair of hyper kids, he picked up an empty beer can and throw it at me. Thankfully, I managed to get out of the way just in time, "cheater!" I accused, picking up empty beer cans and throwing them back at him. Chang-Su docked out of the way, "Wait!! That's foul play!" He called. "Is not!" I spat throwing them faster. He skidded out of the way, "you'll make the janitor's job harder!" He reasoned. "And whose fault is that?!" I countered giggling.
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  14. Very nice chapter.It's about time Sakuya and Chang-Su got together.
    Looking forward to reading what happens next! :)
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  15. Whee!
    I know right? Ties them together tightly!
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  16. Chapter Eight
    Hold onto a shred of hope,
    To rather see the one you love happy,
    Than cause pain….”

    Jae-Hwa stared at the clock in the bar, it was 10:30 PM, and he rubbed his forehead with a hand and motioned to the bartender. “Another vodka please.” He grunted. He wondered why today was passing by so slowly, Hei entered the bar and stared over at him. She smirked to herself and walked over to him, sitting in the empty stool next him. “Hey, I was sleeping when you called. What are you doing here for?” She asked. He turned to her, his lips curling in irritation, “shut up and drink with me.” He scowled. Hei sneered and loosened up, “I won’t lose to you any day if it’s a drinking contest.” She taunted. “Try me…” Jae-Hwa mocked holding up his glass. “Alright, you asked for it. Bartender, bring out all your best drinks.” Hei called. The two of them drank and drank until the last glass and the owner kicked them out of the bar. “Let’s sing a song!!!!” Hei yelled. Jae-Hwa laughed happily, wrapping an arm around her neck and sang loudly and burst into laughter. They came to the harbor and leaned against the rail, facing the dark ocean before them. She stared at him curiously and hiccupped, before speaking; “did something happen?” She asked finally.

    Jae-Hwa rested his head on his arms and let out a sigh, “I gave Sakuya back to Chang-Su. I was doing it for fun, but then I realized I had fallen in love with her. Funny isn’t it?” He asked and chuckled to himself. Hei stared at him and pulled his face over to her, cupping it in her hands softly, he stared at her with unfocused eyes, “then allow me to wash away your pain, and restore your heart slowly. Let me replace Sakuya in your heart.” She said in a soft voice. He pushed her hands away and backed away a few steps, “you can’t replace her, but I would like to start as friends.” He said calmly. Hei stared at him happily, deciding this was better than nothing, “Okay, one step at a time then.” She agreed. Jae-Hwa grinned at her and motioned for them to walk, Hei stared at him and blushed. The next day, I was already up in the kitchen and making breakfast, love was the most extraordinary thing. “Sakuya?!” Voice called. I came out of the kitchen, and placed the food on the table, as Dae ran into my arms. “You did it! You brought Kim Seonsaong back!” She cheered. I patted her head in joy, Soon-Yi and the others walked over to me and hugged me as well, ruffling my hair and laughing.

    After breakfast, we hurried to class in laughter and gossiping. Chang-Su stood in front of us and held up a sign up sheet, “the autumn ball will take place next Friday. We need to practice up and remember to sign up with your partner’s name on this signup sheet.” Chang-Su informed, taping it onto the wall. Yeun-Ja and Chun-Ja were already whispering eagerly to each other in low voices, he turned to them and scolded. “Quiet down, alright let’s do your warm ups and then we’ll get started.” He said motioning for everyone to move in front of the mirror. He circled the room, observing us closely; I still remembered his serious face under any condition, perfectly well. “I am going to demonstrate waltzing, tango and rumba. Who wants to be my partner?” He asked. Everyone was stiff to the spot, Chang-Su walked over to Soon-Yi, holding out a hand to her, “may I have this dance?” He asked formally. Soon-Yi blushed deeply and nodded, taking his hand, he led her to the front of the room. “Music please.” He called. Dae turned on the stereo and popped in a classical CD. “Waltzing is a very fluid style of dancing, consisting of spins in elegance.” Chang-Su said spinning Soon-Yi back and forth in unison. I watched dreamy, staring at how wonderful they looked, dancing as a couple. He bowed to Soon-Yi as the dance concluded and Soon-Yi returned the bow politely.

    “Who’s next?” He asked staring at the girls. He led Yeun-Ja to the front of the room, “tango usually suits faster music, consisting of open or close embrace, such as lead and follow.” He explained. Yeun-Ja turned red as he pulled her close and led her across the room, like a dancing leap, then moving away from each other and then paced back to close embrace with her in perfect coordination. Chun-Ja and Dae clapped loudly at the scene, he bowed to her and smiled. Yeun-Ja returned the bow, looking flustered. Chang-Su waved to Dae, “Dae-Ssi the final demonstration.” He called. Dae looked surprised and ran over to him; he grabbed her hands at once, “the rumba is a spacey dance, consisting of hip swaying.” He informed. They danced around each other, their hips swaying freely and clapping their hands above their heads. Chang-Su nodded and turned off the stereo, “that’s it for today, go get some dinner and rest.” He dismissed. I walked ahead with Soon-Yi quickly, avoiding Chang-Su at all costs. I wasn’t mad, why would I be mad? Who did he think he was anyway, he is an instructor and this was part of his job! Suddenly, my cell vibrated in my pocket, I pulled it out and flipped it open:

    “Meet on the stage, after dinner. ~Chang-Su”

    I closed my cell, why did I have to go, who was I to him? I was pouting like a child and obviously feeling angered; however, I denied it with all my strength. I ran after Soon-Yi and laughed happily, over dinner; Dae was already talking about how magical it felt, to dance with Chang-Su. It was irritating me to the brim of madness; I stood up from the dinner table, everyone shifted their attention onto me. “I’m finished eating, please enjoy.” I said bowing and walked off. I wandered the campus grounds, and found myself standing before the classroom building, mumbling to myself for being useless. I pushed the doors open to the auditorium; I was welcomed by falling sakura petals from the ceiling, my mouth dropped open in awe. I walked down the ramp slowly; the scent of the petals brought back precious memories of Tokyo. Chang-Su walked over to me and smiled warmly, “What is this?” I asked breathlessly. “Come.” He said reaching for my hand, but stopped in embarrassment. I stared at him and smiled, taking his hand in mine, he stared at me, and we smiled at each other in silence. There was no need for words; we knew exactly what the other was thinking.

    He led me down the ramp as petals continued to fall, “next year, when the maehwa trees bloom, I’ll take you to see them.” Chang-Su promised. I frowned slightly at the name, “maehwa? I’ve only seen them in photographs or books.” I said in awe. He smiled gently, “Don’t trouble yourself; the New Year will come soon.” He assured. We stepped onto the stage, “what are we doing?” I asked curiously. He placed a hand on my waist, “let us dance under the petal falling sky.” He said softly. We danced slowly, it was like a fairy tale, which I never wanted to awake from, “were you jealous that I danced with everyone, but you?” He asked hesitantly. My eyes narrowed and I kicked him in the balls with all my strength, turning away from him afterwards. “Wow, you really don’t care if you hurt me, do you?” Chang-Su whined bending over in pain. I turned to him to answer, to see him less than an inch from me; he raised a hand to my cheek slowly. My heart was pounding against my chest, “you understand…don’t you?” He asked in a quiet voice.

    My skin tingled and my hair stood up on the end, his breath was on my skin. The color was rising on my face; Chang-Su pulled away from me and smirked. “What did you think I was going to do?” He asked teasingly. I was embarrassed and annoyed; I grabbed petals and started throwing them at him. “Hey, why are you throwing things again?!” He threatened and began to throw petals back. I laughed and ran around the stage happily. Chang-Su and I loved being able to play roughly with each other, I guess it reminded us that we were still young and our hearts were truly connected. Dae stood outside Jae-Hwa’s office waiting in silence, Jae-Hwa opened the door and came out, turning back to lock it. He turned to Dae in surprise and let out a gasp, she turned beet red, “Ah-Annyeonghaseyo. You are Song Dae right?” Jae-Hwa asked. She nodded robotically, “I want to you to be my partner on the day of the autumn ball.” She said in a single breath. He stared at her dumbfounded, “if you don’t want to—“Her voice trailed off. Jae-Hwa broke into laughter, “no of course, I will go with you.” He said. Dae smiled at him and bowed deeply, he nodded and waved, “Jagbyeol.” He said and walked off.

    He had been avoiding Sakuya for a while now, he believed; he could forget if it was out of sight and out of mind. He would be able to face her naturally and forget about his feelings for her eventually; however, he didn’t think it would be this hard. Jae-Hwa wandered through the campus grounds, and suddenly felt a pair of eyes on him; he turned and watched as Hei came out of the dark surroundings. He jumped slightly and rolled his eyes, “you two sisters are the same! Can you both learn to walk with sound and not pop out of nowhere?” He snarled. She smiled and fell into step with him, “the ball next—“She started. But, he cut her off roughly, “staffs aren’t allowed to ask staff members. You’re on your own for this one.” He said. She observed him in silence, “has someone already asked you?” She asked uneasily. Jae-Hwa turned to him and poked her nose with his finger, “I don’t like nosy girls, Jagbyeol.” He said sweetly and walked towards the staff dorms. Hei flipped open her cellphone, she had to know who the girl, who he was going with was. Dae was writing her name along with Jae-Hwa’s onto the signup sheet.

    Yeun-Ja and Chun-Ja walked up from behind her, “oooo! You and Pak assistant director?!” Chun-Ja exclaimed amusingly. I, who was sitting on a stool in the lounge with a book opened, coughed frantically on my tea. Soon-Yi walked over to me, patting me on the back, “are you alright?” She asked. I waved a hand, it had been days since I saw Jae-Hwa or mention him. “When he said yes, I was so surprised.” Dae exclaimed holding her face with her hands. I stared over at her, I felt glad that Jae-Hwa was alright, but I missed talking to him as well. Yeun-Ja turned to us, “have you already found partners?” She asked. I looked up from my book and shook my head; Soon-Yi shook her head as well. Chun-Ja clucked her tongue loudly and leaned against the couch, “better hurry before the good ones are taken.” She teased. Suddenly, a voice boomed over the intercoms, “go to sleep, its past midnight!” A voice thundered. We screamed and sprinted up the stairs at once, breaking out in laughter.
    The next day, we all sat on the benches with bags under our eyes, Chang-Su stood before us with raised eyebrows. I couldn’t help but let out a wide yawn and rubbed my eyes, the others followed suit, one after the other. “Were you all up gossiping or doing stressful stuff? You look like you can back from a ten day drought.” He observed. “No—just gossiping—“Dae answered and let out a wide yawn again. He moved forward and slapped the top of Dae’s head roughly, “don’t admit it.” He scolded. We stared at him in bewilderment; the usually cool, calm and distant instructor was growing close to his students. Chang-Su returned the bewildered look and cleared his throat, “back on topic, there is one last ballroom dance, and all of you need to know it well. That is the swing dance; the dance is done in team formations, three to five couples. The most common formation is “T.”” He explained. “Sounds like a circle dance.” Chun-Ja teased.

    “Everyone up and over here, pick a partner.” He called. I ran over to Dae at once, and Chun-Ja and Yeun-Ja was a pair. Soon-Yi looked around at a complete loss; Chang-Su took her hand and pulled her after him, I didn’t know if Chang-Su know what I did, but I wanted to fulfill Soon-Yi’s wish. I wanted to give my friends what they wanted and needed first, that was the downside to my nature. “Begin; follow the pair before you, please.” Chang-Su called. It was a fun experience, there were smiles on everyone’s faces, Hei came down the stairs with a young man following her. “Instructor Kim.” Hei called. Chang-Su turned to her and motioned for everyone to stop, “this is a servant from your father, and he has a message for you.” She informed professionally. The color on Chang-Su’s face turned deadly pale, “ah—this way.” He said motioning for the servant to follow him to his office. Hei walked over to Dae, Dae backed away with a fearful expression, “I know it’s you…who asked Jae-Hwa, you are truly shameless to try to take my guy. However, I swear, I won’t let you have a good memory for that night.” She mocked. Dae’s pupils trembled in fear, Hei moved away with a victory smile on her face.

    Hei’s gaze shifted onto me, “Annyeonghaseyo—little Japanese girl.” She teased. My eyes narrowed with anger and the thirst to attack, Soon-Yi rested her hand on my arm, and it comforted me greatly. Chang-Su closed the door and faced the servant, “what does father want?” He asked. The servant bowed to him, “master will be coming on Friday to attend the ball with the other parents. He wishes to also announce the engagement of you and Miss Soon-Yi as well. Please wear your best clothing on that.” The servant finished. Chang-Su was frozen on the spot at the words, “I understand, please see your way out.” He finally managed to say. The servant bowed and went out of the office; Chang-Su fell into the chair and raised his hands to his mouth. So it had already came to this, there was no more avoiding to what was coming.
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  17. Chapter Nine

    “We learn to trust
    the one we love,
    through our hearts…”

    After the servant left, we continued to chatter about what happened, “The Kim family is the biggest fashion business in South Korea. The CEO is Kim Seonsaong and Pak Jae-Hwa’s father. They have over forth maids and servants.” Dae chirped. “Lies, then why are his sons, not working for their father?” Yeun-Ja asked. “Because they are rebels, and wanted more time to do what they want.” Soon-Yi answered. I turned to her in shock, she nodded in silence, it was then, that I realized how little, I knew about Chang-Su. How could I say, that I loved him, if I didn’t know everything about him. Chang-Su came into the room, “all of you are dismissed for today, I have to do something.” He announced and ran up the stairs out of sight. Yeun-Ja let out a yawn, “must be something urgent. let’s go get some sleep.” She groaned. Dae cheered, I patted her on the shoulder, Soon-Yi turned to me, “let’s go.” She said happily. I shook my head, “go ahead of me…” I said. Soon-Yi squeezed my arm, and gave an encouraging nod, and followed the other girls up the stairs.

    I stared at the dance studio in the silence, “….” I had to be strong, to be prepared for anything, but could I really? I sat on the bench in silence, waiting for Chang-Su to come back. I rested my head on my arms and closed my eyes to rest, Chang-Su knocked on the assistant director’s door frantically and stood back, waiting for an answer from the other side. “Who is it?” Came Jae-Hwa’s voice from the other side. Chang-Su didn’t answer, Jae-Hwa grumbled and placed his pen down. He opened the door and stared at Chang-Su in surprise. “Chang-Su hyeong–is class already over?” Jae-Hwa asked in surprise, staring up and down the hall. “There is bad news.” Chang-Su finally said. Jae-Hwa leaned against the doorway, “which is it?” He asked. “Abba.” Chang-Su said simply. Jae-Hwa’s face became clouded, and motioned him inside quickly. “Oh? I understand now, Soon-Yi and Sakuya. What will hyeong do?” Jae-Hwa teased. Chang-Su sat back in his seat, and let out a sigh, “you must have a solution, Jae-Hwa.” He said.

    Jae-Hwa tossed a paper ball into the trashcan, “elope with Sakuya.” He stated flatly. Chang-Su looked away in frustration, “isn’t this useless blabbering? Forget it.” He said and turned to leave. A sharp jolt, ran through his head, he clung onto the desk and fell to his knees. Jae-Hwa walked over to him, “are you alright?” He asked in shock. Chang-Su’s vision blurred for a moment, before focusing once more. “Mm, I just been overworked…goodbye.” Chang-Su grunted and stood up, leaving out the door. I fell asleep on the bench, Chang-Su hadn’t called me yet, my eyes lingered on the cell on the floor in silence, just waiting for it to ring. Suddenly, it did and I answered it at once, my spirits lightened at once. “Chang-Su?” I answered eagerly. There was a silence on the other end of the line, “it’s me, Sakuya…”Jae-Hwa finally said. My heart calmed down, “Jae-Hwa, what is it?” I asked, trying to not sound disappointed.

    “Do you have time? Meet in the cafeteria in ten minutes?” He asked. My eyes flew to the clock on the wall, it struck 9 PM, hesitating for a moment, I agreed to the request and hung up. Jae-Hwa sat in the cafeteria with a pot of tea on the table, I pushed open the heavy doors and went inside. Jae-Hwa waved over at me and stood up, I walked over to him. He seemed to have loss a little weight and seemed quite pale. I bowed politely and sat down across from him, he gave a smile, glad to see that she was looking well. “You seem to be doing well.” He commented. My lip quivered at how vague his tone was, “you seem a little pale.” I teased. He raised a hand to his face, “really?” He asked. There was awkward silence between us, he finally cleared his throat. “Our father is coming on Friday, and he wanted to announce the engagement of Chang-Su and Soon-Yi.” He informed. The words gave me frostbite, I couldn’t utter a single word from my mouth, although a thousand words clouded my heart. Jae-Hwa moved forward in his seat, “I suppose the reason, Chang-Su hyeong has been avoiding you today. He doesn’t know how to face you, he is trying to settle this on his own.” He explained.

    I stared down at my hands, which were resting on my lap, “that idiot–” I muttered. Jae-Hwa gave a chuckle, “don’t say that, he doesn’t want you to worry. That is the kind of man he is, unlike me.” He sighed. I stared over at him, “he needs to learn from you then.” I said in determination. Jae-Hwa burst into laughter, and then resumed his composure, “go find him–Sakuya-Ssi.” He said calmly. I stood up abruptly, “thank you, Jae-Hwa.” I thanked. He sat back and waved a hand, “we’re best friends right?” He asked. My gaze lingered on him, “right.” I answered, bowing and ran off. Jae-Hwa stared at the ceiling, “best friends-eh?” He muttered and let out a depressed sigh. I ran across the campus with tears in my eyes, “that idiotic man…helpless!” I cursed under my breath. Picking up pace, I sprinted into the auditorium, it was darkened and gave an eerie feeling.

    Making my way down the ramp and up the stairs onto the stage, my eyes pinned to the ground where we spent nights together. Just sitting around and joking, talking carelessly. I took a deep breath, and went to the backstage, it was equally dim; however, I saw a light come from the offices. My legs walked towards it slowly and stopped in front of the door, I raised my hand to the door and knocked twice lightly. Chang-Su stared up from folders and walked over to the door, opening it. He stared down at me with tired eyes and a worried expression covered his usual serious face. I stared up at him in silence, our eyes seemed to exchange a thousand words, he grabbed my arm and pulled me forward into an embrace. I closed my eyes and rested my head against his chest, listening to his heartbeat. “I’m sorry.” He muttered. I shook my head, “please do tell me, what is on your mind from now on. I am your girlfriend, I should be able to take weight off your shoulders and not add to the weight.” I said softly.

    Chang-Su pulled away from me, I pulled the necklace he gave me, out from under my vest. “No matter what…I won’t let you go. Because of this promise, you gave to me.” I said softly. Chang-Su took my hand with self-confidence, “tonight, I will tell you everything of my life.” He said. We sat down on the bench outside his office.

    “My father Kim Jae is a great man, he met my mother when she was 22. Her part-time job was a waitress at a restaurant, he would eat there everyday, just to be able to see her once. Soon after, they begun a relationship; however, my grandfather believed she was unsuitable for my father. They fought against my grandfather’s will, eventually my grandfather acknowledged them. Soon, I was born, my father loved me, however men were all greedy. They loved to taste other women and their flavors, he got bored of my mother and begun to go to night clubs, after a few years of peaceful life. My met Jae-Hwa’s mother, a divorced woman with seductive beauty, she already had a newborn baby. But my father desired her money and beauty.

    My mother was pregnant again at the time, that woman told my father to divorce my mother. He obeyed and told my mother, he wanted to get divorced. My mother begged him to not to, I begged my father as well. He didn’t listen and refused to listen to reasons, he didn’t know my mother was pregnant again. My mother because of the shock he gave her, she got a miscarriage, and died in the hospital soon afterwards. My father regretted what did, my mother was only 29 years old. But, after that woman came into the family. She died of a heart attack, and left Jae-Hwa to us. That is why after we were both grown up, we both refused to help with the family business.”

    Chang-Su finished. I was in plain shock, at what he told me; I took his hand slowly and cupped it in mine. “We will face whatever comes, together.” I promised. At some point, the both of us fell asleep on the bench, the morning sunlight shone through the windows. My cellphone’s alarm went off, my head fell downwards and I snapped awake. I looked around and stretched, I turned to Chang-Su. “Hey wake up, sleepy head. It’s 7 AM.” I yawned. Chang-Su groaned and opened his eyes sitting up, “mm?” He groaned. “See you in class, Kim Seonsaong.” I teased and turned to leave. He grabbed my arm, pulling me back to him, “what did you call me?” He asked. I was less than an inch from him, he stared at me; my heart was pounding against my chest, as he leaned closer to me. “Your breath stinks.” I answered and yawned my arm free, running off. Chang-Su blinked several times, “what did you just say?” He called after her and broke into a smile.

    I couldn’t stop laughing at what I said to him, I didn’t deny how scared I felt, when he was so close to me. I suddenly remembered, when Jae-Hwa kissed me, I raised my hand and shook my head. Upon entering the dorms, Soon-Yi was sitting in the lounge, “Soon-Yi-Ssi.” I exclaimed. She turned to me, running over to him with a face full of concern. “You weren’t in my your room, when I went to call you. Are you alright?!” She asked hugging me tightly. My body tensed under her touch, what if she recognizes Chang-Su’s scent?! Soon-Yi’s eyes narrowed at the scent, coming from her body, she recognized the smell so well, and when she pulled away; her eyes fell on the necklace upon Sakuya’s neck. I stared at her in confusion, “Soon-Yi-Ssi?” I asked. Soon-Yi snapped back into reality, “ah, go up and shower, class starts soon.” She said in a desperate tone. I nodded mechanically and went up the stairs in awkwardness. Soon-Yi stared after her in silence, and sat down once more on the couch. Chang-Su stared at the girls, “today is the day, where we try the swing dance once more. Then, we’ll discuss on how everything will be done tomorrow.” He informed.

    I gave him a stare, he stared at me and cleared his throat, “I apologize for yesterday, I had family matters to tend to.” He said bowing. “It’s fine.” Voices chimed in unison. He grinned at us, clapping his hands, “let us get started then.” He announced. We returned to our assigned places and continued practicing the T formation dance. After three hours of practicing, we settled down on the benches, Chang-Su nodded at us, pleased at our progress. “I hope you all managed to find dates and dresses.” He said happily. “Oh no, that’s right!!!” Chun-Ja exclaimed, clasping her hands on her face. Chang-Su smiled happily, “remember to be on time and be ready to put on a beautiful performance. Dismissed then, see you all tomorrow at 5 PM.” He said. We bowed and filed out of the room, chattering and gossiping. My cellphone rung, as I was wondering if I should go out to a mall.
    “Come by the office around 7 PM tonight. ~Chang-Su”

    I frowned in confusion and wondered what he wanted. Dae was on her phone, walking in and out of the lounge, asking her father to send a dress by noon the next day. Chun-Ja was doing some needlework on a gown of grey tone, she had brought from home. For some reason, Yeun-Ja was locked in her room; ever since we had returned from dinner. Time seemed to be moving so slow, as I waited for it to reach 7 PM. My eyes kept darting up to the clock, the doorbell run, Soon-Yi ran over to the doors and pulled open the double doors. Someone held out a box to her; she bowed and took it carefully, and closed the doors. Running over to me, she squealed happily like a child. “My Eomma sent this for me. Come take a look.” She said breathlessly and opened the lid. Revealing a beautiful red ruffled lolita dress, which looked amazingly cute. “It’ll look perfect on you.” I said happily. Chun-Ja stood up, holding her dress up, “ah it’s all fixed!” She cheered. It was a charcoal grey halter dress. “I wore this at my high school graduation ceremony.” She explained.

    Soon-Yi and I nodded at her words and smiled happily. The clock struck 6:45 PM, I stood up slowly, “I have to go out for a moment, excuse me.” I said and hurried out the door. Chang-Su stared at the long box on his desk, I made my way down the hall and knocked on the door. “Come in.” He called. I pushed open the door and stared at him, “you called me here?” I asked calmly. I wanted to maintain a good teacher and student bond with him, even though it was hard to try and not run into his arms. He walked over to me, “sad because you have no dress?” He teased. I scolded at him, “I am not upset. I would have gotten one, if I hadn’t had a meeting with you tonight.” I said firmly. Chang-Su smirked, “go open the box.” He informed. I was confused, I was curious at what he had planned, “me?” I asked. He nodded encouragingly in silence, I bit my lip and lifted the lid off, revealing a sky blue colored, classic elegant lolita dress. My jaw dropped in awe at the beautiful dress, “who’s is it?” I asked breathlessly. He wrapped his arms around me from behind; his head rested on my shoulder. “For you–I want you to wear it tomorrow. No matter what happens, I want you to understand me.” He said calmly.

    I shook my head frantically, “this is too valuable–I can’t accept this. I’ll just wear–” I was cut off, as he forced me to face him. I stared at him surprised, he stared back at me, “you’re my girlfriend, don’t think you can back away.” He teased. I couldn’t fight it off anymore, I loved this man, I didn’t want to fight it anymore, I decided to be selfish once more, I wanted this man; he was everything to me. I won’t hide it anymore, he stared down at me with eyes full of happiness. “Do you love me, Chang-Su?” I asked averting my gaze. Chang-Su smiled at me gently, he raised a hand and turned my head to face him. “Yes, I love you, Sakuya Suzuki, for this lifetime and the next.” He said and leaned towards me. I stared downwards, looking flustered, he kissed me on the forehead lightly. He pulled me into a tight hug, I rested my head on his chest peacefully. “You better go back, it’s getting late, see you tomorrow night.” He said softly. I pulled away and picked up the box, walking out of the office, he grabbed my arm, I stared back at him questionably. “Good Night.” He said after a moment.

    My eyes could tell he was worried about the ball, even more worried about the coming of his father. “Do your best, I trust you forever.” I said giving a hopeful smile. Chang-Su’s eyes widened, “you trust me?” He asked. He didn’t seem to understand, how to trust the one he loved, I walked over to him and stroked his cheek. “Mm, with all my heart.” I said determinedly. Chang-Su grabbed my hand, I stared at him with an encouraging expression, “I trust you as well.” He said. I blushed at his words, “Chang-Su.” I muttered. He grinned and pushed me towards the door, “now, go and get some sleep or you’ll have panda eyes.” He teased. I pouted in anger, “Now look here!! I’ll see who has the panda eyes tomorrow!” I snapped. He smiled and closed the door quietly; I walked back to the dorms in joy.

    The next day, four black cars turned onto the street and pulled up to the campus gates. The principal, assistant director, chancellor and teacher stood waiting. Doors opened, middle aged people came out of the cars. “Annyeonghaseyo, its a pleasure to have your audiences here.” Voices chimed in unison. Three middle aged men and two women stared at them in silence. From the right was Song Gyong-Si, Min Bong-Hwa (Yeun-Ja’s father), the center man was Kim Jae (father of Chang-Su and Jae-Hwa), then came Han Jae (mother of Soon-Yi) and Yun Ok-Sun (mother of Chun-Ja). “Chang-Su, Jae-Hwa.” Jae addressed. Chang-Su and Jae-Hwa walked over to their father, “Abba.” They addressed in respect. “It’s so good to see the both of you, look at how much you’ve both grown.” Jae mused. Hae walked over to them, “Chang-Su, how is Soon-Yi? Is she well?” The woman asked. Chang-Su bowed to her, “Madam Han, Soon-Yi is fine, she should still be sleeping. You’ll see your daughter tonight.” He informed and bowed in respect. Hae nodded in satisfaction and smiled happily, Hei walked over to her father happily. “Hei, how are you and your sister?” He asked. “Dae is fine, don’t worry dear Abba, you’ll see her tonight.” She promised.
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  18. Chapter Ten

    "A parent's opinion changes everything,
    their decision weighs heavily on the hearts
    of their children..."

    "Please enjoy some tea, Abba." Chang-Su said placing a cup before Jae. Jae-Hwa was sitting next to his father in silence, Jae nodded and sipped tea elegantly. "Chang-Su, you know my true purpose, of why I came right? You've put off your engagement for so long. It's time to start a family, don't you agree?" He asked. Jae-Hwa stole a glance at Chang-Su and poured more tea for his father. Chang-Su bowed his head, "yes, Abba. I am perfectly clear on your reason. However, I already have someone, you shall meet her tonight." He said. Jae-Hwa, who was holding his own cup of tea, his hand gave a jolt and spilled tea over himself. Jae raised an eyebrow, staring over at Jae-Hwa in disgust and irritation. Jae turned away from him and picked up his tea and took a sip, "oh really? A staff member of the school?" He asked. Chang-Su dropped his gaze to the floor and shook his head, "No, a student." He answered politely. Jae observed Chang-Su intensively, "surname?" He asked, after a moment of hesitation. "Suzuki." Chang-Su answered. Jae-Hwa dropped his gaze to the ground, waiting for their father to explode. "She is the Japanese girl?" Jae asked after another moment.

    "Yes, Abba." Chang-Su answered in a mechanically voice. Jae's hand balled into a fist under the table, "how old is she?" He asked after a moment. "Eighteen." Chang-Su informed. "How can you be so honest, hyeong?!" Jae-Hwa mouthed at Chang-Su in agony and outrage. Jae placed down his cup of tea, "let us see tonight." He said and opened a book and begun to read. After a moment, Jae raised his eyes to both of his sons, "mm? you both are free to leave, I want to join the other parents in reception. See you all tonight." He said motioning them to leave. Chang-Su and Jae-Hwa bowed at their father and turned leaving in silence. Jae stared after them in silence, he turned away in anger, which he couldn't let out. The girls woke up around noon, we helped each other with our hair and makeup. Laughter and giggling consumed the air, who would have known, what would happen in a few hours from now. When we were done with out hair and make up, our dresses laid out on the couch in a row. There was Chun-Ja's charcoal grey halter dress, Soon-Yi's red ruffles lolita dress, Dae's pink strapless gown, Yeun-Ja's little black dress and my sky blue elegant lolita dress. We smiled at each other and changed into our dresses, Soon-Yi was helping me tie the strings. Her eyes lingered on the necklace upon my neck. I followed her gaze and flushed red at once, "that is a beautiful necklace." She commented.

    "Thanks." I mumbled. We exchanged embarrassed gazes with each other, I felt Soon-Yi already knew what the relationship was between Chang-Su and I. "Are you out of your mind?! You told Abba everything at once?! Did you see his face color?! You can only imagine what will happen tonight! It's going to be a massacre! I can't even begin to comprehend the outcome." Jae-Hwa exclaimed. Chang-Su took a deep breath, "I believe Abba--" Chang-Su started. "Abba is the most prejudice and selfish man, I ever met." Jae-Hwa spat. Chang-Su looked away, "...If anything happens, I hope I can count on you tonight." He said. Jae-Hwa stared at him in irritation, "she is your girlfriend, why are you pushing me forward?! You can't even protect her?! Then, what right do you have to have her?! Now...wait a moment!" He sputtered. Chang-Su let out a chuckle, "you will protect her right?" Chang-Su asked.

    Jae-Hwa stared at him in bewilderment, "isn't that your responsibility?" He asked. Chang-Su leaned against the tree and let out a sigh, "because I am frightened, I am father's oldest son. I have other responsibilities...I can't." He sighed. Jae-Hwa was about to reply, when his cell rung, he turned away and answered, "yes--the ball is in one hour. Don't worry about what I am wearing." Jae-Hwa hissed into the phone. Chang-Su shook his head and walked off smiling, Dae giggled into the phone, "alright, then come pick me up soon." She chimed and hung up. I sat next to Soon-Yi on the couch in silence, my thoughts were flying off to other places already, my cell suddenly rung. "Annyeonghaseyo." I greeted and stood up. "Can you out for a moment? I want to see you." came Chang-Su's on the other end. "Where are you?" I asked. "...In the back of the dorm building." He answered.

    I excused myself from the group and walked around to the back of the building. Chang-Su stared at me, I bowed at him politely, he walked over to me. "You look stunning." He breathed. I blushed deeply, he took my hands slowly, my hair was straightened and had a matching hairband. "May--I hug you once more?" He asked. I frowned at him, "you are sounding like, this is our last day together." I said uneasily and moved away. He broke into a sad smile, "silly girl." He teased. "I-I trust you." I said. Chang-Su pulled me forward into a hug, "I love you, no matter what happens." He whispered. I nodded in silence, though I had a feeling something was wrong with him. "You promised to tell me everything, is something bothering you?" I asked finally. Chang-Su's grip tightened around me, there was no way he could tell her. "Nothing, it's nothing." He said. At that moment, I begun to grow wearily of him, keeping to himself. But, I loved him so much, I didn't mind at all. He pulled away from me, "see you at the ball." He said. I nodded at him, he gripped my hand tightly and then walked off. I stared after his lonely looking back and couldn't help, but want to run after him.

    "Sakuya?!" Voices called from inside the dorm, forced me to turn back. If only I had ignored the voices, and chose to run after Chang-Su, things may have turned out differently. Music was playing in the auditorium as the guests started to arrive, the usually empty rows of seats were being filled up by every passing minute. The five of us were standing behind the curtains, Chang-Su was standing next to Soon-Yi in stony silence. Jae-Hwa was walking around the rows of seats, trying to avoid Hei. Gyong-Si stared at them and scowled, "that's enough, the both of you!" He snapped. Jae-Hwa slid into the seat next to his father, Hei sat on the other side of Jae happily. The principal tapped the microphone nervously, "Welcome, Annyeonghaseyo. It's a pleasure for you all to come to our school, I present to you, the swing dance performance, led by Instructor Kim!" She informed and applauded happily, moving off the stage. The curtains were rolled up, revealing us in formation, Chang-Su led Soon-Yi along as the rest of us followed in perfect coordination. Jae observed the dance from his seat in interest, "Jae-Hwa, which girl is it?" He asked. Jae-Hwa stared at his father, and decided to play dumb, "which girl?" He asked uneasily.

    "Sakuya Suzuki." His father reminded. Jae-Hwa's gaze dropped at once, Hei smirked over at him and leaned over to Jae. "Sir, it's the one in the blue and white dress." She whispered. Jae-Hwa raised his gaze to Hei in fiery and hate, she winked at him and looked away. Jae's eyes followed Sakuya around the stage, I felt the uneasiness of eyes on me; however, I couldn't do anything and endured it. The dance concluded, we all gave elegant bows to the audience as they applauded in joy. The curtains were fallen down, marking the end; the principal walked up to the stage and bowed. "Thank you for that amazing performance, now we'll have the reception opening message from Sir Kim Jae." She announced. Jae stood up and made his way over to the microphone, "I am Kim Jae, it's an honor to be here, please feel free to enjoy the refreshments and company, thank you very much." He finished as the curtains rose up. Revealing tables of refreshment and flower bouquets around the tables. "Help yourselves!" Jae called. Everyone stared moving around towards the food.

    I held a glass of juice and sipped at it politely, listening to Chun-Ja talk with Yeun-Ja. Dae stood with Jae-Hwa, trying to engage him in conversation. Jae nodded at Soon-Yi in joy, "you've become so beautiful, Soon-Yi." He commented. Soon-Yi blushed beet red, "thank you for your kind words, Sir." She said politely. Chang-Su wasn't paying attention to them at all, Hae walked over to them and patted Soon-Yi's shoulder. She turned to her mother and broke into a wide smile, "Eommi!!!" She exclaimed and hugged her mother tightly. Seeing everyone with their parents, caused me to suddenly think of my own mother. I started to wonder how she was doing in Tokyo and was she taking care of herself. Soon-Yi turned to me and waved frantically for me to come over; I blinked at her in shock. It seemed like an unavoidable matter, I walked over to them slowly trying to encourage myself. Chang-Su stared at him calmly, I gave a polite bow, "Annyeonghaseyo. I'm Sakuya Suzuki, a pleasure to meet everyone." I greeted in a warm tone.

    Jae averted his gaze from me at once, Soon-Yi wrapped a hand around my arm happily. "She is my best friend here, a sisterly figure you could say." She introduced in a cheerful tone. "A sister--should know her place, and not be such an insolent girl before us. We, Koreans dislike our children engaging with other nationalities. Such as our families, with such high ranks in society and business; do not allow such lowly children to taint our names with their impurity." Jae said in an icy tone. My face was burning up, "Uncle Kim..." Soon-Yi started in confusion and uneasiness. Jae shifted his gaze onto me finally, giving a sweeping gaze, "you obviously have talent, otherwise you wouldn't be here. Blame yourself for being born into the wrong family. How dare you set eyes on my son, a piece of trash like you. Your father died when you were two years old, your mother is working in a bakery. You were beaten brutally at the age of twelve, by a classmate. That is why you trained in self-defense, a year later; you knocked that classmate's teeth out. Must I continue?" He scoffed. My hands clenched into fists, I was on the edge of karate chopping this man until he begged for mercy.

    "Shut up, what do you know? Don't trust everything, that is written on paper. What are you trying to say?" I asked in a cold tone. Jae narrowed his eyes sharply at me, "Chang-Su and Soon-Yi will be engaged, if you don't stay away from my son, I'll have you expelled." He threatened. The entire room went deadly quiet, Soon-Yi stared over at Chang-Su; Chang-Su stared over at me with a horrified expression. I sneered at him, "a high ranked figure in society, taking such drastic action for a girl like me. Hmph, should I feel honored?" I teased in a mocking tone. Jae's expression turned from pleasure to astonishment, "Don't you dare toy with me, you lowly born child. Return the necklace of Sharon to me." He ordered. I took a deep breath, I knew this would be what he was after, I tugged the necklace off my neck roughly,"You want it? Fine, I don't want anything to do with rich people like yourselves." I retorted and threw the necklace to the ground in anger. No one dared to move an inch, I turned to leave; as the principal moved forward blocking my way. I glared at her long and hard, she flinched slightly at the killing intent, erupting from my body. "I didn't say you could leave, you're to watch Chang-Su put the family necklace upon Soon-Yi's neck." Jae informed with mockery in his voice.

    I was in great pain and anger at the same time, I wanted to cry, scream and pout with all my might. But, I forced myself to turn back to them with a straight face. "Everyone has a bottom line, don't try me..." I muttered. Jae walked over to me slowly, grabbing my arm with an iron grasp. "I want you to see with your own eyes, at what true love is and give you a sense of closure." He taunted. I winced at the grasp and at his words in disgust, Jae turned to Chang-Su, "Chang-Su...place the necklace upon the neck of the rightful wife of the Kim family." He ordered. Hei moved forward and picked up the necklace, holding it out to Chang-Su with a smirk upon her face. Chang-Su's eyes were glued onto me; Hei stared up at him and gave a nudge. He took the necklace from her without taking his eyes off me. Hae pushed Soon-Yi over to him, "Eommi--I--!" Soon-Yi started helplessly. Her mother scowled at her, "Silence, this is the greatest blessing, you could ever wish for." Her mother hissed.

    "Listen to your mother, Soon-Yi-Ssi. The woman who deserves to stand by Kim Seonsaong's side is you. No one can take your place." Hei said clearly and loudly on purpose. Jae-Hwa was staring over at Sakuya, during the entire time of the event. Jae stared at Chang-Su and moved forward, while still grabbing my arm. "Put it on her right now." He said in a forceful tone. Chang-Su gulped and turned to Soon-Yi, she stared at him with a horror stricken face. She turned her attention onto me, she didn't want to hurt her best friend, but she couldn't refuse or disobey her mother's wish. He leaned over to her and placed the necklace upon her neck; applause filled the air. I turned, swiping my arm out of Jae's grasp and ran past the principal; heading up the ramp without looking back. Jae-Hwa stared after her, and then shifted his gaze onto his brother. He couldn't keep the anger bottled inside him anymore, "I can't believe you, you're such a despicable man, you are a disgrace to the world of men. You're obeying him?! This was your plan?!" He yelled.

    Chang-Su dropped his gaze to the ground, "loving someone, doesn't mean we have to have them. As long as we see them, it's enough." Chang-Su said simply. Jae-Hwa hissed in irritation and pushed past them, running after Sakuya without another word. I sat under my favorite tree on the campus, it was mid-August; however, there was still a taint of humidity in the air. No one would be able to find me here, I believed that, and so I allowed my tears to flow down my face. I haven't cried like this in over six years, the last time I cried like this, was when I got beaten in a Kendo competition. My heart felt like someone had stabbed, or squeezed my heart until it was about to burst. I was abandoned once again by a man, I loved. I couldn't accept the fact; when I was abandoned by Ichiro, it didn't hurt this much. I started to believe; I had truly fallen deeply in love with Chang-Su. I let out a pained sigh and rested my head on the trunk of the tree. I felt so tired, I wanted to take a break and relax, to step away for just a short moment, would be good.

    Yeun-Ja was sitting at the end of a row, mixing two types of liquor together. Her father made his way over to her, and sat down next to her, she stared at him from the corner of her eye. “Yeun-Ja...” He started. She turned away from him and sipped at her drink, letting out a sigh. Bong-Hwa stared at her and observed the dress she was wearing, "you're wearing the dress, your mother left behind." He said. She stood up abruptly and splashed her entire cup of liquor in his face, "don't you dare mention her name with your dirty mouth. Don't think I'll forget, you are the reason, mother died. I will never forget that." She hissed and walked off without looking back at him. Bong-Hwa wiped his face with a hand and let out a sad sigh. Dae sat with Chun-Ja on the stairs, "Ah, this turned out bad, didn't it?" Dae hiccuped. Chun-Ja nodded in agreement without a word, Chang-Su and Soon-Yi sat at the table together in awkward silence.

    "Do you want another drink?" He asked after a moment. Soon-Yi shook her head frantically, Chang-Su stood up abruptly, she raised her head up towards him. Jae glared at him aggressively from across the stage, Chang-Su stared at him and succumbed, slumping back into his seat. A sharp pain pierced into his head, he winced in pain and closed his eyes. Soon-Yi stared at her, "are you alright, Chang-Su?" She asked. He turned towards her, "don't call me, by that name." He said in a cold tone. Soon-Yi lowered her head in shame and looked away. Yeun-Ja stood behind Dae and Chun-Ja with another mixed liquor drink in her hand, "who's side are you on?" Chun-Ja asked, nudging Dae curiously. Dae stared at the scene lazily eyed and hiccuped again, "Mm, Sakuya all the way!" She cheered. Chun-Ja nodded and tilted her head, staring up at Yeun-Ja. "What about you, Yeun-Ja?" She asked. Yeun-Ja's head bobbed up and down, "I follow DaeDae's lead." She answered and spun around on the spot. Chun-Ja let out a small sigh, "I guess I have no choice, but to follow you girls then. To be honest...I think Sakuya and Chang-Su make the cuter couple." She said softly and massaged her neck.

    Jae-Hwa ran around the campus helplessly, his mind kept replaying Sakuya's words and expressions. He was worried, that she would do something reckless, "Sakuya!!!!!!!! Don't scare me like this!!!!" He yelled into the darkened campus grounds.
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