1. A thread where you can post some really good AMVs and MADs.

    Try to keep them good, ie no subtitles on the AMV or Naruto+Linkin Park combos etc..

    To start off I found this little gem while lurking on NicoNico

    YouTube - Kimagurren Lagann 「LIFE」-Final-
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  2. ^I love that one. Reminds me of my anime noob days.
  3. Lol, I don't know if you were trying to take a jab a me, but seriously - I haven't gotten any Naruto or OP in so long seeing this is like is all cool uber nostalgia and what not.
  4. Nah no hostile intentions, I just meant it was really nostalgic lol
  5. I figured this would be good for this kind of thing. I added a new BBCode that allows for HD Youtube video. It should work as long as there is a high quality version of the video available.


    The argument you should use is the letters after the ?v=

    This will give you a result like this:

  6. One of the many MAD out there which shows some awesome Japanese animation.

  7. That MAD is simply ledgendary. Really made me want to rewatch some Sword of the Stranger too. =p

    Here's another that I can't help but enjoy

    but sadly, it's incomplete. =
  8. Oh and I'd never forgive myself if I didn't post this DN one up in here too.

    It depicts the whole series so well.
  9. Best of 2008
  10. Man I just watched the best of 2008 one. If someone can guess all the animes they show then you're one crazy ass anime freak. I saw so much moe shit. Surely Krozar knows what shows they are.

    @kraker2k Yeah Bones animation rules especially with the help of the genius Yutaka Nakamura.
  11. ^Embedding disabled for that one Duo.

    Surely you've all heard of nostromo and his epic work.

    Auriga still takes the cake. and winner of Japan's 2008 Expo.

    Far better to watch in HD.
  12. ^ Ah shit yeah, I never played it after posting it here, and it showed no sign of not working unless you play it.

    Here's another F/SN one, hopefully it'll work:

    YouTube - Fate feat. Hormone2
  13. @Arukas I didn't really like that one. Animation was good but the music and design is a turn of for me. So who is this nostromo?
  14. I saw it now too, I recognised about half of them. I never seen the frog one I just thought it was a kiddy show but it has some great animation.

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