1. Well i don't know if there's any rap fans here, but i am a rap fan and this thread is gonna be about posting and rating different rap styles. East coast and West coast fans need to come together and post their opinions. Here's a funny ass diss song.....
    YouTube - yukmouth-game over pt.2
  2. that other thread is too broad. rap and hip-hop shouldnt just be lumped with r&b and soul.

    anyways...for me, east coast rap will always be the best. when it comes to east coast rap, it's all about the lyrics and what you actually say. with a lot of songs that some of these other areas, the content isnt as important and i dont like that.

    as always, my favorite rap group is and will continue to be the l.o.x.
  3. old rap/ hip-hop in the 90s good music ^^
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  4. That was a pretty dope song, i always liked to listen to shit like snoop and dre back in the day. Any chill song i could smoke a blunt to really.
  5. Glad some people agree with me. All these teenagers nowdays don't know their roots. That song brings back elementary school day memories.
  6. I normally only like older rap.
    KMD - Hum Rush
    Flowing to the bert humming ... That wouldn't happen today.
  7. That is acctually MF DOOM -who is one of my personal favorites- but at that time he went by the name Zev Love X.
  8. I know what you guys mean, I was a huge Ice Cube fan. Beef wit him ment ending your career. Who else could drip Jheri Curl juice on the presidents carpet?
  9. Tribe called quest.
  10. The group was awesome, they had a catchy flow, as well as being conscience lyricist.

    -That's until Q-tip aka I sold my soul for a platinum record then flopped aka Mr.
    Vibrant Thang himself, had to go and ruin things.
  11. When I was just gettin' into rap, this was the all time theme song for me.

    Don't play, ya'll remember.

  12. LL was the shit, but i like this song better.

    I was born in 84, but my cousins and brother got me by 10 years so i know the old school shit.

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