1. Want to stream anime but tired of sifting through the fake videos on YouTube and Veoh?

    Anivide provides up-to-date links. Not all are guaranteed to work, especially for older, licensed series, but it's quite useful.
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  2. Stuck since this will help out for people trying to find things.

    Also I'll reserve this and put up an IRC tutorial when I have a bit more time.
  3. I'm totally depressed that I can no longer access Tokyo Toshokan. I'll be damned if I'm going to d/l an irc programme just to get it either.

    Some other sites that haven't been mentioned as of yet, I think:
    Anime Take isn't too shabby. Both torrents and DDLs.
    AnimeSuki for unlicensed torrents only.
  4. Yeah, not alot of people know about .info but thats where they are now, its still the same old place.
  5. watchanimeon.com is my favorite site for good quality streams that I usually watch on my PS3 on the big screen. It has upto the second uploads for all current animes and has old ones as well.
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  6. I recently stumbled upon this superb website, basically has great quality streaming of most popular animes. Thought I'd share the love


    it's legit
  7. We have a list of all the anime series you can watch for free on our site. Keep in mind we only add the ones that are LEGALLY posted.

    Anime Directory
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  8. I'll start: Anyone knows where to get the full versions of the new Naruto opening/ending?
  9. The full version isn't out yet. Should be out soon though. Though I can give you the TV version (Tokyo Toshokan has it) but if you don't like torrents, here: DDL
  10. Does anyone know if a non vocal version of 'Nothing can be explained' from the Bleach OST exists? Been looking for ages for it.

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