1. YOOOOOO~ I saw this shit at work today and it had me fucking dying. That's fucking ace parenting right there!

    "I don't care if it fucking "Happy Birthday" Imma whoop yo ass!"

    EDIT: Wait wat? This video is apparently under the Youth Protection Act as possible evidence? WHAT THE FUCK AMERICA?!
  2. Lawl it's funnier if you imagine that kid is Fresh.
  3. Lmaooooooooo, asshole haha
  4. epic video is epic

    This is what's wrong with society now, when you can't hit your children and show it online to humiliate them, how are you supposed to be a good parent when all you're doing is looking out for them?
  5. "that shit aint real...but this ass whoopin is"

    LMAO! gotta love black parents/families (who give a damn)
  6. ^all minority families have ass whoopin and real punishments. fuck 1 time my mom threw a set of keys at me and use to whoop our ass if we were actin up. wut else would she do......... she'd put uncooked rice on the concrete and make get on my bare knees on them and make me sit there for awhile.... the list goes on.
  7. Haha, dang man. I've never heard of that one before, hahaha
  8. ^it's not like it would be forever, it was actually real short but it hurt like a bitch LOL
  9. While it seems that all white parents now scream for fair play and not hitting your kids, rest assured, my kids will be hit if they are acting up, when i have them. It's how i was raised, how my parents were raised, and how their parents were raised.
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  10. ^Props to the guy for being involved in the kids life.
  11. Ahahahahaahahahaha This takes me back to the beatings I used to get. Books, branches, belts, extension cords. Everything is fair game. Youth Protection Act says I can't beat my kids? I MAD.
  12. Unless you live in a place like San Fran or Seattle, good luck getting any jury to give a shit about the Youth Protection Act.
  13. Kids now a days need their asses whooped. Parents are getting soft. I got whooped with belts, brushes, branches, wooden spoons. Thats why people are out of control today.
  14. my mom used to do the same thing

    it was her version of "time out" and i will be using it on my kids

    step 1. ass whoopin
    step 2. uncooked rice in teh corner...you get on your knees and put your nose in teh corner
    step 2b. if your nose came out of the corner...another ass whooping
    step 2c. repeat steps 2 as necessary
    step 3. dad gets home and ANOTHER ass whoopin

    ...we learned quickly in my house :unsure:...hated it at the time...but DAMN do I miss if from society today
  15. ^Same here. My parents were divorced when I was a baby so luckily i didn't get 2 ass whoopins since both step parents weren't allowed to discipline.
  16. LOL easy mode, if that was me I would have gotten the "MOVE YOUR HAND" ah good times.
  17. I never really got an ass whoppin. I just got sent to my room or I just knew better not to do retarded shit that would lead to me being punished.

    It was torture though because I had shit in my room when I was a kid :D
  18. and OH MY GOD if you actually cried!!
    it would be..."you think thats bad? Ill give you something to cry about!!" and then more ass whoopins
    ...only the best childhood memories :lol:

    I dont remember what I got for christmas...but I do remember that ass whoopin when I thought it would be cool to climb the tree (my older brothers idea)...and of course it fell over and set the curtains on fire :ouch...it hurts:

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