1. Plot.

    "Bound for a remote planet on the far side of the galaxy, the crew of the colony ship Covenant find what they believe to be an uncharted paradise. What the crew discover is a dark, dangerous world, whose sole inhabitant is the "synthetic" David , survivor of the doomed Prometheus expedition."


    Please be better then Prometheus.
  2. Trailer our GTFO! I've been a fan of Aliens since I was a small kid so I will watch this. Am I the only one that enjoyed Prometheus?
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  3. You aren't the only one. I didn't get why people complained about the movie. I didnt have any major problems with it. In fact I would go as far as to say its the 3rd best movie in the franchise (4th if you include the predator movies).
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  4. Aliens 2 to this day is not only the best but one of my top movies of all time.
  5. While I respect you guys opinion im gonna have to disagree.

    'Prometheus in my opinion was just boring and not scary at all. It was also filled with a bunch of uninteresting characters.The only character that was somewhat interesting was David.

  6. red band trailer
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  7. So... this is like the last movie but with aliens. Neat... who gives a shit and why is the android on their ship or still alive for that matter? Hey look.. same movie different crew!
  8. Well that certainly looks better then Prometheus.
  9. Upgraded version of the same model as David. Fassbender plays two characters this time.
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  10. lol sorry my post was a bit over the top but I expected more however that explains a lot. I never read that on cbm or anywhere but now I'm like.. Hello Megan!

    Well I do hope it gives me the feels like rogue one did. A little bit of the old Alien and Aliens movies and not so much Prometheus.
  11. Where the hell did James Franco come from? Guess he dies from whatever sickness he has in this prologue.

  12. Look at that glorious alien at the end.
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  13. Wonderful! Wonderful!
  14. Now that was one badass trailer.
  15. I'm even more excited wow :)
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  18. I'm not sure exactly what I'm going to say about the film yet but because it may contain spoilers I'll put my comments in a lovely "click to see" button.

    I don't think I was expecting a lot from this film and I don't know if that has helped me or not. I did enjoy the film and I think it's worth watching but a couple of things have left me disappointed.

    I hated the predictable twist at the end. I was so hoping that it wasn't David. If it had been Walter on the Covenant it would have been fine. His delay in responding to Daniels made sense, he was challenging his actions, rethinking what he'd done and also was probably in awe of the new lifeform in front of him.

    There was no need for David to be on board. I was happy that his story had ended and I don't believe we need to see any more from him.

    That was point one for disappointment, point two came in the form that I wanted to see the space jockeys. I wanted to learn more about them and I wanted to see more interaction.

    When the crew arrived on a dead world I still had hope. I thought that we might meet them later on or would be treated to more explanation in the form of a history lesson from David or some flashbacks. What we got was a big let down. We were teased that there was a hugely advanced civilisation on the planet and we were treated to a 30 second massacre. That was not what I wanted to happen.

    I said that there were a couple of things I found disappointing but this is worth mentioning as well... wtf happened to James Franco?! I saw the prologue, enjoyed his screen time and assumed he'd have more... infact I even assumed he would be the focus. I will have to go back and watch all the links posted previously to see if there was more around that. I don't mind main characters or important characters dying but it did seem odd for him to not feature at all.

    Overall we got to see the next evolution of the xenomorph and got to see how that form was created. That's fine and possibly what everyone wanted and was expecting from Prometheus I assume? I was happy to just put the pieces together myself but unfortunately for me Prometheus just perked my interest in the space jockeys and that wasn't satisfied at all. I know there will be a sequel (or there are plans for one) but right now I haven't had all the peices I wanted. Essentially I wanted Scotts initial direction for the film. I accepted Prometheus and understood it to be in the same universe as Alien but not the same kind of film. For that reason Alien Covenant missed the mark for me.

    Did I jump or get scared? Nope. Did I find the special effects amazing? Nope and in fact while in the transports medical room when the first xenomorph thing burst out I thought the effects were a bit dodgy at one stage (that was a first impression and I may be wrong). Did this feel like an Alien film? No, not really. Did I care for the characters? Nope, it felt entirely recycled. Did I expect more from Ridley Scott? Yes, very much so.

    I've been very negative so I will repeat that I did enjoy the film and it is by no means bad. I just wished it was more satisfying for me.

    :Edit: The below does contain spoilers

    Johnny Millenium pretty much summed up my thoughts although he was more negative then I was. I do agree with him but I'm less passionate :p

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