1. July 12 is the day!

    Set in a fictitious world reminiscent of Medieval Europe in which magic exists and the seasons can last for many years, A Song of Ice and Fire follows the violent dynastic struggles of an empire in turmoil. A Dance with Dragons continues the events of A Storm of Swords (2000), the third novel in the series. The first part of the book runs concurrently with that of its predecessor, A Feast for Crows (2005), while the second is set afterwards and will give resolution to some of the storylines begun in A Feast for Crows.[8]
  2. Reading nao

    I will have to tread slowly to avoid spoilers nao.
  4. god damn i still don't have it@!@@!!@!
  5. Just got in the mail. B-day is the 17th, but i already got my fav present. Happy B-day to me.
  6. Didn't think it was till August, then a friend mentioned a few days ago.

    Have a big trip coming up though so...looking good that I'll pick this up, Reapers Gale (was blowing through Erickson waaayyy too fast early this year...) and some The Heroes by Joe Abercrombie.

    Lot's of reading coming up...can't wait to get this one though, been waiting for years...
  7. So you finished Kroz? whatcha think?
  8. I finally finished the book.

    Ummmm, let's just say I really want to know about Jon Snow now. For one, who was actually his mother? And other stuff which I won't say just because I know it is a total spoiler.

    Ummmm, my mom told me about a theory were Ned wasn't Jon's father... that maybe it was actually Rhaegar. Thoughts?
  9. Not done yet. Been busy with a lot of stuff. Halfway through.
  10. nigga you slows as fuck
  11. I finished about a month and a half ago.

    So who here didn't see Jon's death? Probably the least surprising killing of a major character in the series. Being a bleeding heart is not healthy in the world of ASoIaF. I wonder how Sam takes the news if he ever hears the truth of it. I bet he will since Sam got the revelation from Amon (he needs to do something with that info). But what he does with all that information will be interesting. For some reason I don't see a Maester's chain in his future.

    The story moves to Dany with even more seriousness. Bitch getting scorned and she's coming back with full Targaryen rage. No more nice Dany.

    A dragon's going to have some Hizdahr-on-a-stick, who probably turns out to be innocent anyways LOL with the Harpy setting him up essentially.
  12. Krozar, you know Jon's comming back right? Its a plain as day
  13. What, similar to a Lady Stoneheart?
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  15. Finally got to this one. Eh spoilers I guess...

    Was an alright read, but for the wait, and the hype, and even the added timeline stuff....It got about as much accomplished as Feast for Crows did.

    Which makes sense...but this is not the book to finally, really jumpstart this series into it's climax.

    Jon's death, I actually didn't think he'd "kill" him but he's a warg anyways, so it's not as if he won't be back in some way. Still, he had the right idea, since...that's kinda what needs to be focused on right now with Winter coming.

    Wasn't expecting as much Theon in this book, or as much House Greyjoy stuff at all really. From Theon, Asha, and the Uncle out on Slavers Bay. It was alright...but not what I was expecting from the book.

    Even the Tyrion stuff was a little insufferable, until his last three chapters where he finally got his act together.

    Dany mess has always been up and down for me. I'm just pissed at her sitting in Meeren for the entire book. Should've left the moment they started killing people...but "she's just a young girl" blah blah blah. Extremely obnoxious, but whatever, have make mistakes in this world in order to succeed, and she's lucky her mistakes haven't gotten her killed yet.

    Liked the Jon Connington stuff though. Great "new" character. Also loved the Selmy chapters. He is a great, great, character...though I always enjoyed the wiser characters who just know how things work from experience. Selmy will potentially do awesome things before he's betrayed by the Shavepate dude right when Dany finally shows up to Meeren in the next book.

    Anyway, I guess my hopes for this book being closer to Clash and Storm was unfounded. When I heard he was moving past the Feast timeline and adding in more characters from the South and all that...I figured we'd really be moving places, and the whole "silence before the storm" feeling that Feast had would be done halfway through the book.

    He's putting all the pieces in place...so yeah, cool. I'm just annoyed I had to wait an extra year for it. And who KNOWS when book six will be out, what with how well the HBO series took off.


    Still, good book, still a good series...but I'm glad I have the last three Malazaan books to read...and glad that series is already over.
  16. *Wants to talk about series as I'm on the third book but must stay away from this thread*
  17. So I'm current amidst this book and like I mentioned in the TV thread Dany's attitude and ignorance towards Westeros drives me crazy. When Barristan Selmy tried to explain to her about Eddard Stark I sort of raged at her response.

    She really is quite ignorant. Like I mentioned in TV thread, what entitlement to the throne does she really have? What Robert did to your family, your family did to the original Kings of Westeros.


    While I have no doubts that Rhaegar was indeed a great man who would have been a great king he is the entire reason Westeros is in the situation it's in right now. It can all be traced back to his one fatal mistake and that was taking Brandon and Eddard's sister.

    Look at the facts Dany:

    -Rhaegar takes their sister and doesn't explain why

    -Brandon (rightfully) gets pissed goes to King's Landing with his boys and says "YO PRINCE WTF? GET THE FUCK OUT HERE!"

    -Your psycho father tells their fathers to come pay for the crimes their sons committed. All the while not acknowledging the stupid thing your brother just did.

    -Your father kills them in the most brutal of ways

    -Your father then tells Jon Arryn to bring him the heads of Eddard and Robert again for no apparent reason

    -He says fuck that and raises his banners

    -Which leads to the end of your family and Robert on the throne.

    Seriously all Rhaegar had to do was go, "Hey guys, let me explain."

    Bitch, get your facts straight. Someone really needs to tell her all these things. And now with her nephew still alive she's in a bit of a pickle. There is no question that he has a much better claim that she does and now one of two things can happen, "She'll gladly lend all her power and support towards helping HIM become the leader of Westeros...or she won't."

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