1. I'm disappoint no one has mentioned Brave Starr here :..

    This must have been the most stylistic American cartoon I have ever watched.
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  2. Captain Simian and the Space Monkeys
    ...also computer generated Reboot (slightly below avg because they didnt expect it to catch on like it did...so they just put out as much as possible)....and Roughnecks: Starship Troopers (excellent excellent...but got cancelled before it completed...think it was something like the studio burned down and went bankrupt because they lost all of their future episodes)
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  3. Transformers 84.. hell even superfriends 73.
    G Force 86 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/G-Force:_Guardians_of_Space

    Oh and of course Star Blazers which most of us know as another name from the jp series but still:

    goto 4:08

    Xmen of which I still have the dvd's.

    "X-Men: Slave Island (#1.7)" (1993)

    [Gambit is carrying Jubilee over his shoulder]
    Gambit: How do you sweat so much, Petite, and not lose weight?
    Jubilee: Ooh, I hate you!

    Jubilee: That's a Sentinel! I thought we wiped out those overgrown dweebs!
    Gambit: There's always more gators in the bayou.
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  4. Ouch. Thats a rough reason for a cancellation.
  5. I didn't want to start listing loads of cartoons that I watched as a kid that were great at the time but really don't translate well. If I did that I would have pumped out things like King Arthur and the Knights of Justice, Defenders of the Earth, Visionaries, The Centurians, Pirates of Dark Water, Mighty Ducks, James Bond Jr, Ironman, Fantastic Four and Prince Valiant. I could go on for ages. Brave Starr was good though.

    For me the cartoons I most enjoyed were Thundercats, Bucky O'Hare and when I was a little older (or it seemed that way) X-Men. The only other thing that came close were Gerry Anderson series like Thunderbirds, Stongray, Fireball XL5 and Captain Scartlet but they aren't cartoons and they aren't 80's or 90's :p

    When I left home I first discovered Limewire I downloaded loads of cartoon theme tunes. I could get about 60 on an audio cd and I used to sell them to people. Everyone loved it. I had things like The Racoons, Trap Door, Bananaman, Superted, Fraggle Rock... just about anything that was on the TV for people my age.

    I have fond memories of most cartoons from my childhood and I'm a sucker for nostalgia. The theme tunes are still on my iphone and occasionally driving in to work I will rock out to the intro from SWAT Kats, Dungeons and Dragons, Heathcliff (that happened on the way home tonight) or something similar :p
  6. I know some I posted were anime initially but you have to remember that alot of NA kids saw that stuff for the first time in English.

    Most if not all had no clue wth anime was so it was all cartoons to them as US companies bought the rights to air it on TV with a dub created and mixed in the shows with American toons for after school blocks. It was basically the toonami back then and that included Gundam shows.
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  7. I'm just gonna leave this here. Enjoy the nostalgia :)
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  8. Man how could I forget about dungeons and dragons. I used to love that show.
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  9. It's amazing that after all these years I could have still sang to you (off the top of my head) Inspector Gadget and Ghostbusters.

    Of course I could do Pink Panther and X-Men too... Other notables:


    GI Joe

    Batman TAS
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  10. I wasn't super into SWAT Cats. I would watch it every so often but the season 2 opening is always just amazing.

    I miss when companies not only wanted to make money and merchandise with cartoons but they also seemed to care about making cool stuff. It's just such a different world now with all of the things you have you compete with for people's attention.

    The 90s was the peak of Jim Lee's career...of course he's a very rich man now as the co-publisher of DC.
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  11. I didn't think anyone outside the UK would have seen Poddington Peas or Trap Door. When I saw those I was then expecting to see Count Duckula but again, I didn't expect that anyone in the rest of the world got to see those programs.

    Did anyone ever watch The New Adventures of He-Man? I wasn't much of a fan of the original series but I did quite like that one when I was younger.
  12. We did get Count Duckula in the States...at least the first season.

    Seriously, though. While very dated and a product of their time 80s and 90s cartoons were great. It was the peak of the Saturday morning cartoon age and it was companies were basically throwing shit at the wall and seeing what stuck. It gave us so much stuff.

    Also, look at how many shows were outsourced to Japan in the 80s and 90s. Especially in the 80s were they specifically wanted the Japanese anime look as opposed to in the 90s were the basically just outsourced to Japan but the design was still American. For example, Batman and Spider-man were both outsourced to Japanese studios but The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers, Visionaries: Knights of Magical Light, Bionic Six and Transformers have distinctly 80s Japanese animation designs with that American money. God damn I miss that look.

    With the exception of Transformers most of the series' I mentioned were done by TMS Entertainment which is a major studio in Japan. They've done a lot over the decades:

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  13. I'm not quite sure what you're saying DM. The list of series that you posted were produced in Japan and funded by the US company? I assumed that most of those series were made in the US using US animation studios. If that isn't the case then my mind is slightly blown... as a starter just knowing that Galaxy High was drawn in Japan has come as a complete shock. I always associated that with US animation.


    That's fine, I've gone through the list and checked, most of what I thought was made in the US, France or Japan was correct. Galaxy High was still a surprise exception but I knew Ulysses 31 was writen and funded in France but animated in Japan. It was among the first to be made like that and paved the way for series like Thunderats.
  14. Yeah even some of what I listed above were original Japan manga or anime series and US companies bought the rights even back in the 70's.
    Scroll down to production and release:
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  15. That trend goes all the way to Astro Boy. My father was a fan of Gigantor (1964) as a kid and Tobor The 8th man (1965). Both adapted from Japanese properties.
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  17. Yeah... according to the latest update they still don't have anyone to actually finance it almost 2 years later. I'm not sure I'd hold my breath, but I suppose something could change.

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