1. I spent a fair amount of my childhood (90s) watching reruns of cartoons from these two decades. I remember quite a number of them like He-Man, Thundercats, Transformers, Captain Planet, The Mask and many more but because of the nature of the broadcast that was available to me I doubt I managed to watch any of the shows from beginning to the end. Over the last few years I've revisited some of these old shows. For nostalgia and also with a mission to watch them fully. And while there were some really good ones like Batman TAS there were also a lot of crappy ones that no longer work in the current day and age.

    Recently I began watching some of these cartoons once more and now am looking for the ones that have stood the test of time. Currently I'm watching Gargoyles and Transformers. I want to know what other shows that still hold up today. And I want you guys to recommend your favorite shows from childhood that doesn't make you want to cringe when you watch it now. Remember to limit your selection to shows that you have rewatched as an adult and still found to be good. Also limit them to western animation only. No anime.
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  2. The first season of Transformers is pretty awful and cringe worthy. Gargoyles is stick very good.
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  3. Agreed. But I'm a huge fan of the dynamic between Starscream and Megatron so i'm still watching it.
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  4. I still dig Johnny Quest and of course CN stuff like dexter, Johnny Bravo, powerpuff girls, swat kats, animaniacs

    And man. I missed on so much by never watching Gargoyles. It was never shown on tv in my country and only watched few episodes in german (without actually being able to speak german)
    and the show is always referenced when speaking of high quality 90s animation.

    my old cartoon to watch goal is Ulisses 31. the few episodes I watched as a brat did shape my love of sci-fi
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  5. There was an X-men cartoon that wws pretty good. When did batman beyond air? If that was the 90s its definitely one of the best
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  6. I remember a bit of Jonny Quest. Thats something I might watch later. Swatkats didn't work for me when i gave it a try recently.
    And yeah man I didn't get Gargoyles when i was a kid either. So I'm glad I'm getting to watch it now.

    Beyond started in 1999 so yeah technically it counts. And it was a great series. I added X-men to my watch list as well.
  7. I used to watch a lot of transformers, Spider-Man and friends or Whatever it was called (With ice-man and that chick) x-men was also solid.
    Gargoyles was also one of my favorites, bit from what I remember it ended abruptly.
    Anywone else a samurai pizza cats fan? That shit was pretty fun back in the day.
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  8. You should watch X-Men, it's one of the better series from that time. The Spiderman animated series was ok as well, I wouldn't say it was good but it isn't bad.

    You have to watch most of the programs with nostalgia goggles because they were not made to stand the test of time. I love Thundercats and I think it has held up quite well but that is largely due to the animation quality. The overall story is good but there is a lot of "filler". Many stand alone episodes that don't matter to or affect the plot. If you do rewatch it I would suggest that you watch the below multi-part episodes (this is off the top of my head).

    Lion-O's anointment
    Thundercats Ho!
    Mumm-Ra Lives
    Return to Thundera
    Book of Omens (last episode)

    If you watch that it should be a fairly complete arc and a pretty tight story. The only problem I can think of is that you'd miss the Lunataks but that isn't the end of the world. When you're done watching it all you should read Thundercats The Return which is a comic that came out in about 2003. I came upon the comic by chance the week that the first issue came out and I was so pleased. It was made for people like me that loved the series and wanted a follow up. Better than that because we were kids at the time and we'd now be adults the content was also tailored to match. As pathetic as it sounds I remember turning the page and seeing Bengali for the first time. It left an impression.

    I also like Bucky O'Hare and think that remains an interesting series because it's quite short. TMNT had some good episodes but it ran for ages and the quality went all over the place.

    Ulisses 31is a great shout but you should also watch Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors. Just like Thundercats the animation quality (for the time) is very good.

    Disney cartoons were pretty sound. Darkwing Duck, DuckTales, Rescue Rangers, Gummi Bears etc. Lots of people didn't like Talespin but I thought it was ok. These aren't series that I would want to marathon but I do like to watch the occasional episode and some of them (like DuckTales) have some movies that are pretty good.

    There are loads more than I could name and that I enjoy but I wouldn't put a seal of quality on them. There was a lot of shite pumped out.

    Of course I remember Samurai Pizza Cats! :p Back in the day I made some sigs with some images I found:


    They go back to the 18th December 2004 apparently :/

    If these proportions are anything to go by Thundercats, Berserk and X-Men sort of resonate quite a lot with me.

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  9. I was just at my cousins yesterday and he has his son on 90's Spiderman, we were all watching it. It brought a tear to my eye lol, good episode. It was with Dr. Strange and Madam Web, S03E01 I believe.
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  10. Theres an even older Spider-Man show. The one I mentioned came on before the other Spider-Man show I think.

    @mongor, man thats awesome. I defintely want something like that when I buy my own place.
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  11. I use to watch that one too!
  12. Haha. Yeah. Also watched the Spider-Man and his friends. Had it on tapes. First episode I had was with giant fire guy and laser sword samurais.

    But 90s Spider-Man was the awesome. It was shown on TV when o still had school so I had it automatically recorded.
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  13. Thinking back these old comic based shows actually did a solid job of adapting famous comic book arcs. For that reason alone I'll give them a try.
    @Mongor, I was a huge fan of Thundercats as well. I even enjoyed the remake of it. But as a kid I was never aware of the filler episodes. Thanks for pointing that out for me. Quite a number of these shows followed the same format. A whole lot of filler episodes that follow the same plot every episode.
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  14. Spiderman's issue was the stupid censoring of the 90s. The cops couldn't have guns that fired bullets so regular cops had laser guns. Morbius was a vampire that didn't drink blood, he sucked "plasma" through his hands.
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  15. I still like the original voltron
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  16. Not really action but I occasionally pop in an episode of the cartoon Doug, it still holds up really well.

    Also not exactly 90s but X-men Evolution is awesome.
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  17. Lmfao and that what was one of the things that drew me to anime. The Japanese didn't give a crap about those boundaries.
  18. Never watched the original series. Although I'm a fan of the franchise after watching the recent netflix series. So I might check it out as well.

    For the non-action ones i have a lower priority right now. But if i need half an hour of mindless comedy there is plenty of choices out there. And yeah X-men evolution was great.
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  19. he could never punch anyone until it was BLATANTLY clear that it was a robot
    same with the superman series....swing --> screen flashes white --> body flies somewhere

    a GREAT series that you missed was Pinky and the Brain
    ...apparently that show is hilarious...as a child, I didn't get half the jokes

    ...today I watch it and think "WOW, the world was different before the current PC culture"

  20. This intro alone was enough to make me watch this as a kid.

    I also watched the Hulk cartoon.
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