1. 3 A.M.

    I muffle my ears to deafen the shrieking sounds of silence.
    Calm ambiance trigger intentions of malicious violence.
    Melancholic alcoholics usually carry such strong spirits, go figure.
    While I carry my Buddhist piece locked and loaded, safety on the trigger.
    My conscience soars into flight, as if the ground was falling.
    Ones actions are clearly heard without a voice, this is my calling.
    If you haven't noticed yet I'm not working with a full deck, please do not get caught in my shuffle.

    Just like the title said, I wrote this 3 a.m., so take it easy on me and enjoy.
  2. Aww I am a sucker for oxymorons and dramatic descriptions. I really like the perspective your poems are coming from. The beginning of this was right up my alley. I loved the flow and description. The ending felt a little awkward to me compared to the beginning, but overall a very nice read.
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  3. Hmm going to have to try writing something like that one day.. Just not good at stuff like that
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  4. Yea, the ending was due to fatigue. But I wanted to write. And I love oxymoron's and word play. Gives insight or makes you take a second look at things.

    @Dragonfrost: It's easier than it looks. Just write with feelings instead of logic, and think abstract.

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