1. We're only 14 months away from the big election!

    The 2008 election thread was a big hit and IIRC ran from April 2007 until the actual inauguration of Obama in 2008. So here we go again! :troll

    Things have heated up in the Republican "pre-nomination" process. In other words, rivals vying for the coveted money and support from the Republican cash machine to carry him or her through the primaries.

    In the lead is Texas Governor Rick Perry from Texas. In the debates last night, on center stage was Perry and Mitt Romney, Governor of Massachusetts. Ron Paul, clearly the superior candidate, was asked far fewer questions (/rigged).

    Your moment of Zen Enlightenment (gotta keep the Comedy Central lawyers away).

    Good to know that America is first!
  2. Why is everyone so concerned with taking down Obama? Why are they not addressing the issues about the war, economy and etc. It's like I've heard no one on the GOP's side talk about any of this stuff but each time on the news they're always talking about how Obama is wrong, how what he's gonna do won't work, or how they'll oppose it. For these past years they've been doing nothing but blocking this dude. Obama is a shoe in for reelection though. The GOP ain't putting up anyone good.
  3. Obviously you know the reason. It's because during their long tenure in the Presidency and dominating the Legislature they did nothing but get us deeper in debt and didn't do anything to forward Conservative Values. Same in Texas. Republicans have dominated Texas for decades and yet Texas is quite leftist on many issues such as supporting illegal immigration.

    They have proven time and time again that they are not the Conservative party. They merely pretend to be Conservatives for the votes.

    The only thing that's better about the Republican party is that they are much better at bullshitting than the Democrats. It's obvious that the Dems in Congress are apathetic scumbags. When one of the Dem's best spokesmen in Congress is Barney fucking Frank, then you know they just don't give a fuck anymore.
  4. Barney who??

    OOOH! I didnt understand you...you didnt spit enough (or have adick in your mouth)


    I want Herman Cane!! he has pizza!
  5. Voting for a turd sandwich or a douche are your options
  6. Well, better than most choices we get!

    Just some thinking out loud here:

    Last night's debate was a victory for Sarah Palin. She has a smart strategist that understands the short attention span of voters. Once the Iowa Caucus comes around, Romney and Perry will have already beaten each other to death and had far too much exposure. Palin will ride in as the fresh message and renewed face of the Republican primary. Don't ask me how she will accomplish that last bit as it would surprise me as well. However, I am sure the best bullshitters in the industry are hard at work and we will admire in awe at the finished product once we have come to an unexpected realization that it actually happened. Now excuse me for a moment as I have to go throw up.
  7. >implying I don't live in Korea

  8. wow! this speech is awesome...Obama for 2012 :troll
  9. Oh shit, elections are just around the corner eh, let the trolling begin :troll:
  10. You know i think the lefties need to start practicing the art of batshit propaganda, just to combat the nonsense from the right(mostly because it would amuse me).
    I wanna see banners that read" 2012, GOP on the rise, world about to end.........COINCIDENCE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!"
  11. Oh shit son I'm going underground.
  12. I say we settle this with a paintball tournament! Last man standing gets to be Presidents!
  13. The primary system is retarded. We end up with the most wacko people from each party because no one looks for middle candidates.

    Mail that shit in!
  14. So Palin dropped out. That was major disappointment.
  15. Yes. She would have provided endless lulz.
  16. I am so damn apathetic this election cycle...

    And its BS that we got only 2 parties to vote for, democracy my ass.
  17. Even with more parties, they will caucus as either the majority or minority. So essentially you have two parties anyways. Congress is designed this way at the Constitutional level.

    I prefer a Parliamentary system though because the lawmakers cannot scapegoat a President. You know who to blame. To me that's really the problem with separation of powers, it allows everyone to put the blame on someone else.

    Checks and Balances favors Congress over the Presidency. Most likely that's because the Constitutional framers all assumed they would be members of the Congress they were creating. The Constitution has the wildcard power with the Proper and Necessary clause, basically giving Congress virtually unlimited power.

    Congress also creates agencies, often down to minute details. Congress also decides how much to fund them. Congress also decides in which way they will spend those funds. And Congress also requires those agency leaders to appear before the appropriate Congressional committee in order to answer to them.

    Yet, the President is supposed to have power over the Executive branch. The President's checks and balance over Congress is his ability to veto. However, Congress can still override a veto or simply pass along a new bill or put what they want in another bill. If a President vetoes a bill that Congress wants passed, they can make anything beneficial to him and any of his supporters in Congress dead on arrival.

    Congress calls the shots. Congress blames the President.

    The person with the most power in the US is the Senate Majority Leader. Any time before a bill hits the floor for a vote, he can pocket it and it will never see the light of day again. Not only can he "veto" a bill, he appoints the chairs of all Senate committees, and thus influences each and every one of them (committees are where almost all amendments are put into a bill, encompassing almost all of it). Also the Senate is not bound by the House's restriction of amendments being related to a bill's topic, they can add basically anything they want into a bill so long as it's not a tax (otherwise has to originate in the House).

    His power doesn't end when a bill leaves the Senate. The Majority Leader also sits on the Conference Committee and picks who in the Senate will also sit on it.

    Voters are too stupid for such a system. The Founding Fathers knew exactly what they were doing. Most were British aristocratic elitist fox-hunting dicks. Despite what all the movies show, they had the prim and proper British accents as well. Most were not representative of Americans in the 1700s. Back then you had to own land to vote, leaving out most laborers and city dwellers.
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  18. well said my good sir

    I always find it funny how people try to blame all of the problems on the president as if he is the last line of defense for the country

    I think however that the supreme court has more power than any other branch in the government...because they can basically say yes or no (its not in the constitution) to any and every crazy ass thing that comes their way...and cant be fired (voted out)

    but yea...President is a glorified figure-head with no real power...which is why when Senate and House pass things...they love to exclude themselves from the "rules" that the other 99.99999% of the country has to abide by...President gets to "suggest" things to the legislative branch...and if they like it, they do it (and then tack on another 1000+ pork barrel projects) or they say..."youre the president, not in this branch...GTFO"

    ...and history repeats

    I find this election cycle to be entertaining tho...Im so glad Sarah Palin dropped out (I call BS to her "I never intended to run/Ill be a watchdog out here" -how else do you explain all the campaigning shes done with her bus tour?) but I was worried that even if she had a <.01% chance of winning, people hit the lottery every week! And with her nonsense and stupidity, we would be bombed by the world within 24hrs...shes a joke to her own party

    I also like how the media tries to present Herman Cain as an idiotic pizza maker...and then are surprised when people start to take him seriously...and dont even try to hide it in their reports of basically "How the hell did he win?"

    really, this election will be a toss up...you have ass hats running against ass hats...and with 120,478,209 candidates for the republican ticket...how can all of them be so shitty? the reason I like Cain over the rest is that he speaks without thinking...a horrible quality to have as a president, but the honesty is refreshing...he doesnt stand a chance

    I like Ron Paul as well for his experience and wisdom, but think he is a little too optimistic in the "power" that he will have...Romney is a liar, Bachman is in over her head already and Perry is a bad liar...
  19. Until Congress passes another law, or amends the Constitution. The Supreme Court is limited by Congress, too.

    The stuff that comes out of his mouth bewilders me. 9-9-9 not a tax on the poor? Yeah sure. Good luck selling that one. When you have a 0% capital gains tax, who's paying that income tax? Not the rich. The rich are enjoying their millions made on dividends, and using that to pay their staffs - who are now the only people getting taxed. That's why 9-9-9 isn't feasible, it won't bring in enough revenue because it's discounting how the upper-earners are actually making their revenue. Sure, if you look at their gross income they make millions. It's not by working 9-5 jobs.

    Ron Paul keeps saying things that I love. I'll be all "YEAH RON PAUL." Then he'll say something ape-shit crazy and I'll be frozen mid-dance looking like a deer in headlights.

    Romney is probably the most realistic lesser-evil the Republicans can nominate. I like Huntsman, but that could be because no one will give him the time of day so I haven't heard him shove his foot in his mouth yet. While I've been disappointed in Obama's performance, I won't hesitate to vote him in a second time over Perry or Bachmann.
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  20. oh i dont disagree...its absolutely a tax on the poor

    but Im all for a clear and transparent flat tax on all...its a good way to eliminate teh class warfare that has plagued most countries for the past ___ years

    if everyone is paying the same on everything, no one (rep, dem, rich, poor) can say that the government is playing favorites and thats the reason why they cant succeed and flourish

    I can easily budget around 10% of my money being taken out of my pay check...but this crazy shit now (working wages are one tax, overtime is another bracket, bonuses are another bracket, and investments another, and inheritance are another)...of course I assume this would put a LARGE percentage of CPAs outta business

    I always hear people against it tho because they say that it wont generate enough revenue to run the federal government...I say, the government should shrink so that it DOES cover the costs + a hefty chunk towards to national debt

    I see the governments job as 3 fold: to run the military, keep air/water/food clean, protect the borders...thats about it...all the social engineering that it does is bullshit. period. the businesses that it tries to regulate and tax the shit outta is bullshit. period. the companies that they are "investing" in is bullshit. Government should not be trying to force people to "go green"...let a company invent a car that runs on water/electricity/air efficiently and effectively...and watch ALL the other car companies go bankrupt (IF the government allows it)...which reminds me...all the spending that is happening to [artificially] spark the economy is bullshit...

    another tangent...I still dont understand, how can 9% unemployment cause the economy to collapse? doesnt that mean that 90% of people are still working? and then 90% of people working...but 46% on foodstamps...somethings wrong there

    all in all...there are no viable candidates on the republican ticket...and time is fast running out
    they have to choose between a shit sandwich and a shit sandwich with cheese

    either way...I just hope we dont have 4 more years of a wasteful war...unchecked spending...corrupt regulations...empty promises...tree huggers...illegal immigrant hand-me-outs...lazy citizen hand-me-outs...and an uncooperative congress...

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