1. Well at least we have Lebron wanting to make a super team of super friends.. wow didn't mean to go there.

    Your sig is creepy.
  2. I live in Oakland so this season has been pretty fun for me. The warriors excitement is just so contagious. I know some people feel Curry is ruining the game but i love watching the splash brothers do their thing. I feel bad for the spurs though. They are having an amazing season too but are overshadowed by the warriors record chasing over here at least
  3. The Spurs have always sort of been a perennial powerhouse for almost 2 decades so them having a really good season doesn't really make the news. And especially not when another team has a shot at beating my team's record for most season wins.
  4. lol @ jordan on the clippers missing the free throw.. the whole basket. Good lord he is terrible at free throws. Second one wasn't much better.

    Portland wins this series though. The color coordinated shirts at these games needs to stop. That is ridiculous and I would not do that.
  5. Yeah, I can kind of agree with that. Also when I heard he had 60 points in his final game I was impressed. Or at least until I heard he put up 50 shots.

    Also lol at all of the western conference games ending in blowouts.
  6. I can honestly say I didn't see these 2 series going this way. Though I did suspect the Thunder could be one of the teams to come out of the west.
  7. Jesus christ the butthurt coming from the Warriors and even Curry's wife talking about how the game was rigged. Such butthurt bs. I am so goddamn sick and tired of Curry and his wife and his daughter.

    One trick mvp pony tossing up threes then getting his small ass beat around and whining like a chick. Curry has had a shitfest of a finals. Listening to Kerr right now whining. Let's go Bron and pls pls beat them.
  8. KD to Warriors!
  9. lol I just realized noone made a thread for this season. Playoffs starting soon. I was hoping to see tony romo on the Mavs bench tonight. It's a special honor event they are doing. He'll be suited up too but the mavs are not on fox sports sw... booo. Anyway, Go Spurs I guess.
  10. That Harden vs Westbrook series should be interesting
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  11. Cause the Bulls, Mavs, and Wolves have sucked this season.

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