1. yes you are
  2. hey JC =3
  3. i feel hurt...
  4. but i love you :3
  5. O__O
  6. You know you love someone when it's over.
  7. okay so I love you classics does this mean that it's over?
  8. It's been behind us for ages, now.

    Did you not notice?
  9. I might have and just decided to let it pass--

    anyways i'm all moved into my new room in this stupid new house, i'm on my new computer with my FASTER internet!!!
  10. ...
  11. Who's the faggot deleting my posts?
  12. Idk maybe somebody who doesn't like you?


    "i got him wrapped around my finger"
  13. The same troll deleting mine - Martzu.
  14. Oh, yeah grandma' Martzu.. Скрий се бе, говно.
  15. And again, I drop a post into this thread before leaving.
  16. dork lol
  17. hey =)
  18. ...
  19. slow progress here is slow...

  20. I was just bored matt i just randomly posted something that was on my mind lol

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