1. lol wow so it looks like i was talking to myself. . . . . how rude----they could have at least editted your posts if they didn't like it

    lol wow so it looks like i was talking to myself. . . . . how rude----they could have at least editted your posts if they didn't like it
  2. quite amusing tbh.

    Welcome back Classics. And yes mod people, stop deleting his posts.
  3. that's pretty bad if HMD has to agree with classics too...lol
  4. I hold no resentment towards Classics. He had just simply taken a liking to referring to me as a faggot lol
    Well, pretty much because of your craving for cocks and the joy it brings you to devour them down your throat like a snake. :3

    Just pointing things out in case someone accidentally thought highly of you. 
  6. Holy shit. That's hot.
  7. Well, it's either a lifetime of practice or inborn talent. Either way, he reeks of cum, no denying that.
  8. The scary thing is that he even likes being treated like that. That's a really slutty behavior.
  9. Well, you sound like a cool bro. I approve of your messages.
  10. if classics approves I approve ^^ lol

    zombie walk today won't be on probably tonight lol
  11. hmm
  12. what is this zombie walk JC ?

    When i hear the name 'that girl' the first image i get is the drunk slut at the party who always passes out, just thought i'd leave that interesting fact here
    Amazingly the real faggot doesn't get hassled lol
  13. All I read was "Wah wah, he's insulting my hooker, waah."

    Why would you do that? :/

    I mean...there's other ways to get money.
  14. no i wasn't insulting u or something , over here the drunk slut at a party is often acknowledged as 'that girl' because you would bang her and won't remember her name 5 mins later, so when ur bragging it's That Girl *points*.

    I couldn't give two f*cks what u call HMD because i've never talked to him and quite frankly I don't think he cares what u call him either
  15. Overdoing it, bro.
  16. Wouldn't have needed to over do it (bro) if you hadn't made me out as a whiney little bitch

    where da f*ck u from anyway for some reason i think ur from england or am i getting u confused with someone else?
    dam name changes making me all confuddled >.>
  17. Yes, I'm pretty Welsh. My accent speaks for itself, though it is very doubtful that you've ever been a part of the "Martzu acts high and mighty" conversations to have witnessed my so typical way of speech.
  18. wow- um. . . okay ladies please step down from the PMSing latter-

    the zombie walk is about people dressing up as zombies and they walk around town acting like zombies, they bring in professionals to do the make up and they help you dress for it. Michigan has it every year I'm supposed to be leaving in like three hours to go to it, I'm not dressing up this year :( which I want too but I gotta work and all the make up is hard to get off.

    last year they had a big pillow fight in the middle of the streets then they had the zombie walk
  19. Sounds like a failed Halloween.

    Why can't you people be more normal...like me, for instance?
  20. This isn't even normal faggotry, this is pure heresy. Where is the GODDAMN BATMAN when we need him? :/

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