1. I was on my mom's touch phone and i was trying my hardest to get on here and post just because i was bored well getting on TAL wasn't exactly a piece of cake lol

    every time i thought i was clicking on something the page changed to something else. so i simply tried to get on my own profile. . . . yea that didn't work either lol----

    but it does suck not having the net or a computer--- that is why i don't make a big deal about having dail up
  2. ok i now have my deposit down for the new XBOX 360 slim coming out in july, i still owe the bank some money from an overdraft but screw them they can wait, i'm treating myself lol
  3. lol nice at least you'll get what you want- walmart screwed me over so i had to cancel my card and i lost like twenty bucks....so tonight when i get home (at my new house right now) i'm going to argue with them and find out how i can get my money back---
    the excuse that they gave me when they canceled it was that i didn't show proof of who i was, I said that i did by simply showing them my birth card and my SS and they said "we need you to fax over bills that you are paying" I laughed at them, everything that ipay for my mother's name is on it so they said "we're sorry we are going to have to cancel your account"

    (sorry about the wrong spelling lol i'm trying to type fast and this doesn't have word or spell fix)
  4. So Zack, you going to be investing in the Kinect when it is released?
  5. wowzers i just looked up kinect i kind of want an XBOX- 360 looks interesting
  6. Yosh. I been following the Kinect since it was 'codenamed' the NATAL
  7. lol yea i'm not that much into things for computers and video game things lol
  8. Kinect is for sissy faggots.
  9. i'll take your word for it
  10. Good.
  11. . . . . . . . .so like i'm watching boondocks saints 2 and i find it intersting. . . . .
  12. hey there
  13. i don't know if i'll be buying kinect myself i may borrow off my cousin when she gets it, to try it out
  14. i'm in Chicago...
    for a week...
    starting today...
  15. lol i'm at home now just for tonight i gotta open tomorrow morning which sucks...but i'll be on later tmorrow YAY!!!! lol

    anyways sorry andy i got off after posting that- hello back to you

    okay Zack- i'm not going to buy one one of the people that i live with are getting it and I'm just going to go and barrow theirs

    and sweet matt I might just go to Chicago and see what's up? lol
  16. welcome back classics
  17.  /wah, wah/emo/wah

    Fucking unfairfags
  18. what are you bitching about now?
  19. lol ok

    well i'm glad that you are catching up for when you haven't been on, like i was saying it's nice to see you back to your usual self lol-
  20. Stop deleting my posts like some dumb bitch. I can hate as much as I like. This is the Lounge lol

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