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Jul 13, 2010
    1. Martzu
      Bioshock FC needs its owner =)
    2. Martzu
      I hope you will enjoy it =)
    3. Martzu
      Well, they play well and considering band's and players age you might consider this possibly last time to see them. When it comes to interacting with audience, not so great, but not so bad. Good feeling all and all, would go to see them again if possible.
    4. Valdo
      haha nice.. 12 year old discos.

      dang retaking exams, suckage. they are a pain the first time through, taking them again has to be torture. Sweet scotland and wales sounds like fun. I guess quincenera is not a huge thing over there since its a spanish thing,.Quinenera well its just the spanish equivilant of a sweet sixteen but at 15. girl becomes a woman and they throw a party. thats it, its always fun.

      Ive already visited my university. Its awesome and huge, its right in the capital of north carolina. big city full of tons of people. Really cant wait.
    5. Valdo
      yeah man, im deff leaning towards Metallica.

      yeah mexico is gonna be a riot, im goin to visit family, we do every year. Plus its my sisters quincenera this year. Later im goin with some friends to the beach.
      We already had a prom over here, but i didnt go its boring. ive gone every year but this year. thats all they do, we have graduation and thats it.

      After that i get to go to State, North Carolina State University. cant wait. hah
    6. Valdo
      well my exams for classes were last week so its preety much smooth sailin until graduation. hell yes. got mexico and some beach time this summer, cant wait
      Im still not sure on the tickets for deff leppard i gotta see. Its either them or Metallica here in October!! hell yeah!

      Wow missing Maiden... im speechless, I would kill myself, well not really. have fun it sounds awesome.

      Ill make sure to enjoy this summer, its the last before the big boys of education.
    7. Valdo
      awesome man, me ive been great, school is finshing up, ready to graduate!
      Summer is gonna be great, ur sounds fun, metal festival. NICE.
      I totally agree, noschool, and summer = bliss.
    8. Valdo
      wats up brah, hows it been?
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