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    1. superbob
      threads are open, merry christmas
    2. Cane_The9lives
      No no i didnt say look in the naruto section, i said scroll down on the front page.
      Click on the "The anime lounge" icon at the very top of your screen, then once you are viewing the entire forum, scroll all the way down until the bar cant go any further.

      You should see right below "Anime lounge forum statistics" two click options side by side each other.
      One says"Mark forums read" the one right next to it says"View forum leaders" click that and then scroll through all the names, every name listed can open those threads.

      The ones who are not regular mods are the names that are from the "Istalk" staff downward.
      Every name before that, has the ability to mod any section on this forum.
    3. Cane_The9lives
      Click on forum leaders on the very bottom of the page, and scroll down through the entire list.
      Every name you see there is capable of opening those threads.
    4. eddieson
      I catch any manga discussions pertaining to events that happen before the actual episode, and I will delete or edit them. Been doing that for a while, and you were the first to notice it.
    5. eddieson
      Naruto Anime Rules

      I. No Spoilers

      The following will be considered spoiler material:
      - Screenshots from RAW anime
      - Discussion about RAW anime
      - Screenshots from manga
      [B]- Discussions about manga[/B]
      - Signatures or avatars that exploit a character or event that has occured in the manga or from the RAW anime.
    6. Haohmaru
      Haha we posted it at the same time and since I already stickied mine, I win.
    7. Haohmaru
      Beat u to it bro
    8. Haohmaru
      sure thing
    9. shadow_melody1
      well in my opinion, (I'm probably going to get crushed by someone who knows quotes the manga in their sleep, but whatever) Jiraiya had used up most of his sennin mode power after finishing the frog song genjutsu, right? (as is somewhat evident by how easily he got knocked back to normal mode by Ashura Path) so that added up with the fact that he had let his guard down (e.g not focusing in on any other presences) and the fact that Jiraiya's sennin mode is in fact incomplete and imperfect, perhaps that's why. Not to mention that, well, Kishi had it in for him obviously, so he backed J-man into a corner where he was chakra depleted and boom, gets attacked.

      I hope that didn't come off as completely lame. (I do read the manga btw, I think an earlier comment I made about the episode getting cut off might have made people think I don't keep up with it)
    10. sdsky
      I knew it wasnt u...
      since u did reply to the topic...
      I mean,its not like I said bs,and even if I had said,neg repping me instead of making an argument to prove me wrong is just stupid....

      they should at least show who neg rep..so you could answer..well,nothing to be done about it lol

      thanks anyway
    11. Ero Sennin 6996
      Some @$$hole with a lot of rep didn't like me telling off Matt so he disrepped me. Like I give a fck.
    12. Alexandrius
      If people want to read the spoilers they'll go to the spoiler thread, not any other discussion thread. It's quite simple, people want to read the chapter itself before they're spoiled.
    13. batistakittu
      thnx....i hope thats all.once again thnx....
    14. zooted
      it's from Berserk video game on ps2. you ought to check out Berserk manga/anime man. the best manga/anime ever. the manga started back in 1990 & is still going on today. the anime is only 26 eps but is still awesome & deep.
    15. Haohmaru
      Wow seriously. I'm gonna watch it in a couple of minutes. Looking forward to it.
    16. Haohmaru
      Done. Downloading the episode now. Wonder if it's any good.
    17. Cane_The9lives
      You made a post in the wrong thread.
      You posted in the translation thread, the thread for posting raws translations or scanlations.
    18. Haohmaru
      Of course dude. Done.
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    Mar 29, 1985 (Age: 34)