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May 6, 1992 (Age: 27)

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The Outlaw Torn, Male, 27

I will never eat chicken again. Dec 27, 2010

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    1. MC Clean
      Nice siggy, Monty Python is bad ass!
    2. JackCook02
      lol no not boring i just hung out with my friends and now i'm sitting here waiting for ppl to really not much as happened sorry that you dont want it to be over
    3. JackCook02
      i see, i see well u been staying out of trouble?
    4. JackCook02
      hey dork what is happening? (mah msn isn't workin)
    5. JackCook02
      yea-i thought soo too but the post sounded cool (when i made it and posted it anyways) -but i just want it 2 be over
    6. JackCook02
      when u post how about u just finish it off- so that we can just get this over n done with?
    7. JackCook02
      i'm more on yahoo if you wanted 2 add that 2 ur list ( ) i can log into that easeir with my phone then windows live but i'm attempting to getting on windowslive
    8. JackCook02
      posted (not a great post btw)
    9. Delpheous
      Low class, nameless Hollow. That's like saying a Gillian level Hollow can't take out a rankless, shikai less Shinigami.
      If she was as powerful as she's supposed to be, that Hollow wasn't going to be any problem.
    10. Delpheous
      That weak of a Hollow? We KNOW she's skilled enough to hold her own against Kainen's shikai. He trained her, and she could do it when tube guy reused the same movements.
      She might not be great at zanjutsu...but she's still capable of defending herself at close range.
      It doesn't fit. I've tried too many ways to make it, but it just doesn't.
    11. Delpheous
      The guy who ran into Chad and got blasted away by an attack that Shunshi decided to dodge?
      He ran into a character who a few weeks later was pushing out ban kai level power. Rukia ran into an unnamed Hollow and got skewered.
      Two completely different things.
    12. Delpheous
      She should've known he was coming. There was nothing special about that Hollow, just another Hollow. Shinigami have conversations all the time, realize a Hollow is nearby then get out of there asap to deal with it. She just didn't have any business losing to that Hollow if she was at VC level.
      Unless of course...she WASN'T intended to be at VC level at that point in ...
    13. Delpheous
      Why would she even need to? She has a shikai powerful enough to trap an Adjuchas level Arrancar,, and Demon Arts that let her fight farily evenly with a Gillian level Arrancar. Her skill level in flashbacks and during the Arrancar arc show that a Hollow at that level should NOT have been any problem whatsoever.
    14. JackCook02
      okay i'm not goig 2 be on in a while so i'll just see your post whenever you post
    15. Delpheous
      That's not the point..if she could fight evenly with him, then she shouldn't have gotten taken out by the first HOllow.
    16. Delpheous
      Yes and no. VC level is basically a solid grasp of shikai and a decent understanding of one other aspect of being a Shinigami, with the hinted potential of acquiring a ban kai at some point.
    17. Nozferatu
      Thanks 4 taking notice =D
    18. Martzu
      It seems Hyura has helped you out already ^^
    19. Hyura
      Posted in 4th for ya
    20. Martzu
      I have character named Hikage. So I'll be there this evening.
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    May 6, 1992 (Age: 27)
    swimming, biking, chilling, music