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May 7, 2009
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November 22
Lying naked in 織姫 bed torturing this 地獄 蝶

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Slut Rustler, Male, from Lying naked in 織姫 bed torturing this 地獄 蝶

my status is I'm alive and making good bank and keeping the doj out of my emails!! May 24, 2013

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Viewing thread [TV]Star Wars Rebels Animated Series, Apr 16, 2014 at 4:10 PM
    1. cutterspool
      i notice your sig is ff14, are you playing in the beta?
      1. Vicious
        yeah I've been in it from start and all betas. I'm vicious on and allelujah haptism in game.
        Jun 29, 2013
    2. Vicious
      my status is I'm alive and making good bank and keeping the doj out of my emails!!
    3. nameless_5r
      what movie is that bats and flash picture from? thanks
      1. Vicious
        its from the flashpoint flick coming out soon. I have a thread about it too in movie section. trailer just came out.
        May 24, 2013
    4. Vicious
      Borderlands ftw
    5. Vicious
      Long Live the greatness that was M.Clarke Duncan
    6. Vicious
      poor eson lol.. gotta love wolf's rain! ty.
    7. Martzu
      lawl, your new signature is awesome. :P Liking the Wolf's Rain avy too btw.
    8. Vicious
      go f urself
    9. Vicious
      stil driking.. brb come carn in. ..
    10. Vicious
      Having a Guinness. enough said.
    11. Vicious
      playing FF12 again, watching Gundam UC 3 and having a Guinness
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      2. El Mas Chingon
        El Mas Chingon
        Pretty good. Im replaying FF7 again.
        Mar 26, 2011
      3. Coopsman
        I've replayed FF7 and FF9 and beat both of them, working on FF8 currently. At the end of Disk 1 right now. Really need to work on FF13 and beat it but I haven't played it in over a year lol.
        Mar 26, 2011
      4. El Mas Chingon
        El Mas Chingon
        Yah I'm at disk 3 on FF8. I always wanted to max out Yuffies strength cuz I heard Doom of the Living with max strength does 9999 for all 15 hits.
        Mar 29, 2011
    12. Vicious
      Root Canal this morning. I learned sugar bad, Vicodin good, Pervy Dentist scary.
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      2. Vicious
        well they didn't pull anything out. Just did root canal. Now when I had my wisdom teeth taken out I was freakin out being allergic to the codeine they gave me.
        Mar 14, 2011
      3. Vicious
        also, this dentist had rocky horror picture show and some other crazy ass tunes playing. He then told me how he was offended by latest Nic Cage movie. lol..
        Mar 14, 2011
      4. ravi134
        Sounds awesome,atleast it's not dead quiet and the only thing you hear is that anoying sound of bonestuffs breaking. It's not like you feel anything at all, it's just boring XD
        Mar 15, 2011
    13. Vicious
      Plying Halo:Reach and looking forward to Friday for S3 Clone Wars. Savage Oppress!
      1. Lokes
        heard reach was meh... story was weak cuz it was already done in books and gameplay isn't anything omg
        Sep 15, 2010
      2. Vicious
        I wasn't yelling "omfg this is badass" but it did look excellent and kills the older games. way too easy to beat though and even if you only play easy/beginner mode it takes way too damn much to kill anything. online/multi though is different story. still a lot to do and try on there. glad I only got the game and not all that other bs.
        Sep 15, 2010
    14. Vicious
      wondering why he did a Bios update ..(sad)~ OC's his i7920 (happy again)
    15. Vicious
      Tossing up my bfast. Yes literally. Thank you God..appreciate it asshole
      1. Nozferatu
        Jul 13, 2010
    16. Vicious
      around here and there
    17. dreed
    18. MC Clean
      which frog is that in your sig?
    19. .//drasticc
      Hey what's up? I was wondering if you could be one of my co-owners? Hit me back.
    20. eddieson
      This was something that was being discussed since last month, and in no way has to do with the pms.
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    November 22
    Lying naked in 織姫 bed torturing this 地獄 蝶
    anime, baseball, my jeep, writing, ps4/pc gamer