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Jun 23, 1991 (Age: 27)

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Jun 27, 2011
    1. Vigilante
      Yes. I have returned.
    2. Vigilante
      Yo, in KM the name's Io. not Lo.
    3. JackCook02
      H A P P Y----B I R T H D A Y!!!!
    4. MC Clean
      Happy birthday mate.
    5. JackCook02
      i'd get on msn and talk 2 u but somebody hacked into it-changed my password and emailed people..but i do have a new one jack_cook02@hotmail.com
    6. JackCook02
      well i was pregnant for 6 and a half months and i found myself learning about massage therapy and herbs & i got really interested in it- it doesn't mean that i don't want to stop hoping to be a writer- i just want to go into massage therapy and then herbs later down the road
    7. JackCook02
      of course i remembered silly! we used to talk a lot i remember a lot of things- guess those drugs i did back in the day didn't take my brain cells away but helped them! I changed what i wanted to be from a writer to a massage therapist
    8. JackCook02
      good i'm getting my booty handed to me in SS but other then i am moving along just FINE- u still want to be lawyer-or are you already?-?
    9. JackCook02
      hey haven't talked 2 u in a while watcha up too?
    10. bleachboy808
      rly? i thought it wuz Iarch's turn..... sry! xD
    11. Nuggett420
      edited my post
    12. Nuggett420
      hey do you want to be team mates? my character tesuji needs a team still
    13. MK Ultra
      I think he was, but he decided to 'camp' at home base. I suppose just play along witth it and go for home base lol.
    14. MK Ultra
      I think its yours. Larch posted and bleachboy has posted now.
    15. MC Clean
      You didnt miss anything with BLACK or Tsutsubatsu's team. We have been put on hold, as no one is posting. In BLACK's team, he just told you the basics of walking on trees, and in Tsutsubatsu's you and Wil are allowed to take a break, while he is teaching Valtir's character a jutsu.
    16. tylor91
      um yea an shun is attempting 2 wake him up
    17. larch
      Well, i tried to post but i can't right now because its 3 in the morning for me and I can't concentrate :S
      so as soon as I'll wake up I'll make a post.
      Just one question though, isn't Itsuki resting right now and both of you are discussing while he is not paying attention?
    18. larch
      really? ><
      I held my post because I thought it was bleachboy's turn!
    19. MC Clean
      Its alright mate, you didnt know.
    20. MC Clean
      Sorry man, but you cant clone other things with the regular Bunshin, so cloning the shurikan isnt allowed.
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