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Jan 11, 2009
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Herp Derp Derp May 15, 2011

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Jun 22, 2018 at 5:27 AM
    1. superbob
      not a bad naruto chapter this week
    2. superbob
      we should move this to the top, makes it easier to find
      1. Azusa
        You think it should be above watched content and topics, though?
        Jun 16, 2010
    3. superbob
      Italy sucks and you know it loki
    4. shane
      wait.. im confused.. whos your hero?
    5. shane
      hara wants a vote. no vote has been had yet, but the ban wont be lifted without good enough reason
    6. shane
      i saw that, 'tis awesome. Figured that'd happen as summer rolled around. Gonna be working in that same place?
    7. shane
      get on moar heh.
      how're you?
    8. shane
      y the fuck arent you on msn man!?
    9. MD
      Who's that in your set? Looks familiar.
    10. wolverine
      Hi, can u make the naruto manga spoiler threads open?? Spoilers are out, thread is sticy but closed.
    11. Bara
      It's going well. Hope all is going great for you. I drop in from time to time. Good to see you still here and posting.
    12. MD
      Merry Christmas, bro. I miss our oldschool chats. You were always one of my favourites. I wish you the best for the holidays; go get obscenely fucking drunk, man.
    13. LONGTIME
      Add weapons and ammo and you will be tired. If you survive long enough you may get used to it but early on it will kill you.

      Was mostly aimed at the bullet proof armor, that shit is heavy.
    14. Clay
      Ah ok. Thats cool.
    15. Clay
      You should come back to SS. I think our characters would get along great considering your zampaktou spirit is Tyr and mine is Thor
    16. shane
      hey fucker
    17. Arukas
      the wolf is new(er).. but good idea. I just tried something new with him.. he still doesn't do bad with Rabbid and Ferocious howl.

      I'll try respeccing him to where my cat is.
    18. shane
      you should get on msn more often fucker
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    July 22
    The 808 State
    Research assisstant
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