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Herp Derp Derp May 15, 2011

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    1. Clay
      But yea, the Norse stuff is fun. Considering my character is essentially the God of Thunder now.
    2. Clay
      Yea only the KM players from here play it. It will proly die with all of GN's other RPs.
    3. Clay
      And GN hasnt even logged back on to TAL since. 3 months. I request that he gets removed as forum mod as well.
    4. Clay
      They just up and left for a site GeninNaruto created.
    5. Clay
      And besides, another Norse based zanpaktou would be fun.
    6. Clay
      It'd be nice to have you back. Numbers are down but unlike KM. We have no plans to betray.
    7. Clay
      Wasn't sure what would happen. Since I'm the new SS GM, gotta make sure things so smoothly.
      Btw, ever consider returning?
    8. Clay
      So whats the deal with the move to Lit for SS?
    9. superbob
      Really fifa? i can kind of understand russia, but qatar over the US or Australia?
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      2. Clay
        Fuck you Barry.
        Dec 8, 2010
      3. MD
        Love you too bro. <3
        Dec 8, 2010
      4. Janza
        So some tiny country that has a horrible team gets an auto in tot he world cup?
        Dec 10, 2010
    10. Saiya-jin
      Yes, thanks so much man. It was driving me insane, haha
    11. Saiya-jin
      Could you tell me the name of that guy who was in your set a little while back? The one who talked about the universe? It's one of those things that's been on the tip of my tongue bugging me all day...and as soon as you tell me it'll be obvious >.>
    12. superbob
      Lettuce be cereal
    13. superbob
      Some of us consider a perfectly acceptable solution to various complex psychosocial problems to be simply, "Kill it with fire"
    14. superbob
      The game
      1. Nozferatu
        was a terrible movie
        Nov 10, 2010
    15. superbob
      I have my views on anthropogenic global climate change, you have yours. If I’m wrong, humanity keeps living how they’ve been living. But if you’re wrong, we’re fucked.
      1. Vigilante
        Yo superbob, riddle me this. Why do environmentalists push for more energy efficiend mercury light bulbs. Isn't that awfully toxic to teh environment? lol
        Oct 19, 2010
      2. superbob
        because the payoff, comparing the amount of mercury in those bulbs to how much energy they save makes it worth while. We don't have the tech to be completely green yet. And LED's >>>> everything. They are by far the lowest operating lighting source, watt wise, for the amount of light they put out.
        Oct 20, 2010
      3. Janza
        Why does the idea of getting really green freak me out?
        Oct 24, 2010
    16. superbob
      lol, I would rather run 5km of hills then go out to bars on a saturday night, something must be wrong with me
      1. Thunderbox
        It's the wrongness of being super awesome
        Oct 17, 2010
      2. Martzu
        Why say there is something wrong with you? Different things work for different peeps. ^^
        Oct 17, 2010
      3. Saiya-jin
        Nothing wrong, man. Mad respect. Hills, too, that's even more beastly.
        Oct 17, 2010
    17. superbob
      Season 4 of venture bros... best season yet
      1. Clay
        The Hank Co episode was the best yet.
        Oct 15, 2010
    18. superbob
      Current understanding of Coastal Erosion due to sea level rise
    19. superbob
      When the world slips you a jeffrey, stroke the furry wall
      1. Saiya-jin
        I got the clap!
        Oct 5, 2010
    20. superbob
      First late night, of what i'm going to assume is many, of the semester... crap
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      2. Ero Sennin 6996
        Ero Sennin 6996
        You and me both. I had to cram all last weekend for 3 exams. Double crap. Did pretty good on them, though.
        Sep 30, 2010
      3. superbob
        Got an A- on my first midterm of the year, got another one tomorrow and a paper due
        Sep 30, 2010
      4. Ero Sennin 6996
        Ero Sennin 6996
        Yeah, me too. I got three A's. I'm sitting pretty. Now that I've seen how all my teachers give examinations the classes should go even smoother.

        Good luck on that exam and paper.
        Oct 1, 2010
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    July 22
    The 808 State
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