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Jan 11, 2009
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July 22
The 808 State
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Suspended in a sunbeam, Male, from The 808 State

Herp Derp Derp May 15, 2011

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Sep 20, 2019 at 4:45 AM
    1. MD
      I saw "superbob" in the Overwatch beta today. Any chance that's you?
    2. MD
      I saw "superbob" in the Overwatch beta today. Any chance that's you?
    3. Vicious
      I dig sunbeams and 808 State
    4. MD
      School and work. Sounds like you've been mighty productive lately. Good stuff man.

      Me? Lazy as fuck. Watching more anime lately, which is good; it helps to keep my mood high. Apart from that, getting in better shape, exercising more, and betting on stuff. Can't complain.
    5. MD
      Didn't peg you as an 808 State fan. Good taste.

      How've you been, brother?
    6. MD
      Good stuff, good stuff. You need to get on MSN m0ar I would say. We never hear from you anymore.
    7. MD

      So how've you been, broski?
    8. MD
      I want to strongly suggest you watch Steins;Gate. It's an anime from this year, 24 episodes long, finished a few months ago. It's one of the best anime ever made. LT agrees. Doeet.
    9. shane
      no worries bro. moving is a pain, have fun. I get to work in this icy rain, thats been around most of the week.
    10. shane
      so far 7 people with a few i havent even seen on yet. posted the topic last night.
      btw get on msn moar
      1. shane
        plus all the unknowns who dont wander as much, havent even mentioned it in ss yet. but im sure several of them would join
        May 15, 2011
    11. superbob
      Herp Derp Derp
    12. shane
      so bobbers. Would you laugh at me if i asked you to set up a konoha rp similar to how the ss rp is set up, you know, its own section
    13. superbob
      50 years ago today, a brave adventurer made the first human orbit of the planet. +1 for science
      1. Janza
        What happened to him anyway?
        Apr 15, 2011
      2. superbob
        died in a plane crash
        Apr 17, 2011
      3. Saiya-jin
        And nearly 13 years ago, a brave little toaster made a similar journey to mars.

        +1 for Appliances
        Apr 18, 2011
    14. Vigilante
      You should help me research antimatter and freeze it at 0 celcius to reignite the earth's core when it finally runs out of energy.
    15. superbob
      Humanity has stepped on the moon.. and yet we're still using the metamorphosed remains of plankton to power our vehicles...
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      2. Shadowsagefox
        MD wins
        Feb 15, 2011
      3. Janza
        MD thinks he wins. There is a difference between that and actually winning.
        Feb 17, 2011
      4. MD
        Don't be mad because I shit on your hand while you sleep and then tickle your nose.
        Feb 17, 2011
    16. MD
      Bro you should go on the TAL Vent server.
    17. superbob
      Still trying to figure out how this shooting seems to be dividing this country even more than before...
    18. Martzu
      Thank you for the friend request! ^~^
    19. superbob
      Merry Xmas everyone
    20. Clay
      Also go look in the Arkham thread in VG the preview is there.
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    July 22
    The 808 State
    Research assisstant
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