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Jul 27, 2015
Jul 1, 2009
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Jul 27, 2015
    1. kronos
      sorry man your gonna have to find someone else to train your character cause I'm done with the RP
    2. Vigilante
      Do you have an msn and/or any other such chatservice?
      1. Shadow Blade
        Shadow Blade
        yes sir! I can get on MSN i rarely use it because no one seems to be on it. Mine = add me on any time and let me know when you want to chat about things.
        Feb 10, 2012
      2. Vigilante
        Sent request.
        Feb 11, 2012
    3. kronos
      I'm out on rokungai doing some shunko training and cooking up some new "old" techniques. come on out, gotta say I dont remember much from the academy days though but it could be fun
      1. Shadow Blade
        Shadow Blade
        Sure, im in the 6th. Right when I'm finished I'll come by. And haha I don't remember much either, except we were in the same graduating class years ago lol. I'll be there.
        Jan 28, 2012
    4. Ninjagirl
      Are you the same SB that had a Itachi FC on Naruto/Bleach Mania?
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      2. Shadow Blade
        Shadow Blade
        oh gottcha.
        Jan 29, 2012
      3. Ninjagirl
        I miss Naruto/Bleach Mania. Why do my favorite sites have to go down? =(
        Jan 29, 2012
      4. Shadow Blade
        Shadow Blade
        i know! It was such a while ago :/ but it was the bomb lol. I mean it was old but most of the people were there for so long! I was like :D. Though i mean its nice we're here but things like FC's don't do as well as they use to :/
        Jan 29, 2012
    5. shane
      err... my attack was more like a swing, not a stab. my bad.
      1. Shadow Blade
        Shadow Blade
        Noo no problem lol, I thought 'plant' was like stab. Lemme edit it a tad!
        Jan 6, 2012
    6. Katracha
      WHERe HAVE U BEENNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      1. Shadow Blade
        Shadow Blade
        lol I've been busy. Im a premed student remember? Organic chemistry, physics tutoring, Calculus, MCAT studies, and being engaged take up my life :P. Message me sometime!
        Dec 7, 2011
      2. Katracha
        OMG ur engaged!!!! So cute congrats!!!! :) :) i haven't been on MSN in a while so yea i'll try and get on.
        Dec 7, 2011
      3. Shadow Blade
        Shadow Blade
        haha yeah things are going pretty good! But yeah do that or just message me here..somehow..things look all weird now on TAL lol.
        Dec 7, 2011
    7. Nicho Kiennes
      net been down and can't post on this site with my new phone need to update it. At a diff comp if you must know how i'm writing :P + also been partying allot it feels lately so that too :P
      1. Shadow Blade
        Shadow Blade
        lol you the party type? gosh a lot has changed hasn't it :P. Lemme know if you can talk sometime haha.
        Dec 7, 2011
    8. MC Clean
      Merry Christmas mate
    9. Clay
      Fixed, and I need to talk to you on MSN if possible
    10. Clay
      Get on MSN if you can
    11. MC Clean
      Haha, well, you know how I do~
    12. MC Clean
      Srry mate, Ive been thinkin outa my ass lately on that Shunshin thing
    13. Katracha
    14. Nicho Kiennes
      If you want us to start I suggest you get yoru jounin to meet each one of us and take us to a meeting area.
    15. MC Clean
      welcome back, go on MSN
    16. Janza
      I might come find you just to figure out what you are doing. And I guess seeing you train with Hara will be enough for me to leave you be.
    17. Janza
      Looks like you should be having fun. If ya don't mind, my main character is gonna try and find ya after his tourney fight.... so Johon doesn't get pissed at him for half-assing training the people he was told to.
    18. Kyto
      That was the last post for me, getting told by the GF to turn off the computer and go to bed so I'll have a response to whatever you post in the AM lol
    19. Kyto
      Wait I'm a bit confused are we facing each other again or Tyler?
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