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May 25, 2018
    1. Shadowsagefox
      We had a good little run on tobito in the previous chapter at least we stated our points. Good run.
    2. MD
      Yeah, it's shit such as that which makes you an idiot.

      Enjoy your neg-rep. There will be more.
    3. MD
      I don't post in the Naruto section; it's a horrible section. I do, however, on occassion, neg-rep particularly bad posts. As would be the case here.
    4. MD
      In regards to your conversation with Jio, any time you get a neg-rep with "- MD" at the end, it's either me or someone impersonating me. Only faggots don't leave their names when they rep.

      I neg-rep you because I find your grammar and spelling extremely difficult to read, and because I find your posts often contain misinformation; your Naruto Manga-section posts are very annoying.

      At the end of the day, it's just rep; doesn't mean anything.
    5. Jio Freed
    6. Jio Freed
      Isnt there a member called MD?
    7. Jio Freed
      jesus christ, why the fuck you're always getting neg rep?
    8. Jio Freed
      repped you, forgot to sign
    9. wendis184
      I gave you more rep to try to offset the unfair neg rep haha. I guess you're still in the red though... I tried..
      EDIT: I didn't neg rep you though.
    10. wolverine
      someone did this to erosennin too. Negrepping without saying who it was or why they did that is stupid and completly irritating too.
    11. wolverine
      hey sdsky, dont tink that it was me who negrepped u. I dont know y,whoever it was who neg-repped u, they did that.
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