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Apr 5, 2010
Jan 20, 2009
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May 26, 1984 (Age: 35)
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Apr 5, 2010
    1. .//drasticc
      Happy B-Day!!!!
    2. Martzu
      Happy birthday, Sandy-pooh!
    3. panthera
      On Bakemonogatari about Hanekawa. I think it was false or over-exaggerated though. Why do you ask?
    4. . E N T I X
      Enjoy it? I love it.

    5. Martzu
      You can find my MSN address info in mod section contact thread. I don't put it out public =) And noup, I only have one SS character, in 4th division.
    6. Fresh1
      For the record LT closed your thread for w/e reasons(u can prolly ask him to re open it) but I don't have any hate, I'm just in a bad mood, sorry.
    7. flare2014
      All right, cool! Sounds good! Gonna have to go learn some destructive kidou right about now.
    8. Fresh1
      then see we shall
    9. Fresh1
      oh i thought u were done with it, I'll open it if u wanna keep using it, np
    10. Rei
      Well, it turns into a waiting game when you're role playing with people that aren't near your timezone or are pretty busy. If ya get a good role playing partner kind of like Spidey and SL used to be, it's gonna be quite lively(btw lol @ their lovey dovey stuff in the 6th).
    11. Rei
      Well, if things work out nicely, my main could probably end up doing whatever he wants but shoto's not really going to play the nice guy

      Short - I only have 1 character. I can't help ya out.

      Try wiith the other newlings, there's 2 that joined today or something, the flamesomething could also be a good rp partner so it's up to you to ask if they want to ^^
    12. Rei
      yes, it is but when you get to spar with someone of the other students, you get a better experience of what is to come and also kind of advance quicker...or so I've heard.

      Even if you've taken part in the training/lectures, there's still more than you can do. You can train more aside from the given options, be lazy and make your character rest, go around, have food to replenish his energy and so on and so on. Give your character a feel for the environment rather than just training. Oh, and post more ^^
    13. Rei
      Just cuz it got deleted in the discussion thread as it was kinda spammy... :

      Br0, role play ain't a sport. It's about interacting with other people.

      Think about that.
    14. Fresh1
      nice n thanks

      I am bored XD
    15. Fresh1
      <3 your set :3
    16. Martzu
      Thank you for accepting it :3
    17. Arukas
      It gave me a 403 forbidden. =\
    18. Innocent Sin
    19. Azusa
      You'd be more than welcome to. If you have MSN, we can talk about how you want to go about doing it since we probably don't want to stick it in some general section we already have. If you do, you can contact me at [email][/email]
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