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Feb 26, 2013
Jan 12, 2009
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Nano desu~

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Feb 26, 2013
    1. Martzu
      Then don't suggest masturbation or other things like that to me.

      I wish I could teach it a lesson. But I think it is teaching me a lesson. Don't know what lesson it is.
    2. Martzu
      I knew I'd get that expression out of you with that~ Teeheehee.

      No darling, I don't sleep while at work so no worries.
    3. Martzu
      Njaah, I think I'll wake Papa. He is so good when it comes to getting tired.

      Thanks for the suggestion, dear.
    4. Martzu
      Not a single minute. Noup.

      Mommy is having an insomnia ;_;
    5. Martzu
      Both are running around my feet. Hedgiegirl is trying to climb on top of her little cottage.

      Are you eating something you shouldn't and trying to cover it up? :fry
    6. Martzu
      Is your night snack good?
    7. panthera
      YOU. FUCKING. FUCK. I'm going to sexually assault you, then put you on my ignore list. Stupid nigger.
    8. Scarlet Black
      How is Ilya-chan doing? =3
    9. panthera
    10. S.T.A.L.K.E.R
      what the fuck happend to your msn, bro?
    11. dreed
      stop changing your goddamn name!!

      it is friggin annoying you bastard :d
    12. Lokes
      i see you watch dexter too, just got caught up with Season 4... its like omg so fucking amazing right now.
    13. Lokes
      lol just never thought i would have ever given you a rep... you just surprised me.

      Don't really give rep on a whole you see, and it is usually to the same persons, but you are a new one...

      don't try and understand it too much, sometimes i don't/
    14. Llian
      Well, I WAS sleeping. Then I got up, came online. But it was boring by then, so I headed back to bed. True story.
    15. Martzu
      I am glad you understand your situation ^^

      Good night my little one. Sleep well. Mommy will come with you and try to sleep for few hours too.
    16. Martzu
      Their loss. You're mine now and I'll never give you back to them.
    17. Martzu
      Thank goodness for that. I do wonder who is your biological mother. Leaving such an adorable child like that. I can't get it.
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