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Jun 14, 2012
May 2, 2009
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OD Funk


Over the hills and far away! Jun 8, 2011

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Jun 14, 2012
    1. OD Funk
      Over the hills and far away!
    2. OD Funk
      to kill off some newly developed cancer cells, THEN i get kicked out of my house for stealing some money which I didn't even fricken steal so I've been bunked up at my mates house in bury for the last 2 maybe 3 weeks, playing on xbox now n again THEN I WAS IN A FUCKIN CAR CRASH, and I'm currently claiming compensation for whiplash XD which should be a good payout, ANYWAY HOW YOU BEE...
    3. OD Funk
      Right, I'm back online finally and at home XD right let me tell you the month I have had man, I tell you, it's been one fuck up after another, firstly the council are retarmacking the roads, n they fucked up some fibre optic cables which they laid the last time they dug up all of the roads, so the neth as been down in my area for ages, then I have to go to the hospital for some laser su...
    4. OD Funk
      In our minds we remember, The past is always present.
    5. Nicho Kiennes
      yo we posted in op. All u need do is podt up us boarding and then setting sail. Frosty eill take it from there. I'm at work having to sleep here due to a client in crisis but i can post and chat on pm's
    6. Frostbitten
      Go ahead and post if i'm not on...
    7. Frostbitten
      What are your char's goals... or rather what would you like to do with your char... Trying to figure out some long term storylines. This is for OP btw.
    8. Frostbitten
      :/ Nothing to post about... even in OP rp.
    9. Nicho Kiennes
      MSN not working for yah?
      I figured out everything for our marines >.>
      Just need to explain it to you and then you can post it up.
    10. Vigilante
      You just owned arukas, good on you sir.
    11. Vigilante
      Hey man I'm sending you an invite on MSN, just a heads up.
    12. Clay
      Late Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

      But since Axel can feel all kinetic energy attacks, just know that Arashi (my character) has his own variations. Just for a possible rp encounter eventually or something.
    13. MD
      Merry Christmas, my English counterpart. GIVE 'EM HELL, BRO.
    14. ~Senso~
      Hey Od. All jokes aside i would like to apologize for everything ive ever said and done badly towards you. At one time we were friends and somewhere down the line i became a dick. I do hope we can patch things up in one way or another if not i fully understand.
    15. S.T.A.L.K.E.R
      Thanks, I'll add you tomorrow.
    16. S.T.A.L.K.E.R
      Hey, man, what's your gamertag?
    17. Arukas
      Grant, ya big fucking douchebag... what's been up man? I heard you're rockin' some cod now.
    18. Clay
      Funkmaster OD, hows it been?
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