Nicho Kiennes
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Jun 9, 2015
May 1, 2009
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Nicho Kiennes

The ex-SS Drunken GM, Male, from UK

though since your not posting in OP RP >.> <.< Nov 3, 2011

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Jun 9, 2015
    1. Janza
      Waiting on you, mr.
    2. Janza
      I know the feeling.
    3. Janza
      She said she would post. If she doesn't soon, I will just post tomorrow.
    4. Janza
      Just waiting on Mana.
    5. Hyura
      Nichooooooooooo =D
    6. kronos
      man whenever i mention the whole balence thing i get the responses of a dog speakin, good luck with it. also I've been trying to figure out a way to get the "universal force" approved wit little luck. Yes I wanna called dibs but i could use some help in that department, along with a few others! Lil help?
    7. Raven Eyes
      i have a random question about my SS char, i havent been online in almost a year. i started training my char and now i dont know how to go about reposting. any ideas?
    8. Shadow Blade
      Oiii, thanks for not respond to the heartfelt message I left you. Gosh :P
    9. kronos
      hey so i can post freely now but, i don't really know what to do about the whole "human world" thing. any thoughts ?
    10. Nicho Kiennes
      though since your not posting in OP RP >.> <.<
    11. Nicho Kiennes
      always something for everyone
    12. shane
      i hope you got somethin good planned for me with this arch ur workin on
    13. Lodium
      It's my division now you old buzzerd. Sho sho begone.....XD lolz
    14. Spidey
      K, i'll send it here in a second. I was going to say, do me a favor and e-mail the commish you have of Axel and Nicho. I have most of them, that deal with us but i wanted to keep that in my own collection as well lol
    15. Spidey
      Hey, i got my picture today and i figured e-mailing it to you for your collection would be for the best since i can never catch you on msn anymore lol. So is your hotmail ok? or do you want it somewhere else?
    16. Clay
      Hey, if you get a chance, pm me your ideas about the hohou/bounce tech.
    17. Clay
      I need your info too man.
    18. Nicho Kiennes
      Umm curry and chilli tasting night... Something tells me my ass is gonna burn!!!
      1. Martzu
        I am pretty sure you'll having hell of a time later on. But enjoy now while you can :P
        Sep 11, 2010
      2. JackCook02
        you might not even want to get off the toilet if it does that to you...
        Sep 11, 2010
    19. Lodium
      you on msn?
    20. Clay
      If you can get online, I need to ask you a few things.
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