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May 1, 2009
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May 10, 1984 (Age: 35)

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Dave, you're my wife now, 35

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Sep 20, 2019 at 6:33 PM
    1. Vicious
      I use chrome and can view the sb. You have to choose the XF Stop Mobile skin.
      1. Mongor likes this.
      2. Mongor
        Thank you very much!
        Nov 30, 2017
    2. MD
      I never said you were avoiding me on MSN. :P
      Saw it a couple of days ago, yeah. It's gonna be "business as usual", it seems. No firing for Paul Daley.
    3. MD
      I could have just told you my MSN addy bro. :P
    4. MD
      Added you on MSN so I can contact you easily for future MMA events.
      - Barry
    5. MD
      You DL that UFC event bro?
    6. Katracha
      haha its all good Mag, but your welcome! ^^
    7. Katracha
      Since I dont see ya on MSN anymore, i'll just leave this here.
    8. MD
      No problem, man. We all need to feel the love every now and again.
    9. Katracha
      umm... nope i didn't change the subject xD
    10. Katracha
      a little is better than nothin right? : D
    11. Katracha
      haha... glad i got some respect then
    12. Katracha
      Hmm... i can be pretty mean, but i only have selected few people who i am mean to. So yes basically it is damage limitation.
    13. Katracha
      tsk tsk... i was going to be nice enough to give it to you anyways once i was able to give it to you. But i guess im too mean to do so. xD
    14. Katracha
      lmao come on now... you really think i am that cold hearted to not return you the favor. I see how it is Magister. :TT TT:
    15. Katracha
      Thanks for the rep by the way, kinda can't rep you back atm... need to spread some around :D
    16. Yachiru
      You have msn/aim?
    17. Mongor
      You're a noob. I tried to rep either one of your song adaptations and it wouldn't let me lol You can't thank in the lounge either :/
    18. zooted
      shit man it still won't let me return +rep to you
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    May 10, 1984 (Age: 35)


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