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Feb 6, 2017
May 1, 2009
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Aug 12, 1991 (Age: 28)

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MK Ultra

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Per aspera ad astra! Jul 3, 2010

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Feb 6, 2017
      ... it seems i am. Cause metallica songs were what i was aiming for.

      Ill check em out, mah dog had an organ infection. which lead to surgery, which lead me 2 my current predicament. we got a huge flea market nearby so i may check that out, they got pretty much everything there anyways.
      was more of a joke... but okies.

      nah, im still lookin around a bit. little short on cash so im still windowshoppin. all mah moneis went to mah dog and the damn vet.
      speed metal.... it would be more for kicks or to keep me occupied, hard rock gets me goin so i think it would be cool to play that.

      I playz expert lvl on guitar hero... hows that for dexterity?
      same here, so i guess im trying to break my habbit of lurking outside the rp section atm. ive been thiking about taking up the guitar, how hard is it to learn?
    5. The Ultimate
      I added this "much needed" information. I think I should have had it on there sooner ><

      [I]Ultimate has changed much from the early days. He is quite different now in the 11th division than he was when he entered the academy. He is now an individual who thinks more and respects everyone he meets. He now has a shihakusho, but he still wears the sunglasses (no gloves).

      He is currently without his zanpaktou. He also does not have shikai. He also has a collar on that drains his reiatsu.

      Ultimate is learning from a dojo called the Gedan dojo. This dojo focuses on knowledge, accuracy and precision. With Ultimate's strength, plus the other three skills, he will become a force to be reckoned with.
    6. The Ultimate
      HOLY SHIT!...sorry. Colors bombarded me XD
      Tis' true, HMD. Ultimate does not have a shikai. And I updated the info a few weeks ago. I'll go check, but I think that's about it. Hell, right now Ultimate doesn't even have his zanpaktou with him.
    7. Martzu
      Holy fucksies!?! Woops, it seems I did, my apologies. Thank you for pointing it out so fast! It is open now.
    8. Kyto
      Dear god I come online and I get assaulted by colors >.<

      ....Anyway just thought I'd update you. Found a new Apartment in Saint Marks that I'll be moving into on Monday so I should be back in the RP by sometime next week
    9. shadowNIN
      no worries ill try and be on as much as i can...and ill reply soon
    10. Clay
      Go on...
    11. Clay
      its going away? :fry

      okay just keep up bro
    12. Frostbitten
      I don't mind you joining in this arc, however I won't tolerate just wandering into an arc. >_> Be lucky shane resolved it before I found out. Furia could easily one shot you for that matter as well.

      Anyway, there is a part 3 to the arc and you can join in if you choose to. However it's mainly a 6th Division part, so you'll need to keep up.
    13. GeninNaruto
      Well, I don't mind playing an opposing ninja team if you pass on a story outline but I'll be gone till the 5th of August.
    14. infinite
      i'm up for it, been really busy lately but i should still have time to make posts at night.
    15. Kyto
      been busy with RL things right now actually. Between some family problems and the chance I may have to find a new apartment soon I've been too busy to write up a big post. Kind of annoyed at myself about it too since I missed out on a big mission in the 2nd. I'm going to try and see what I can do but right now I can't make any promises with the RP, sorry dude. As for the comics I don't know any online places. I just downloaded WinRAR and then download the comics every week from the comic section on the forums
    16. Amidamaru
      Watch your ass man
    17. The Ultimate
      Yeah, I read Makoto's history. The guy has some problems XD
      You may have an advantage since you have your zanpaktou and a shikai, but Ultimate has the skill/strength/strategy to take you on!
    18. The Ultimate
      Sorry for the wait. Was posting...

      And yeah, looks like it! It's going to be fun
    19. Kyto
      I feel like I'm going to slip up and call Leon Kamina at some point lol
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