Jan 11, 2009
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    1. Ero Sennin 6996
      I haven't listened to Outkast that much after Stankonia, but I've always liked their approach to rap. They're not your run-of-the-mill rappers. In school I used to wake up to Get up Get Out and Get Something every morning. Jay-Z'll always be a pimp. He gets the art form in ways most guys'll never wrap their minds around. Kanye's a fag, but does produce at times.
    2. Ero Sennin 6996
      Hmn... don't know why I got cutoff when the character count said I made it in under the wire. Oh well...
      Jay-z was the last lyricist I really was into. Although, I didn't like his return album and I haven't listened to him since. I think that Beyonce V-jay-jay has stolen his hunger.
    3. Ero Sennin 6996
      I don't know wth happened to Eminem. I would say that suspended ass he snorted fried his brain, but he fell off before then. Shame too. The only mainstream white guy to master the craft. Now what? Bubba Sparx? WTF?! The best I hope for now is a good beat and catchy chorus. I'm always up for a good rumpshaker tune. I don't see anyone these days with the lyrical skill I like. Jay-...
    4. Ero Sennin 6996
      As you said though, boys in the hood is done to death. I prefer old school with Rakim, KRS One, and Public Enemy, when rap was all about the music itself. I liked Outkast for awhile. Roots have had some hits I liked, but they were bogged down with inferior members. I don't like side kicks. I really don't like much in the last ten years of rap. It's all about being "stylish" ...
    5. Ero Sennin 6996
      Lyrical skill? Rakim. Didn't like rap until my brother introduced me to old school. I'm partial to it. I was little when gangsta rap hit. Ice Cube has some classics. After Tupak and B.I.G. my interest wanned. Honorable mention to Common on the best dis of Ice Cube ever. Naz, DMX, Eminem, and Jay-Z had great careers, but most $#!% (soldier boy, lil wayne) passing for rap nowaday...
    6. reKoiL
      I do what I do, it is what it is.
    7. reKoiL
      "I try to listen to two albums a day"
      Get a job bro haha.
    8. reKoiL
      So it would seem you have become like the very franchise, you seek to despise. Whenever a thread with your name attached to it is created, the masses seem to flock to it like a fly on shite.
    9. Shadowsagefox
      I been over it. Lol I was just telling him my position in the whole situation. I realize you do what you do just because that's what you do. I dont/ won't feed into it anymore. Therefore my "conflict" with you is dead.
    10. . E N T I X
      Don't say that. I actually poked my head outside to look at the bottom of the trash chute to check if there was anyone :|
    11. . E N T I X
      Oh, I see. Well, it is weird that he would just randomly run a search on my mail >.>
    12. . E N T I X
      Well, I gave Clay my 1000cents and that was that. Though he probably still think "Hmm, no she's a guy." but oh well, if that's what he want to think then,.....meh.
    13. Katracha
      hmm yea, was gettin slightly bored.
      Will do Barry =P
    14. Katracha
      No problem <333
      Ive been alright, same old shit like always lol. Work is picking up though and what not. As for MSN, having net issues at home sooo thats why i haven't been on XD sorry D=
    15. Katracha
      No worries hun.
      Just keeping you and your puppy in prayers, make sure you both heal up nice and strong. ^_^
    16. Katracha
      No problem MD.
      Yea thats about all we really can do. Let me know how everything turns out.
    17. Katracha
      I believe i remember you telling me that... but its been a while. I hope puppy does get better soon though v.v <3
    18. Katracha
      =O whats the matter with the puppy???
    19. Katracha
      Oh i do!
      No internet at home due to big lightning storm knockin out the line :( but other than that ive been decent. How about yourself??
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