Jan 11, 2009
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    1. Mongor
      I don't often log on MSN anymore but I just accepted all 150 of the webcam bots who added me so that I didn't accidentally ignore yours
    2. El Mas Chingon
      yah i know what u mean. even though the economy sucks i got a steady job(not the greatest LOL) and i'm back at home so i'm gonna take advantage of it.
    3. El Mas Chingon
      other than that everythings aight i guess.
    4. El Mas Chingon
      Don't know if my post took but i'll do it again. things could be better.... fucked up some good jobs when i was a teen and now i'm payin the price.
    5. Mongor
      Still incomplete, going to be ages yet but it has picked up pace. I'm only 50% done and it's been going for about 5 hours :/
    6. ravi134
      True Grit is an awesome movie. Have you seen it?
    7. MD
      1. Vigilante
        The soil is rich, the tree will grow and bear much fruit.
        Jan 14, 2011
    8. MD
      You know you're gold; you don't got to worry none. Oasis child, born and so wild. Don't I know you better than the rest. Any way you run, you run before us. Black and white horse, arching among us. Your love is stag in the white sand. Oasis child born into a man. Don't I know you better than the rest. All deception, all deception from you.
    9. MD
      When she walks down the street, she knows there's people watching. The building fronts are just fronts, to hide the people watching her. She once fell through the street, down a manhole in a bad way. The underground drip, was just like her scuba days. She was all right because the sea was so airtight, she broke away. She was my catatonic sex toy, love-joy diver. She went down there into the sea. Yeah, she went down, down, down there for me. Stella, I love you. Stella, I love you. Stella I...
      1. MD
        LOVE YOU!
        Jan 9, 2011
      2. Martzu
        Got me pretty deep baby. I can't figure out your watery love. I gotta solve your mystery. You're sitting it out in heaven above.
        Jan 9, 2011
      3. ravi134
        Jan 9, 2011
    10. MD
      Yeah so I pretty much never sleep, as most of you know. I just woke up after having slept from 7PM - 2 AM, 2:30 AM - 4:30 AM and then 6:30 AM - 3 PM. My sleeping pattern (pattern of not sleeping) is ruined. RUINED. FUCK YOU CHRISTMAS.
      1. Martzu
        Give it an Irish Kiss =P
        Dec 25, 2010
      2. El Mas Chingon
        El Mas Chingon
        That's a tweeker sleep when u been up for many days LOL. Did u wake up to eat LOL.
        Jan 9, 2011
    11. Arukas
      That knife throw was fucking ridiculous dude. lol gtfo.
    12. Martzu
      Why this sudden urge to promote size of your penis? :P
    13. MD
      Ravi's love is all I see sometimes.
      1. Martzu
        Awww <3
        Dec 3, 2010
      2. ravi134
        That's why they call it a Rusty Venture.
        Dec 4, 2010
      3. Llian
        I jealous =[
        Dec 9, 2010
    14. . E N T I X
      Yep, read that one too.
    15. . E N T I X
      Yes, I have. It's actually one of the first seinen I read.
    16. . E N T I X
      I KNOW! ARGH!! Now that you've remind me, I really want to read Wolf Guy. If only I can read Japanese..................
    17. . E N T I X
      No....I really have lost my interest in anime for a while now. I tried to come back last season but they weren't any good. I still follow a bunch of manga though.
    18. . E N T I X
      Hmm. I knew Mater but I didn't know she is a nurse.
    19. . E N T I X
      Nursing. I'm in a nursing program at Kennesaw State right now. The work load is pretty high but it's really fun :)
    20. . E N T I X
      Busy with college stuff. I've been chucking a lot of coffee lately.
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