Jan 11, 2009
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    1. superbob
      Getting my ass kicked my school, but hopefully it'll all be worth it with one semester to go. Other then that, trying to adapt to life without having a laptop. Will be getting a new one over winter break though so that will be nice.
    2. superbob
      Will watch it once I get my laptop
    3. MD
      Lounge Mod.
    4. wanda
      Where some shows like this were actually thought provoking on occasion, Ergo Proxy was actually fairly straightfoward and the philosophical drivel just made me cringe. Re-L was developed well but she couldn't carry the entire show. Pino was cool.

      Kino's Journey was much better, and even that probably wouldn't be in my top 50.
    5. wanda
      B Gata was great. Manga's good too.

      Unfortunately, Ergo Proxy was not good. It started well and then it went downhill, especially towards the end. It had a shitty main character and it tried too hard to be meaningful and ended up coming off as pretentious.
    6. wanda
      You know what was actually the best anime ever made? Genocyber.

      Or Mad Bull.
    7. pookie
      eat a cockroach
    8. zooted
      hahahaha so blatant, so raw, so MD.
    9. El Mas Chingon
      Ohhh do u mean Dr. Dre??? The dre's verse i was talkin about was mac dre but if dr. dre gots a new 1 i gotta check that out.
    10. El Mas Chingon
    11. El Mas Chingon
      Yah Nas is kinda cool. I don't listen to too much east coast but Nas and Wu Tang are definate legends. Jay Z was good back in the day but I ain't liking his new stuff. To me he's at the point in his career where he can put garbage on a record and still be platinum. Mac Dre is more of an old school rapper wit a modern twist, he uses rhymes and slang.
    12. El Mas Chingon
    13. El Mas Chingon
      Naw i don't do MSN or facbook. I'm new to this net shit and this is the closing thing to "internet interaction" that i do. I'm old school.
    14. El Mas Chingon
      Good shit. Gonna need something to pass by the time the next few weekends.
    15. El Mas Chingon
      How ya been MD, where u and everybody been lately. Also what are some good anime recomendations (and no gay shit). My rides to work are on a time limit so i need to save every last dollar. Keep in mind i ain't watched anime since the 90's so i got lotsa shit i ain't seen.
    16. Mongor
    17. Yachiru
      Just been doing whatever. Mostly work. I'm not here for good, just got bored so decided to stop by and catch up. Nothing's really changed.
    18. reKoiL
      I'm still here bro I'm just really busy with everything, I will be free soon enough!
    19. El Mas Chingon
      Ouch sorry to hear that. I know wut u mean about shit getting better..... hopefully it will be summer for me.
    20. El Mas Chingon
      Oh shit 18 months. Wut do u got??? I know wut u mean about gettin life back in order... it's been hell the last 4 years and it just got slightly better. I never been this low than the last 4 years.
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