Jan 11, 2009
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    1. superbob
      Nooope, For gaming I haven't used superbob in close to a decade. Also, I've contemplated overwatch but don't really have the time right now
    2. MD
    3. superbob
      ph1shst1x or 76561197998565343
    4. Marlie
      Coming to Vegas? Let me know when your in town.
    5. Kickz
      Saw first ep, intriguing premise so far.
    6. Kickz
      On it gonna torrent it tonight
    7. Kickz
      ^I'll add u bro, whats ur ID?
    8. Kickz
      Guys whats with this serious drama D:
    9. eddieson
      I don't remember saying it, but if I did, then I apologize for my mistake.
    10. eddieson
      When did I say a character died? Only place I talked about that was in the thread. Only thing that would come close to being a spoiler was when I said what she did every night, but even that can't be seen as such since it was never even seen in the anime. Now if you consider that to be a spoiler, than all I can say is sorry, and I'll be considerate of you and others and try not to post them in the chatbox again.
    11. eddieson
      Cause you said you couldn't wait for it back in the spring, and I hardly if ever go on mal anymore. But how are they spoilers if it's something that was aired weeks ago?
    12. eddieson
      I thought you already read the books.
    13. Cane_The9lives
      Whoops, i think i might have deleted a non bot thread. I just noticed that you had moved it to the lounge, sorry about that. Ive been deleting these things practically in default mode.
    14. eddieson
      But not from me yet, and that's gotta count for something.

      Sadly, it's just one of many classics I haven't gotten around to yet. I doubt that you're both gonna get far without pushing yourselves through it.
    15. eddieson
      Why are you always listening to good music? Don't you know you have to listen to the bad stuff sometimes.

      Everybody says it's great, and I dl'd the first series, as well as a bunch of the manga series. The music is probably the best part to Guilty Crown. Animation would come second since it's quality drops at times. The story on the other hand, well I'm sure you know about that already.
    16. eddieson
      Dat song is real good man.

      I haven't gotten around to Higurashi either.

      Guilty Crown, what can I say, it gets slightly better towards the end.
    17. eddieson
      I've been dl'ing it. Somewhat. Just haven't gotten around to starting it is all.
    18. eddieson
      That means no MD there, or at least not for a while. And Apollon has been great so far. Easily one of the best of the entire season. And Tsuritama isn't bad either, but it is super random.
    19. eddieson
      From this point on, this profile belongs to me. I shall use it to spread the word about one of my favorite people on this site, MD. And he shall love it. For I do it to get him to post in the anime section more!
    20. superbob
      Seems my life is always dominated by school and work... multiple projects to catch up on for work as well as my school work.... The 808 state part is because i'm in hawaii, which has 808 as its area code.

      how's life treating you barry?
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