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Aug 13, 2019
May 3, 2009
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Feb 18, 1992 (Age: 27)
Miami, Florida

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Masshuu, Male, 27, from Miami, Florida

Masshuu Mar 9, 2012

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Aug 13, 2019
    1. eddieson
      Matt, you lose in blur today! And this time while I mainly have no cars.
    2. Matt
    3. Matt
    4. Nezumi
      I would greatly appreciate that. :3 I wanna know if he has a fb so I can add him and we can catch up.
    5. Nezumi
      D'aww. You still use the set I made for you. >w< *huggels*
      You may not know but Imma ask anyway, Suien doesn't know about this place does he? :< I miss talking to him. we never actually really got to talk much. v-v
    6. Semperfi4
      thanks for adding.
    7. Arukas
      I don't come on much.. But yeah I had just noticed. Raug and his welfare handouts..
    8. Arukas
      Lol @ you being a mod. How the fuck that happen?
    9. JackCook02
      not really since I kind of found banners or whatever..have vicous do it sweetie
    10. JackCook02
      for somebody that wanted to be the owner of the FC u surely haven't been keeping it updated and running all that well... <.<
    11. Nezumi
      Actually I was on yahoo IM. Just waiting for my boyfriend to get on. :3
      And I knew that. lol It makes no difference to me. I'm Mexican and half white. xP
    12. Nezumi
      D'aww. So happy I finally get to see what you look like. :]
    13. Nezumi
      YAY!!! x3 I'll add you nao. :3
    14. Nezumi
      D'aww. Thankies. ^w^
      Good luck to you as well. I hope you have a good year. :3
    15. Nezumi
      Well, we do miss one another quite a lot. We've been apart for going on 8 months now. That's half of our relationship so far.
      But it wasn't planned. If I fail again, I'll still get to move up there, but I'll have to keep trying to get it once I get back, which won't be until January or so. :/
    16. Nezumi
      No, it was not planned. That was a "I can't believe you'd think something like that." reply.
    17. Nezumi
      Ugh! Didn't let me finish. >_>
      Anyway, January 6th will be our 1 year anniversary. It means that much more b/c January 6th is also my parent's wedding anniversary.
    18. Nezumi
      I'm much better now! I am going to get to go home by the end of next month!! >w<v
      Sadly, I was told that people can only take the test 3 times per year. I failed again this time and I have one last chance. But at least if I do fail again I will get to be with my baby while I start at it again next January.
      January 6th will be our 1 year anniversar...
    19. Nezumi
      That's awesome! ^w^
      I will look into that when I get the time. Once I'm out of here, I'll finally be able to enjoy having an actual life again!
      It's no biggie. To me, it's worth giving up. I haven't given up on drawing completely, it's just more like a hobby now.
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    Feb 18, 1992 (Age: 27)
    Miami, Florida
    Playing my EXBAWX...