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Dec 19, 2016
May 1, 2009
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Dec 19, 2016
    1. Rai Ryuzaki
      Pretty good theres a new rider called Accel coming soon. Also in the movie they showed FangJoker form so its pretty cool.
    2. Rai Ryuzaki
      Bro how you holding up over seas
    3. Kaede
    4. Clay
      Well man c'mon. Don't San up the thread for my favorite character. You don't like Deadpool. Fine. You said your two cents. Fine. But don't make this a daily occurance like San did in the DB thread. There are alot of us Deadpool fans. You may think that DP is channish but he was around way before the Chans.
      Deadpool deserves a movie as much as Punisher or Elektra or Blade or Black Panther or any other B-Team Comic Character. The reason people love him is that he combines the blatant disrespect for human life with the mouth of Spider-Man on crack. This movie is for the fans. If you aren't a fan, you shouldn't care.
    5. Clay
      Get off the haterade mang. Stop being San and let us Deadpool fans enjoy ourselves.
    6. Rai Ryuzaki
      What do you think of my ava
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