Jan 13, 2009
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Oh look TAL twitter Jun 16, 2010

    1. Kraker2k
      Because he is Tsundere for me ヽ(´-`)ノ
    2. Khari
      still up tho
    3. panthera
      Right? I think that's why I stopped using MSN fora while.
    4. panthera

      is the new one. Going to add people I actually talk to on that one. And so on.
    5. panthera
      Dinner though. So.
    6. panthera

      Added jew.
    7. panthera
      RE REN RA. THAT SHIT IS FUCKING...cute. lol.
    8. panthera
      I will add you tomorrow! Too lazy to turn on my PS3. You know you can turn it on with your controller? Shit is so cash.
    9. Khari
      Bahamas suck, like you, I'M OUT:aizen
    10. Flare
      Ha yea, that's true. I don't know how far you're in so I won't spoil anything. It really gets better as it goes along, and could've gone in so many directions kinda like Mx0. I will never get over the fact that two good series got cancelled. ='|

      Yea, weird stuff happens around me or to me too much...
    11. Flare
      Oh yea, I read DA a long time ago. It was pretty good and i re-read it a few weeks back and decided to make a set before coming back from my ban. I didn't know YOU read it =P It's too bad it got cancelled, it was pretty good =\

      About my username - I swear it was pure coincidence that I ended up with that. My mind was equally blown when I re-read DA, I was like oh shi-, that's my username =D
    12. panthera
      Cool. All of Japan 'nt weeaboos. But given that you're in arts and animation-lol, just lol. Don't get raped on a monorail man.
    13. panthera
      I wanna physical copy. ;_;

      Fuckit. I'm learning Japanese.
    14. panthera
      I know >:3

      Speaking of Baccano
      [url=http://baccano.fenali.net/gallery/]Gun's & Roses :: Art Parlor[/url]
      You going to watch Durara? They made a manga adaptation of the parts after the anime. You think there are any physical light novel translations? Been wanting to read them for a while now.
    15. panthera
      YES! No, we'll be like Bonnie and Clyde or Isaac and Miria! Pillage and rape and give out free candy!
    16. panthera
      Yeah. The Man's racist. You should just be a train hobo too!
    17. panthera
      What of you, how's the job hunting?
    18. panthera
      D'aww. <3 you doll.

      Been surviving. Skipped school a couple of times this week. Almost at the limit of my unexcused absences before i get held back. Been thinking, "what's the point?", stuff like that. I'm gonna be a train hobo and see the world man! Just watch!
    19. panthera
      I will post a pic of it. Eventually.
    20. panthera
      NO, FUCK YOU, MAN. Get your own. >_>
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