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May 2, 2009
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The Sassiness

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Aug 3, 2013
    1. Clay
      Waiting on able lol
    2. MC Clean
      So, just wondering if youve actually trained the chakra draining/sensoring on that one arm of your characters in KM. If not, please keep in mind that to use it like that, you will have to train it first. If so though, would you be able to link me to the posts you did?
    3. MC Clean
      Eh, sadly, no, I have failed to write hers out, if you search for the old sign up thread, she is in there somewhere I believe
      If you need any info on her, just ask me
    4. MC Clean
      Excuse me, could you link me to Tsukihime's profile, I wanna read it over for a second.
    5. MC Clean
      Alright, it is done, would you please deleat your post in the jutsu thread.
    6. MC Clean
      Hey, I was wondering for your jutsu, would you like them labeled under a sub-catagory for Inase?
    7. Vigilante
      hey I was wondering if you and I could form a genin team in the hidden leaf.
    8. BluewingedD
      go a head and start it off.
    9. GeninNaruto
      It's not all important but of course you can, the registration ID's 209201
    10. Clay
      SS, you are up
    11. Spidey
      i had to Force play you a bit in SS, also it's been your post in FT as well
    12. Clay
      Lying to the police, eh? You are going to make a fine 2nd division member.
    13. Clay
      Hey, I think you are up in SS
    14. Vigilante
      Oh, I see what you mean. You didn't kill it the first time. Ok I'll fix that. Sorry about that I forgot to edit that part.
    15. Vigilante
      You ducked that's when he winced.
    16. Janza
      It's a dummy hollow. You can control it if you want. Just bear in mind that it is something weak enough for students to handle, and it doesn't really have much in the way of brain power :)
    17. Vigilante
      O yeah, you can't have them. You see you can only do the classes which say, 'for all levels', first ya have to do destructive then obstructive.
    18. Vigilante
      Ok, and uh where'd you get those other two kidous? Your not supposed to have kidou spells before you get into the academy. Or you'd have to get that approved in your app. Don't take this the wrong way I'm just curious as to how you got them.
    19. Vigilante
      O well you better edit then cuz it says it pierced through or at least make that clear. O and also make a little note that it drained a lot of your reiatsu cuz that's what its supposed to do on the first time. Ya gotta be specific or shane will get confused.
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    Kiyomi Awai
    Stats: 630

    Stamina: 80
    MP: 180
    Attack: 90
    Defense: 180
    Special Defense: 100
    AP: 195

    Ricky Mouse/ Kusari Shukioku

    Rozehana Keikouku

    Student Stats(categories in Order)

    Hohou: 75
    Hakuda: 75
    Kidou: 50
    Zanjutsu: 50