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desu Jan 23, 2012

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    1. Clay
      Your cube gif is very intriguing.
    2. Ericgamer1
      lol, you should make a twitter.
    3. Ericgamer1
      aww, thx krozzy. <3 I make sure to get really good. =]
    4. Ericgamer1
      It takes a lot of time, pratice, and energy, but it really pays off after a while. There are still times when I hate what I draw and I think I suck at it, (hate those days). But as long as I keep drawing, it's not like I can actually get worse. lol, still, I could use without the emo moment sometimes. haha
    5. Ericgamer1
      It's getting better, I still try to draw something every day. I've also been really stressed out lately from not finding work, which is basically the first thing I need to do before I move out. -___-
    6. Ericgamer1
      krozzy we never talk any more. =[
    7. Rika
      You can abuse me all you want Krozzy-sama >;3
    8. S.T.A.L.K.E.R
      brozar, i want my nick to be changed, thnaks.
    9. Rika
      Krozzy-sama, you want the sauce of my avy? :3

      (thanks for the rep)
    10. Nezumi
      You did better than me. Fucking math is what is holding me back from taking my GED test atm. -_-;
    11. Nezumi
      Math is kicking me in the ass right now. It's pissing me off too since I've never been good at it. That's what makes it harder. :<
    12. Nezumi
      Thank yous Krozzy.<3333
      How has my Otouki-sama been? All good I hope. :3
    13. Lokes
      wow krozzy your message board looks like the In bin at an office desk. GG, anyways i am bored come in wow and i run you thro dungeons kk?
    14. MD
      Si non confectus, non reficiat.
    15. Fresh1
      Hey Kro, any word on possible reassignment yet? I don't wanna become useless, I'm still on a lot and intro looks dead xD

      Anyway just asking, hit me back when you get a chance.
    16. Scarlet Black
      Dude I'm going to start reading stuff by Malcolm Gladwell. Do you read him a lot?
    17. MC Clean
      Well, I was just looking, and Blue has Manga spoilers foir the anime people in his set
    18. MK Ultra
      You should add me to the front page of the family thread
    19. MC Clean
      Hey Kroz, are we allowed to have spoilers in our sigs/ava?
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    May 10
    I leik hot sauce.